Guide to Nightcrawler in Marvel: Avengers Alliance


Overview –

Nightcrawler is the most fragile of all infiltrators and unlike most fragile characters, has neither amazing special abilities nor high damage to make up for it. It may be unfair to call him the worst character in the game, but he is a serious contender for that title. It is simply too easy for him to be defeated before he even acts and just about every other infiltrator in the game is better at one of his strengths.

How to Obtain –

Nightcrawler can be obtained by spending 48 command points and Get More Info about this process here.

Special Abilities –

Nightcrawler has no special abilities.

Night Kick (Level 1) –

This moderately low stamina cost attack has multiple advantages. First, like all of Nightcrawler’s attacks, it is stealthy, thus ignoring bodyguard and counter-attack abilities. Additionally, it has a slightly higher chance to score a critical hit than normal. Finally, the enemy hit by the attack is dizzied. Unfortunately, this attack deals with low, and since it is the attack that Nightcrawler counters with when his infiltrator ability activates, that low damage really makes the attack unimpressive.

Shadow Guard (Level 2) –

This ability is the one truly stand out feature of Nightcrawler. It has a low stamina cost and when used, Nightcrawler automatically avoids the next two attacks that target him during the next two rounds. Against single target attackers, this is a great way to waste two enemy attacks. Against multi-target attackers, this basically just delays the fight for around.

Ambush (Level 6) –

Ambush has the dubious honor of being one of the lowest cost powers in the game. It also has the dubious honor of being one of the lowest damage attacks in the game. It does score a critical hit roughly half the time, but a critical on a low damage attack is still relatively low damage.

Triple Threat (Level 9) –

Presumably, the developers consider this attack very powerful, because it has a three-round cooldown. In practice, it is barely adequate. This attack deals with damage for a moderate stamina cost. Additionally, if the target is dizzied, Nightcrawler immediately uses the Ambush attack. Even in the best of circumstances, the damage dealt by this attack is not remarkably impressive and definitely not impressive enough to have such a long cooldown.


Nightcrawler is not currently required to unlock any game content, but may be required by future special operations.


Nightcrawler is absolutely terrible in PvP. His low health and low defense make him likely to be defeated before he even acts. His low damage means that the enemy can safely ignore him without suffering meaningful consequences. The computer might screw up and attack him with tacticians while he is using Shadow Guard when Nightcrawler is on offense, but when he is on defense, no human player will have any trouble with him.