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Travel Tips for Business Travelers Visiting Chicago

Are you a business traveler looking for travel tips while visiting Chicago? This article will offer several travel tips for you.

Does the hotel where you will be staying during your business trip offer any or all of the following amenities or features? You can either call the hotel or visit the hotel’s website for the availability of the following amenities or features.

  • Business Services

Does the hotel offer a place or room where you can perform the following business related services? Some business services include the ability to make copies, send a fax, print a letter, and have access to a computer. Also, does the hotel charge additional fees for any of these services?

  • Hotel Rate Discounts

If you are paying for the hotel room yourself, inquire if the hotel offers business travelers a discount. If not, what other types of discounts might be available? Two of the discounts some hotels might over are for people over a certain age or for certain auto club members.

  • Complimentary Breakfast

Inquire if the hotel offers its guests a free breakfast.

  • Location of the Hotel

Is the hotel located nearby to where your business will take place? Is the hotel within walking distance? If not, how will you get there? Is the hotel situated close to shopping or some attraction that you would like to visit after your business is completed?

  • Local Newspaper

Does the hotel offer the local newspaper? Is it complimentary? Will it be delivered to your room? Is it only available in the hotel’s lobby?

  • Internet

Can you access high speed internet from your hotel room or just in the lobby or business center? Is there an extra charge to use the internet? Is the internet service unlimited?

  • In Room Desk

Does the hotel offer a desk in your hotel room where you can work? Are any office supplies included such as a stapler, paper clips, and so on?

  • Valet Parking

Is there valet parking and is it complimentary? If you choose not to use the valet parking are there any free nearby parking areas?

  • Shuttle Service

Are you arriving in Chicago via the airport? Does the hotel have shuttle service to and from the airport? Also, does the hotel shuttle offer service to nearby locations? Is there an additional charge for the shuttle and what are the hours of operation for the shuttle?

  • Post Office or Delivery Service

Is the hotel located close to a post office in the event you need to mail something? Are there any delivery service pick-ups if the need arises to send a package or important paperwork?

Hope that you were able to get some travel tips for your next business trip to Chicago.

Just make sure that this trip would be something entirely different as Chicago is a huge city and it won’t do if you’ve made preparations that are the usual holiday nomad how to spend a day in Atlanta as there is a huge difference between Chicago and Atlanta both in terms of size and sightseeing materials.

How Old-Fashioned Natural Observation Trumped the Established Dogma

All too often, scientists can become enraptured in laboratory work, and forget about the simple fieldwork, which is the basis of all of our real world knowledge. Before the advent of computers, video recordings, even widespread use of photography, naturalists and scientists were men of means who could afford to spend time traipsing around the countryside, observing nature, taking notes, and drawing intricate diagrams. The strength of the Origin of Species as an argument for natural selection is its firm grounding in meticulous natural observation. Charles Darwin spent decades building his body of evidence for the evolution of life, most of which he himself collected in his travels overseas or throughout the English countryside.

The point I am trying to make is that any scientist, but particularly biologists and paleontologists, must first and foremost think of their theories in light of what they see in the world around them. If a pig can’t fly today, it almost certainly couldn’t do so yesterday, or a million years ago. Sometimes all it takes is for someone with a little real-world knowledge and common sense to throw out a widely accepted theory.

Just such a case has been brought to light by paleontologist Cynthia Marshall Faux, whose previous work as a veterinarian gave her an observational edge over her colleagues. Faux had been puzzled by the distinctive pose of many dinosaur fossil skeletons, with curved back head and tail, and open jaws.

Paleontologists have long surmised that the common posture was a result of long-term drying of the muscles or ligaments in these creatures previous to fossilization. Another proposed explanation was that the animals were contorted into these shapes by the pressure of water currents in which they died or were washed into from ashore. While the repetition of this pose among so many different species across so many different eras has been puzzling, few paleontologists have found adequate reason to come up with alternate explanations.

They are of the view that such fossils have to be preserved for future generations to see as they would be a learning experience for biologists and since Paleobiology is a rare option, it is as preferred by the younger generation as the wholesale plus size clothing.

Until , that is, Faux and the co-author of her study in Paleobiology last summer, Kevin Padian, proposed a radical new reason for this mysterious death posture. Having reviewed the literature on the subject, Faux was baffled by the supposition that drying muscles or river currents could contort the bodies of these dinosaurs. In her years as a vet, Faux had only seen this very distinctive posture in animals while in the throes of a slow death, a death caused by damage to the central nervous system. She had observed this in diseased or poisoned animals, and animals involved in traumatic accidents. But never in animals after death.

That’s the key point of this theory, the question of whether these dead dinosaurs changed their body pose before or after kicking the bucket. And it’s an important question, for a number of reasons. If these dinosaurs did indeed suffer a shock to their CNS, then it narrows down the number of causes of death considerably. It can also tell us something new about the environment in which they lay so slowly dying. Most importantly of all, it gives us a window into the life, or rather the last moments of life, of animals that died a hundred million years ago.

As we move into an world of scientific discovery and research that relies on technology to handle much of our thinking for us, its vitally important that we hold onto those measures that only a dedicated living and breathing human being can accomplish. It takes an educated and intelligent researcher like Cynthia Faux to scientifically investigate a troubling theory, but it only takes a pair of eyes to see that something on paper doesn’t match up with what goes on in the real world. Even the most skeptical and curious of scientists can fall prey to complacency when it comes to established wisdom, and it is often up to the rest of us to shake things up a bit. So question what you’ve been told, keep a close eye on the way things really are, and try to always think about how what you know might give new insight into an area of research. It was Faux the veterinarian, not Faux the paleontologist that challenged what the experts thought they knew. Next time, it might be you.

Compare E-cigarette brands before you buy electronic cigarettes

The first independent review rated Vaping Vamps higher than V2 E-Cigarettes. Vapor Electronic Cigarettes gave Vaping Vamps a 98.7% rating, compared to V2 E-Cigarettes, which got a 93% rating.

If you haven’t heard of Vaping Vamps before, then you are in for a real treat! Earlier this November we were given the opportunity to try their products courtesy of Maria Verven, Owner of Vamping Vamps in exchange for an honest, in-depth review.

Vaping Vamps is a fairly new electronic cigarette company whose products were designed with the woman in mind. Their Vapor E Cigs are extremely classy and low profile and taste absolutely fantastic! One thing we were really impressed by from Vaping Vamps is that some of their proceeds go to Dress For Success, a charitable organization that helps women get on their feet.

When we first recieved the package, the first thing I noticed was how attractive their packaging was and how professional their products were displayed. Their electronic cigarettes are a satin-finished black along with their cartomizers. The Vaping Vamps kit came with a nice welcome letter and business/referral cards, which I thought was an absolutely phenomenal idea. We had one of each refill cartridge and tried one by one. From the very first pull I took from the e-cigarette, I knew I was in love with Vaping Vamps. The vapor was thick, but still refreshing and most importantly although the flavors are superb, it didn’t overwhelm me like some electronic cigarettes do. I found this to be an excellent selling point for them. Overall, we would recommend Vaping Vamps in a heartbeat! (And not just to women either, guys… you’ll like this too!)

We were also highly impressed with the Vaping Vamps different package levels and prices. They have some really decent packages at great prices. On the lower end of the price range they do not offer a cheap disposable e-cigarette, but instead have mini (rechargeable) starter kit that is priced EXTREMELY well. On the higher end of the scale, they have their full Vaping Vamps electronic cigarette starter kit which is priced at only $59.95! Can you really get a full quality e-cigarette starter kit that inexpensive??? Well, Vaping Vamps just proved to us that you can!

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Like I mentioned before, I was really impressed with their starter kits. They have currently have 3 easy-to-choose-from electronic cigarette starter kits, all priced VERY nicely!

Vaping Vamps “Try Me” Kit – Instead of offering a cheap crappy disposable e-cigarette, Vaping Vamps does it a little differently by offering a “Try Me” kit. This kit gives you 1 rechargeable battery, 2 refill cartomizers, and a usb charger. We thought this was an excellent idea, especially since you can continue to re-use this kit time and time again (although we recommend you get the full kit – you get a whole lot more for not much more money!)

Vaping Vamps “Tri-Level Kit” – Another great idea brought to you by V.V. This kit was designed for people who want to try decreasing levels of nicotine. We have yet to run into another e-cig product that offers a kit like this!

Vaping Vamps Starter Kit – This is their regular starter kit, but with nothing “regular” about it. This kit comes with 2 electronic cigarette batteries, a full pack of cartomizers (with your choice of flavor), 1 usb charger and 1 wall adapter… all packaged in a beautiful Vaping Vamps box. This would be an awesome gift for anyone interested in electronic cigarettes.

This one’s easy! Vaping Vamps put together a lot of trial testing to get the PERFECT selection of flavors. The flavor selection goes as follows:

• None Caramella. Silky, rich caramel – without the calories! (I recommend this!)

• None Tia Berry. Sweet teaberry with a hint of wintergreen (My partner recommends this!)

• None Mango Lola. Freshly picked mango, smooth and sweet (We both recommend this!)

All the flavors were light, flavorful, satisfying and refreshing. There was not a single flavor that we did not go “Wooow?!” over. Like I mentioned before, they weren’t an overwhelming blast, but instead a thick vapor that you could vape with over and over and not get sick of.

Overall Cartomizer (for variety, thickness and flavor) Rating 5/5

The Vaping Vamps electronic cigarette batteries worked absolutely great. The batteries were low-profile light weight and shorter (which unfortunately usually means semi-shorter battery life as opposed to extra big ones – that’s why we recommend getting the full two-battery kit.) The replacement batteries are extremely inexpensive too! Each puff of the vapor was exceptional!

Vaping Vamps are truly dedicated to making each and every customer completely happy and satisfied. They are attentive, empathetic and quick to respond!

Vaping Vamps has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their products (and believe us, you won’t be), Vaping Vamps will refund you 100% of your purchase if returned within the first 30 days. Who could ask for more?

V.V. Cigs use the Boge 510 style of electronic cigarette and threading.

Also see our listing under electronic cigarettes in the E-Cigarette Directory. We are the only independent brand that specifically addresses women smokers.

Ecigarette Reviewed also compared Vaping Vamps to Vapor Couture and had this to say:

“Vaping Vamps just comes out on top. If Vapor Couture had better flavors, it would be a more viable contender, but at the moment it‚Äôs difficult to use at any length for that reason. Vaping Vamps, despite being a much smaller manufacturer, has more to offer the female vaper.”

Overall, choosing the right ecig for you is one of the important things that you need to consider if you want to turn into vaping. There are several brands in the market but you have to choose the right and best one for you.

Lunatics in South St. Louis Apartment Building

After living in my south St. Louis apartment building for almost five months, I’m still not sure whether the apparently schizophrenic old guy on the first floor is actually a set of twins with very different dispositions. I also tried leedon green condo which to me was quite perfect. 

For the first few months, it seemed like there was just one haggard, angry, hunch-backed elderly man with an expression like Charles Bukowski waking up from a nap. He usually wore oversized sweatshirts and loose-fitting jeans. I’m pretty sure one of the other tenants called him Barney once.

Barney always seemed to leave the apartment building when I entered. Once he glared and pointed at me for a solid minute while I shuffled from my car into the building. Creepy, yes, but probably, I assumed, harmless. I had not expected a mundane experience when I moved into this particular south St. Louis apartment.

A few weeks later I drove up to my building and saw a few fire trucks and police cars outside. After a few minutes of badgering one of the cops for details, he told me Barney let a homeless woman into his room, and she tied Barney to a chair, beat him with a hammer for an hour, and stabbed him with a knife. Eventually, the cops came and knocked down his door. They arrested the woman.

I saw Barney leave the building that night. The cops were walking him to an ambulance. He looked pretty messed up, but he was able to walk at least. I recognized him as the crazy pointing guy, and another tenant told me he had dementia.

Recently I’ve had a few encounters with a much more congenial, identical person who sometimes wears a worn-out Cardinals windbreaker. This Barney says “hey” to me sometimes, and he doesn’t seem insane. Like the original Barney, he must do a lot of wandering around our sketchy south St. Louis neighborhood because he is always walking out the front door.

Last weekend I was standing by that door with Chris and James, and the more friendly Barney came out wearing his windbreaker. The three of us had been drinking, so there were two beers and a bottle of Kentucky Tavern whiskey on the steps. Barney just looked at us, smiled, and said something equivalent to “How’re you kids doin’ tonight?” Then he walked down the street. About ten minutes later he came back, smiled again, and walked inside.

It was a pretty innocent encounter. But about two minutes later Barney came back outside. He was suddenly wearing grey pajamas, and he looked distressed.

“Do you guys live here?!”

I told him I did.

“Get that bottle out of here! Get it out! Get it out! You can’t have that here!”

He was clearly mad at us. James grabbed the bottle and started carrying it down the street. I’m not sure exactly where he was going.

“Get it out! You can’t have that here! Get it out!”

James kept walking. Barney eventually walked back inside, apparently satisfied that the whiskey was out of his sight.

It seemed ridiculous. Barney had just seen the bottle of whiskey twice, and he only smiled. Then, within minutes, he changed clothes and suddenly seemed genuinely angry that there was alcohol on the steps. I should point out that there are no posted rules about drinking or smoking anywhere in the building – the whole place smells a little like cigarettes and urine. Probably not unusual for a south St. Louis apartment building.

If there are two of these guys, though – twins – the altercation last weekend seems a little less absurd. Maybe Barney 1 told Barney 2 (presumably they’re roommates) about the rowdy kids outside, and Barney 1 decided he ought to do something about it. Barney 1 was an asshole, sure, but maybe not completely nuts.

One thing I’m fairly certain about: neither Barney has anything to do with enforcing the rules around here. The building administrator, a reasonably nice guy who looks to be about forty years old, lives on my floor, and we talk pretty often. He’s never warned me about any informal band of elderly, demented alcohol police downstairs.

Whatever. I don’t really want to know. This is my first experience with an elderly, somewhat mystifying set of identical twins, and I don’t want to ruin it.

6 Easy Tips For Building A Handpan Drum For Beginners!!!

It is a great instrument for people to get started with a handpan that can add to your experience. It is really impressive for people to get started with a handpan for learning something unique without much hassle. You must have spent hefty cost to get a handpan, but have you ever tried to make money from the instrument by playing it. 

We are here are sharing several ways that you can use for playing help you to play a handpan drum.  If you are curious to learn more about six tips regarding best handpans and hangdrums for impressive method, then continue reading. 

Six tips for building a handpan drum for beginners!!!

Handpan is one of the optimal instrument that presents one with soulful music. Handpan is usually sensitive for beginners and can easily get out of tune, so you have to practice it cautiously. Excessive heat or keeping in the sun can affect the instrument’s quality and shelf life; hence, it is optimal to pick for suitable options. Lately, people have been buying tongue steel drums for playing as cost-effective and robust, so don’t get out of order soon. 

Handpan has always remained one of the top reviewed instruments for creating great quality sound. How about building a handpan drum in simpler seven steps for better use. Let us dig deep into guide how to build one for optimal use.  We are stating easy points that make comprehension easier as explaining the whole procedure is prolonged and impossible. 

  • Look into hammer on metal:

before you get started with the building of the basic drum and ideas, it is better to take an insightful of hammering on metal and knowing what’s its movement. While building drums, you need to pay closer attention to hammering practice so that the instrument’s sound doesn’t get affected adversely. The truth behind hammering is that quality handpan isn’t provided with a lot of hammering practice. Hammering more would ultimately destroy the instrument and will take forever to make one. For succeeding at the first step, you need to ensure that you are persistent and work over your technique to attain fruitful results. 

  • Seek knowledge:

before you get started with practice to build a handpan drum, it is essential to go through a handpan construction guide and learn about complications that likely arise. Seek knowledge regarding complete practice from vibration, dimple design, forming handpan shells, and nitriding so that you don’t have to hassle much. 

  • Go through reference pages:

whichever guide you would read must have provided a bunch of relatable articles to the handpan drum building and how to handle the working. Ensure that you go through all those pages to deal with primary guidance and handle the task even better. 

  • Take expert guidance:

you can find online experts who have been into practice to change or build a handpan drum more often, so taking guidance from them can surely help you. It is impressive for people not to miss out on primary guidance and tips that pro provides you with. It is essential to practice every mere practice that can lead to expert results. 

  • Work on developments, creations, and influences:

it is great for people to practice out the primary practice to work on developments, creations, and influences that can help you with the sound quality and playing of the instrument. 

  • Identify your sound:

it would be impressive for one to pick for your choice’s essential sound. Picking the quality sound can help you with the practice of finding something of your passion. There can be dozens of ways to build a handpan drum, so if you find a suitable one to build one, then practice it without caring about others. 

These are simpler points that can help you with the building of the handpan drum for creating an incredible quality sound. You can practice making drums on your own by working on the guides provided on the internet or taking personal guidance from the experts in this practice for a longer time. We hope you find the practice stated above to build the best handpan and hand drums with expert recommendations and tips. 

Father’s Day- Special Occasion for all Dads in the World

There are some special occasions of celebration that come up every other day out of the 365/366 days available in a year where the entire family come together to showcase its importance in their lives and how it has helped in shaping their being into something worth living.

United States celebrate their independence day every year on July 4th, Thanksgiving in late November, Christmas on December 25th, etc. and there are so many others apart from them but these are the most important ones that immediately ring a bell in our memory.

Before getting into one such day, let us take a moment to salute the parents around the world that are willing to give everything for their children in order to give them a better life without expecting anything in return. In other words, when it comes to best friends, there is no match for parents as they are the most selfless friends you can find.

Daddy’s Day Out

Whenever there is a discussion on parents, it is the mother that gets to occupy the centre stage as how she is the shining figure in her children’s lives that leaves no stone unturned give her offspring a better life.

Sadly, the father is neglected and is relegated to the sidelines so he can be called the underrated beacon that is forced to take a backseat to his wife but the truth is that both mother and father equally contribute in giving their children a better lifestyle to the best of their ability.

Mother’s Day is celebrated with much aplomb and has been discussed many times so we’ll take the moment to celebrate the fathers around the world by talking about Father’s day significance and how the children can repay the affection of their dad.

While the mother always pampers her children with love and affection, the father maintains a strict demeanor and does not show his love the same way as mother which is why he is often misunderstood and therefore mother gets more importance.

Fathers, after attaining a certain age, are fond of gardening and tool kits for fixing something or the other so let’s take a look at some important power tools to shop for on the occasion of Father’s Day.


  • Cordless Drill-

There’s nothing like the sound of drilling to give you a splitting headache but most fathers take up this task after retirement as they take a fancy to carpentry

  • DeWalt

A reputed company with the choicest tools available that can help in cleaning the garden or an entire yard without any issues and you can get DeWalt batteries at Impact Driver Guide at a relatively affordable price of $100 to$150 without any premium to ease out the arduous tasks at hand

  • Electric Screwdriver-

It greatly reduces time and effort by finishing off the most difficult tasks in a surprisingly short time which you can get at $70 with an added discount if you look at certain special offers that come into play during Father’s day, which would be something your father would love to have

Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner with These Tips

Replace the Bag Regularly

One of the misconceptions of people when it comes to maintaining their vacuum is that the bags only need to be replaced when they feel full. But the right thing is, the easiest and quickest thing you can do for you to maintain and keep the quality of your vacuum cleaner is to replace the bags regularly. This will keep your machine working at its best. It is not smart to replace the bag when it is fully packed with dirt. Instead, when it is about 2/3 full, make sure to 

Attach the Bag Properly

When replacing the bag, it is crucial that you attach the bad properly. However, the problem is that attaching the bag may be very challenging especially for those who are doing it the first time. Basically, attaching the bag to the machine depends on the model. But in general, when attaching the bag, it is important to make sure that the opening of the bad is on the nozzle. This is really crucial because if the bag is not attached properly, you will find that debris doesn’t enter the bag as it should. Also, it could damage your cleaner. For more information, you can check this link.

Clean the Brush Roll

Another important tip that you need to consider is to clean the brush roll. As you use your vacuum cleaner in the long run, some items can get wrapped around the roll. This will prevent your roll from spinning which, as a result, could damage your machine entirely. Some of the common items that can get wrapped around the rill include hair, floss, string and among others. Hence, for you to effectively maintain your device or machine, make sure to clean the brush roll as it is. 

Check the Belt

Apart from the brush roll, it is also important to check the belt. This component is responsible in keeping the roll in place. Usually, if the belt is not tight against the roll, it may need a replacement already. As a rule of thumb, the belt of your vacuum cleaner should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year. But it still depends on how often you use your vacuum cleaner as well as the brand or model. Hence, it is really important to always check the manual to ensure that you are using and maintaining your vacuum cleaner correctly. 

Repair Service

Now, if you tried everything on your end but the trouble still persists and you can’t find the main source of the problem, then it is now advisable to take your vacuum to the shop or repair service. The good news is, these shops are generally cost effective. On top of that, the service is efficient, they can usually fix the issue of your vacuum overnight so you can get it the next day. 

Overall, vacuum is a helpful machine at home. Taking good care of it and maintaining its quality is necessary.

League of Legends- Booster to the Rescue

When was the last time you recalled your childhood? There are way too many memories lying in the back of our mind that trigger a surge of emotions that are mixed where on one hand you are happy and teary eyed but at the same time, there is a sadness that those golden days will never come back again.

What is it about childhood that makes it so memorable? It is difficult to gauge the mammoth experience but for starters we can mention food, video games, toys, television, comic books, etc.

Children are exceptionally fond of things that are related to fun and entertainment as that is the only way that they would want to live their life while the tension and stress is for the parents to deal with.


While we are on the subject of games, let us mention one of the most popular ones in current times and it is called League of Legends, also known by its acronym LOL so we shall from now on mention it the same way so that nobody mistakes it for the popular internet slang.

LOL was launched in October 2009 by Riot Games in collaboration with Microsoft Windows and MACOS, an Apple product, where all three of them got together for this joint venture so as to provide a new form of entertainment for the kids so that they could enjoy something new to try out.

It is a typical action adventure that has your regular heroes and villains where the former has to end the tyranny of the latter and establish peace and harmony in the society alongwith a long drawn out battle that would seem straight out of a Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings movie.

It is natural that we see such similarities in LOL for it was inspired by the popular video game Warcraft: The Frozen Throne and also the evergreen Game of Thrones where you can see the strange mixture of genres that comprise of the entire series as the game progresses on.

But as of late, there are many problems that players are experiencing during play like slow speed and incomplete levels which is why they have complained about the same in various reviews online but as far as speed is concerned, there is a solution at hand that has to be implemented immediately.

Boosting the Prospects

If you want to increase the speed of the game at play, it is best to install a booster that will in turn boost the prospects of the game by making it more thrilling and enjoyable where the fast paced adventure will give you an adrenaline rush and a sense of fulfillment as though you are part of the game.

LOL boosting is quite a popular way to change the various designs of the game where you can select and choose various levels alongwith the cheat codes at will and update the history as well but just make sure that you have an updated PC and upgrade most of the apps if you’re playing on your mobile phone.

Why to Delete a Friend from Facebook

A social network is created to hopefully maintain our network of friends and peers informed about our lives. It is used to share personal and not so personal information about ourselves, our friends and families. But what happens when someone on that “friends” list is no longer a friend??

I have seen many of us that continue to keep certain people or should I say “friend” on our social network lists that no longer have any business knowing just that “our business.” This is done day to day and when speaking to others about it they seem to have a common ground of not wanting to be the first person to delete that “friend.” It causes an “uncomfortable situation,” is what I hear mostly.

I’m not talking about the people that have 1000 friends on their list, for these people probably do not even know half the people on there. I am talking of those of us that use the social network just to be updated daily of special events, photos or to know the happenings of our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that a break up may occur and now what? Do we keep that person on the friend list to avoid further insult or just press the big X on the corner and get rid of them?

It is important to know that this is very public information that is shared and if there are any concerns of someone finding out something that may not be what you wanted they must be deleted. I know that there are settings that may be applied to block some individuals, but is it fair to keep them on if they are blocked. It is sending a mixed message to the other party. A social network should be used to share information about yourself to those that you want privileged to the information. This should be used in the same context as if you were to run into someone at the supermarket. Do you hope they don’t see you and walk the other way? If that is the case then that person needs to be deleted.

In some cases, some people try to getfans on their social media platforms for different purposes. But mostly, it is for their business, vlogs or personal interests. While this could be very beneficial, it is still important to always consider your privacy.

Depending on the circumstances there is information that another individual can use against you. Whether it is personal, work, or play gossip and defamation can occur and no one is exempt to these rules. The internet is very powerful and if there are things that are not meant for all to see then it would be time to re-evaluate who is on your social network list of friends.

Although a very uncomfortable situation I am sure that the other party will be grateful if you are the one to delete them. It is hard to make the first move, but it may ultimately save you from having someone have information about you that they shouldn’t have access to. And always remember if that so called “friendship” was meant to be it will, and in that case that friend can always be added on again.

Adventures in Cooking

Anyone that knows me knows that I live to cook and bake. While I’m not creative when it comes to cake decorating, I’m much better at the whole “making it taste good” sort of thing. I have a weird family type situation that I cook for. I live with Ross, who is my boyfriend, and his 9 year old daughter, Allison. I have a 14 year old son that is actually the biological son of my ex-husband (that is a long, long story – but the short version is he’s my son and anyone that says otherwise is wrong), Andreu. And then there’s my ex-husband, who’s a great guy and we get along really well, Chris. I cook about 5-6 days a week, either at home or at Chris’ house once a week while I visit Andreu. My challenge: Finding things that my family will eat. Their tastes are sort of plain – salt  amp; pepper, a little garlic powder, and they will use some Italian Seasoning once in a while. They like hamburger, chicken, hotdogs, some Polish Sausage and a little bit of Fish. So you can see how limited that I am in trying new things.

Lately, has been my best tool to use. I’ve been able to find a few recipes that have turned out pretty well. And some have not gone over well at all. Below are the Culinary Adventures for the past week to bring you all up to speed.

Monday night:

This was my own concoction and Allison (the nine year old) named it “Kelly’s Surprise” probably because you’ll never know exactly what’s in it. Ross can’t eat “boxed” dinners like Hamburger Helper, so I make a homemade version that is the base for this meal. Monday night I realized that I had plenty of Cheese, but not enough Pasta to make the meal. I usually use elbow Macaroni, but since I was running so low, I added some spaghetti noodles. I also added some frozen peas to make it a little bit healthier. The night before we had grilled out and I had 4 leftover hotdogs, so I sliced them up and dropped them in there as well. Ross and Allison liked it, but I think next time I’ll go back to hamburger and make sure I have enough elbow pasta.

Tuesday night:

Cheeseburger Pizza! ( I found this recipe on the Pillsbury website and it turned out wonderfully. I did substitute Tomato Sauce for the Ketchup, but it was a big hit! Andreu even at it for late night snack when he was over at my house later in the week. This will definitely be a use again recipe. I will try this as a party food for the next get together that we have. I think it’s be great cut into little squares.

Wednesday night:

Tonight was a pretty common night in our house. I made Cubed Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. Nothing fancy, except I baked the steak, which still made it a little tough for my tastes. I have yet to figure out how to make cubed steak tender. I’ve beat it to death and I’ve put tenderizer on it. Ross loves cubed steak, so I just keep working on it. I also realized that non stick pans are one of the best utensils to use for you to come up with a tender steak. Investing in this kind of pan is really advisable.

Thursday night:

This was our eat out night. If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you are looking for a good place to eat, try Dick’s Wings on Old St. Augustine Road. They have wings, burgers, and the best New York Style Pizza in town!

Friday night:

This was a recipe that I’d been wanting to try for a couple of weeks. Chicken Nachos ( – This turned out great! Served with some Pace Salsa and Sour Cream and was quickly eaten up. I’ll be making this again for a party, I’m sure. Not quite enough for just a meal. Good thing it was Friday night and there was other stuff to be eaten. This meal turned into a “Junk Food Night”.

Saturday night:

I found this while looking for something quick and easy using some things that we already had on hand – Easy Crunchy Hot Dogs ( We had hot dogs in the freezer, and instead of corn flakes, I used Tortilla Chips (since we had this on hand). It was eaten, but when I asked Ross what he thought, he said it was interesting. Which is code for “Let’s not have this again”. Which is okay with me, at least he tried something new.

Sunday night:

This was another recipe I found while trying to use things we already had on hand. Porcupines ( . This was like meatballs, so I made them with Spaghetti Noodles and a really thick Tomato Sauce. They were okay, but I think I’ll be looking for a different recipe for making meatballs. I think Bobby Flay has a recipe for great meatballs…hmm…

My cooking is not only limited to dinners. I love to bake and there are tons of breads, muffins, and cakes that I am going to be trying in the next few months. Luckily my coworkers are all game when I bring in new things to try. I also want to try new breakfast items. I love making breakfast on the weekends, especially brunch on Sundays. And I’m amassing quite a collection of recipes to try.

My goal is to post weekly about the new things I’m learning to make and how well they are received in my household. Hopefully this will inspire othre people to start cooking different things. I’d love to hear what you try and how it came out. Feel free to email me –

Ten Questions Your Dog Walker Should Ask You

You have been looking for someone to walk your dog, you think you have found a responsible, caring person to take on the role (see my article on ten questions you should ask a dog walker) and now it is down to the “nitty gritty”. How, precisely is the dog walker going to make sure you and your precious pooch get the very best out of the arrangement?

If you think of the walks you enjoy with your dog, you will see that there is a lot more to it than simply providing exercise and picking up poop. A walk is an opportunity for a dog to have fun, to explore and to satisfy a natural curiosity. A walk is a chance for you to reinforce your dog’s training and teach new things. Most vets and behaviourists suggest that the walk is the most important part of a dog’s day and, as a professional dog walker, I totally agree.

They make it a point to repeat this information each and every time you pay a visit to their clinic which isn’t bad as certain people are careless when it comes to dealing with their dog’s health so it is a good gesture on their part that shows how much they value the lives of animals being vets.

A dog walker should be keen to make every walk a good experience for your dog, whilst providing you, the owner, with total peace of mind, and will only achieve this if provided with the right information. The dog walker should, therefore, be asking the following questions:

  1. Is your dog up to date with vaccinations and worming? If you are not being asked for this information, then neither are those clients whose dogs may be walked with yours. You would not knowingly put your dog in the proximity of potentially sick animals and neither should a dog walker
  1. May I have the contact details of your vets practice and an emergency contact number for you? Anyone with any empathy for a caring dog owner should know the importance of keeping the client informed of any problems. It is worth agreeing with your dog walker the emergency process. My clients have agreed that, in a serious situation, I would first ask a vet to stabilise the dog and deal with any immediate issues, such as pain, bleeding or breathing, and then call the owner, as soon as possible, for instructions.
  1. Do you want your dog to be given “treats” on the walk, if so, which brands? It is irresponsible to feed an animal anything without the agreement of the owner. Some pooches have pouches (weight issues), others have allergies and some have sensitive tummies. Some dog owners use treats as rewards or enticements, others prefer to adopt different training methods. A dog walker should be guided by the owner in these matters, not only for the sake of the dog’s well-being but also because dogs thrive on consistency.
  1. What commands do you use for your dog? Again, consistency is key. There would be little point in shouting “Fido come!” to a dog who is used to responding to “Fido here!” The dogs I walk respond to a variety of individual recall commands, including “What’s this?”, “This way!”, “One – two – three!” and “Look at me!”. This is not too much of a problem as I have worked out which dogs follow the others back, and therefore call the “followed” first! Sitting at the kerb is a must for some of the dogs I walk, whilst others are asked to “wait” or “stop”. Essentially, a good dog walker will want to use the owner’s commands.
  1. What sort of walk does your dog enjoy? A caring dog walker will always ask this question but, if walking several dogs at a time, may not be able to please “all of the dogs all of the time”. I walk some pooches who like to run like crazy on the beach and others who prefer to sniff and explore. Conveniently, we can have half an hour on the beach and stop off at a park on the way home, by which time the runners have burnt off some energy and are happy to join the sniffers.
  1. Does your dog get on well with other dogs? A conscientious dog walker will find out where the problems, if any, lie. Many dogs, for example, are fearful of greeting strange dogs whilst on lead; others may take a dislike to certain breeds of dog. This information will help the dog walker to take dogs out in appropriate groups, to plan walks by, if necessary, avoiding certain areas and to anticipate and manage potential problems.
  1. What does your dog enjoy in terms of games and toys? Some dogs are obsessed with balls; others prefer a Frisbee, squeaky or a chew toy. Some dogs simply enjoy running around and playing with other dogs. A dog walker should try to provide the preferred stimuli for each dog.
  1. Do you want me to exercise your dog off lead in safe places? A dog walker must never let a dog off lead without the owner’s consent. Personally, I prefer not to mix off and on lead dogs, as it can be frustrating for the restrained pooches.

  1. May I see the collar, harness, leash and anything else you want me to use when walking your dog? A dog walker should check the security of and make sure they know how to use all items. Harnesses and car restraints, for example, can be complicated affairs and must be fitted properly.
  1. What will be the routine when I drop your dog back home? A dog walker should routinely clean a dirty dog and make sure there is fresh drinking water available. Some owners may want the dog to be fed. Other dogs may be left with a chew or a Kong to relieve boredom. A dog may take comfort from a favourite toy or blanket. Some may have the run of the house and others will be restricted to certain areas. Many dogs like to hear the radio in the background. A dog walker is responsible for ensuring that your dog is left happy and your house is left as you would wish.

A dog walker would be wise to document of all of this information and should also ask if there is anything else that needs to be noted. If he or she does not ask the questions, you could volunteer the details; but perhaps you should, instead, be asking yourself if this is the right person to walk your dog?

Using CBD Oil: What Are The 5 Top And Best Things For Using CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD oil is known as cannabidiol, which is founded in the leaves and stem of the cannabis plant. This CBD oil has been used from traditional times for healing chronicle diseases among humans as well as in animals. If you have listened about the hemp plant, then it will become easy for you to understand about CBD oil and products. It is hard to believe that not only humans but our pets can also suffer from depression and anxiety. CBD products are highly enriched with anti-oxidant properties and nutrients. CBD oil is also used for curing chronicle diseases like cancer and heart-related problems. If you want to gather some more information regarding the benefits and uses of CBD oil, then you can  find this. In this article, you will be going to read about the 5 top and best things for using CBD oil for dogs so that it will help in curing diseases. 

The 5 top and best things for using CBD oil for dogs:

  • CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD oil is a compound which is beneficial for dog and helps in curing serious and chronicle issues. Using CBD oil helps in curing depression and anxiety. Dogs can also go through such problems, and it is helpful to cure these problems with the help of proper CBD oil. 
  • By using seizures, it becomes great to consume CBD oil for dogs. With the help of seizures, it will become beneficial for using CBD oil for dogs. It also helps in curing neuropathic pain so that your dog will get rid of CBD oil. 
  • It is a little bit complex to understand the pain and problems suffered by your dog. A little mishappening or any irrelevant situation can give a shock to your dog, which will create mental health issues. 
  • Using a CBD oil in the bare skin of your dog’s ear will deliver effective results as it will help in controlling severe pain as well as allergies. If you find out any change in your dogs’ behavior, then it will become helpful for controlling poor appetite, arthritis, cancer, and fatty tumors, as well as several other problems. 

  • CBD oil is also effective for curing inflammation, joint problems, mobility problems, glaucoma as well as digestive issues. There are several other problems too, which might become dangerous for our pets, such as phobias from fireworks and thunderstorm. It is complex to analyze these problems because a single incident or small issue can create a problem for your pet and dogs. It is better for you to analyze these problems so that you can visit a professional as soon as possible for you. 

In the upper section, all the 5 top and best things for using CBD oil for dogs are listed so that you can use it for your dogs and cure these chronicle diseases as soon as possible for you. May this listed information will become beneficial for you.

Dog Friendly Rv Parks In Cosby, Tennessee

Dog friendly RV Parks in Cosby, Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains, is a list that only has two RV Parks on it. Even though there are only two RV Parks on this list, they are important to RVers who travel with their furry friends because it is better to know if the RV Park will welcome their furry family member or not than to pull in, get set up and then find out that the park really does not want your dog there. Very few RV Parks actually come out and say they do not want dogs on the property and the ones that do usually include that knowledge on their website, on a brochure or some other way and usually they will have some type of area of the park designated as a pet walk. The two RV Parks that do welcome dogs are Cosby Ranch and the Great Smoky Jellystone Camping Resort.

Cosby Ranch, located at 311 S. Highway 32, Cosby, Tennessee, is open year round and can offer the RVer a “peaceful, low traffic setting” with full hookups, partial hookups or a tent site with hookups. This dog friendly RV Park is “next to the Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” There is a gift shop, beer and propane for sale, a swimming pool a laundry room and restrooms with showers on the property. Guests can also enjoy basketball or horseshoes or they can go fishing in the small pond on the property. For more information, interested RVers can call 423-487-3178 or go to

Great Smoky Jellystone Camping Resort, located at 4946 Hooper Highway, Cosby, Tennessee, is only open from March through November. RVers who choose to stay at this Tennessee RV Park will find a designated area for walking their dog as well as full hookup RV sites with fire rings, picnic tables, wifi and cable television. On the property they will have access to clean restrooms with hot showers, a laundry facility, swimming pool, kiddie pool, miniature golf, Yogi’s theatre, a game room, a pavilion, a playground and more. For more information, interested RVers can call 423-487-5534 or they can go to For reservations, RVers can call 800-210-2119. If you visit this site, you will get more helpful information about the best RV parks for your pet. In addition, it also offers other tips and essential information on how to properly take good care of your pet.

These two RV Parks are not the only RV Parks in the Cosby, Tennessee area. There are more, but these are the only ones that openly welcomed pets. It is always best to call ahead and talk to someone at one of these RV Parks if you are interested in parking there. If you call ahead you can not only make reservations, but you can also discuss their pet policy so you can make a decision as to whether this RV Park would be a good place for you and your dog to stay.

Best Way to Clean and Maintain Stainless Steel Cookware

Did you just receive a set of stainless steel cookware? Are you wondering how to clean it? If so, I can help. I have owned a set for several years now. Plus, I use to work in the hospitality industry where stainless steel pots were the norm. With that said, here are my tips for keeping the cookware in tip top shape:

Cleaning the Interior

In most instances, the interiors of stainless steel cookware may be cleaned using hot water, a soft cloth or a sponge and a mild dish detergent. Just make sure that the dish detergent does not contain citrus or chlorine bleach. Otherwise, it may damage the pan’s surface.

If you find yourself faced with pans laden with burnt on gunk, the best product to use is Bar Keeper’s Friend. Over the years, I have used it in both commercial kitchens and at home with amazing results. To use it, soak the pan in hot soapy water first to loosen and remove as much burnt on food as you can. Then remove the pan from the water. Continue by sprinkling some of the Bar Keeper’s Friend inside the pan. Let it sit like that for a minute or two. Afterward, scrub the inside of the pan with a nylon scrubber. The burnt on garbage should come right off.

Cleaning the Exterior

In my experience, cleaning the exteriors of stainless steel cookware is the tricky part because of the shiny finish. The best way to do it is with a mild dish detergent and a sponge. If you have stains on the bottoms of the cookware, it may be removed with a stainless steel safe oven cleaner or EASY-OFF Cooktop Cleaner. One caveat though. Do not get the oven cleaner onto the sides of the cookware. I have found that it will destroy the pan’s shiny finish. Get More Info about the cleaning of the kitchen appliances at the official site. The decision should be made with intelligence to select the best one. The cookware should have a long life and no destroy is there in the kitchen. The cleaning of the oven and other products is great along with the maintenance of the appliances. 

Remove Water Stains

I have found that it is also important to dry your stainless steel pots immediately after washing them. Failure to do so could result in water stains, especially if you have hard water. Should you inadvertently end up with water stains, you can sometimes remove them with a warm water and vinegar blend. I typically make my blend using 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Once you have the blend on hand, either soak the cookware in it or rub it onto the pan’s surface with a soft, clean cloth. When you are done, rinse and dry the cookware thoroughly.

Remove Blue and Brown Stains

Sometimes your cookware may develop stains related to overheating and food residue too. In most instances, those stains will have either a blue or a brown tint to them. I have found that they may also be removed with a 50-50 white vinegar and water blend. Just soak the cookware into the solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, remove them from the solution and rinse the pot well. Then dry it completely before you put it back into your storage area.

Storage Tips

Lastly, be careful how you store your stainless steel cookware. It can get scratched up if you store it next to sharp objects or inside of other pans. As such, I like to store mine in a cabinet that I reserve specifically for my stainless steel pieces. That way, their exteriors are less likely to get roughed up by contact with other kitchen equipment.

Essential Tips For Amateur Drivers

With billions of drivers and Ferrari lovers like Miroslav Vyboh across the globe, it is really important that you drive safely and learn all about the basics of driving. Keeping all this in mind, we are here with some of the most relevant and important tips that all car drivers should know about as they start with their driving lessons or are trying to improve their skills. 

While driving your vehicle as a driver you should never focus too much on the vehicle that in front of you. Instead of paying all your attention to the vehicle driving in front of you, you should try to analyze the traffic there along with all the other vehicles that are moving around. This is important since you will try to follow the movement of the vehicle that is in front of you if you are if you focus too much on it and it is nerve a good idea to follow someone that is not that experienced when it comes to driving. 

Here, you need to focus completely on the road and try to look through the windshield of the other vehicle. This is an effective way through which your brain will be able to assess the condition of the road more effectively and you will be able to figure out the right response in time while avoiding any potential accident. 

While driving your vehicle you should try to focus on the location where you want your car to be. With the help of your hand-eye coordination, you will be able to drive more accurately and over time you will get used to all this and will be able to adjust your hands and legs accordingly as well. 

Believe it or not, your tongue can also help you in improving your driving. As the human tongue is full of receptors and nerves, placing your tongue to the roof of your mouth can help you increase your sense of balance. This is a scientifically proven fact that as you stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth your body becomes hypersensitive to different movements and that can help you with your driving significantly. 

Keeping your hands in 9 and 3 positions is more accurate and helpful while driving. The introduction of airbags in all the vehicles driving while keeping your hands in 10 and 2 positions can be fatal in case of an accident. Moreover, keeping your hands in 9 and 3 positions provide you with much more control over your vehicle improving your overall driving experience. 

This may feel a little weird in the beginning but if you are driving an automatic vehicle you should start practicing applying breaks with your left foot. This simple step can significantly reduce your reaction time as you apply break allowing you to keep your vehicle in more control. Although, it may take some time before you get used to this mode of driving, which is why it is recommended that you practice driving like this first. 

These are the basic things that all amateur drivers should focus on or learn about as they start with their driving lessons.

Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Your Area and Improve Your Smile

You understand the importance of caring for your teeth. You need your family’s dental needs to be met in the best way possible. A cosmetic dentist can easily correct minor issues with your teeth and improve your smile with a few simple procedures.

If you’re searching for a new cosmetic dentist one of the best ways to find them is through an online directory of dentists. Online directories offer you the most comprehensive list of working dentists in your area. Listings are available from across the nation, so whether you’re at home or traveling you can find the best dentist to suit your cosmetic dental needs.

Sorting Through All the Options

Finding what you need has never been easier with the internet. It quickly can link you to anything you’re searching for, but you want to know you’re finding the best of what you’re looking for. With a directory sorting through all the options is easy

Instead of clicking on links provided through a search engine and being directed to any number of random places, use a directory that has complied the best dentists in your area onto one page. Everything you need to know about a cosmetic dentist is conveniently accessible through one site.

Improving Your Smile

The ability to find a dentist is the most valuable assets to a patient who wants to improve their smile through cosmetic dentistry. There are many suitable, highly qualified working dentists to suit your needs that have practices all over the nation. With a directory you don’t have to wonder if you’re choosing the best dentist to improve your smile. The commitment to providing information to link you to the best dentist is priority to the directory owners.

Cosmetic Dentists

Dental hygienists who are listed as cosmetic dentists are those who are qualified to perform more complex dental procedures than general dentists. If you have committed to the job of improving your smile through a cosmetic procedure such as veneers, implants, bridges, tooth whitening and the like then a cosmetic dentist is exactly what you need. These dentists are highly educated professionals whose job it is to ensure expert care is delivered to each patient. They are well educated and trained, working dentists for skilled cosmetic dental procedures.

The Directories Big Picture Idea

Helping you to locate the best dental professional who specializes in whatever field of dentistry you need is the directories big picture idea. Finding an office in your area that supports your overall dental health and well being is the pleasure of the researches who compile the directory. Before you ever schedule a dental appointment the directory has a wide range of resources to help you learn about a variety of dental procedures.

Do your own research on dental practices in advance to help ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible. An online directory of dentists will help you find a dentist in your area. The directory virtually links you to many professional, highly skilled, budget friendly dentists to improve your smile. Knowing that you have done your part will help you know that you’re getting the best.

When it comes to dentists, people are spoilt for choice as there are many of them and it becomes difficult to decide on which one to go for although the cosmetic dentistry Orlando fl is a popular option when it comes to cosmetic issues and has become a prevalent practice for patients to frequent a trip to Orlando for teeth problems that require cosmetic remedy.

How to Understand Social Networking: Be Active and Update Your Myspace Page

By understanding how social networking works you will be able to become the master of sites like Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook. Social networking means being social or interactive with others. By interacting with others on sites like Myspace you will be able to build connections that can last a lifetime and I can help out your online businesses. There are two things you can do to ensure success on your Myspace page. The first is to be active and the second is to continuously update your Myspace page.

Being Active

Being active is much more than just logging on to your Myspace page. It entails commenting other users, adding friends and sending messages. It is generally well advised to comment as many people as you can or respond as many comments as you can. This is because the more people you comment publicly the more exposure you get to your page. Adding friends to your Myspace page is also important. You will want to include a short note as to why you are adding a friend to your page, for instance you may share the same music taste or the same business sense. You will also want to be friendly responding to messages in your private message inbox; who knows what kind of connection you can make by using this feature of Myspace.

Myspace has become extremely popular over the coming years and one can sing peons of praise about it but to name ideas by Venture F0rth is a bit too much for mentioning both in the same sentence.


It’s great to be active, but if you aren’t updating your page then there’s no sense in being active. This is because users will not be able to be familiar with what is going on with your Myspace page or you and your business. To keep your page updated you will want to continuously be adding different features to your main page, update your blog and posting bulletins. The most important thing here is to update your blog and posting bulletins. This is because users can subscribe to your blog and view it at any time. Posting bulletins and blogs are an easy way to keep your friend list updated with what you are doing on your Myspace page. It is for that reason that it is highly recommended that you keep a blog and post many bulletins.

If you manage to master these two strategies then it will be no issue becoming a Myspace master. Do not expect to master these strategies overnight, it takes time, practice, and patience. By being active and updating your Myspace page you are guaranteed to have some amount of success. Whether it is a large amount or small amount depends on how much effort and energy you put into your Myspace page. No matter what though any kind of success is good success.

The Importance of Manufacturing Audit Services

For an industry to be competitive, it has to always ensure that its efficiency levels are high. One of the best ways to do this is to employ manufacturing audit. Basically, manufacturing audit is a kind of service that many companies use today in order to check their efficiency levels. The service will allow companies to detail the losses incurred in manufacturing and pave the way for companies to enhance their effectivity and efficiency. Manufacturing audit also allows to track the flow of material from in to out. Consequently, the service will analyze where the inventory lies. Studies claim that the waiting inventory could be the symptom of the losses which happen indirectly or directly.

Tracing down the losses in manufacturing is crucial as it will be the basis in measuring and improving such aspect. Technically speaking, manufacturing cycle can be divided into several stages. For example, when raw materials come in the manufacturing company and when it has been stored in the warehouse more than the required lead time, then it is already a sign of improper planning. This kind of situation can be very extreme losses for the company. Hence, this is just one of the examples of deficiency in supply chain that could lead to losses and which can only be measured using audits as manufacturing service. 

But how do manufacturing audits measure these losses? Manufacturing audits have pre-defined measures of improving measures through indices that they prepare which aids them reflect the current situation and then attacking in issues which hurt the manufacturing most. There is also a key indicator in supply chain indices. For example, OOM or parts per million Is a key indicator of customer satisfaction, quality of system and so many more.

Furthermore, manufacturing audit companies like LWOng audit service also utilize approved benchmark for the mentioned indices. They map the existing state of affairs in a manufacturing setup and then create a road map take the existing score to global benchmark levels. Yes, this kind of cycle and process can be very exhausting and challenging, but when companies try to follow this track with commitment and dedication, then they can be sure of increasing bottom lines and improving their cultures. As a result, they can improve their efficiency and upgrade this operation and supply chain so they can be considered as a competitive player in the industry. 

Overall, the role of manufacturing audit services in the industry is critical in determining the efficiency and competitiveness of manufacturing companies. Since the bottom line of manufacturing companies is to create quality and standard items. Hiring a service audit company will ensure that everything in the company and the processes is running smoothly so any possibility of losses can be prevented. Nowadays, manufacturing audit service is not just an option for companies, it is now a necessity. This will allow them to enhance their system and processes and at the same time, measure any deficiency currently present so it can be enhanced and innovate.

The Top Ten Secrets Of Successful Long Term Weight Loss

  • To Lose Weight Long Term, You Must Cut Your Fat Intake: People who lose weight and keep it off have learned to avoid or limit high fat foods and ingredients. Eventually, most people become so successful at this that they no longer crave high fat foods and find that the taste or appearance of fat eventually becomes quite unappetizing. You can reduce your fat intake by embracing grilled rather than fried foods, using applesauce in the place of oil or butter in baking, switching from mayo to mustard, using fat free products (milk, cheese, sour cream,), and cutting back on high fat meats – (or at least limiting portion sizes and cutting away the fat you can see before you prepare the meat).
  • To Keep Weight Off, Embrace Smaller Portions: Keeping weight off long term means really understanding what an optimal portion size is. Portion sizes are so super sized today. What most of us consider a typical serving was about two servings 25 years ago. A 20 ounce soda then would have been unheard of. Read labels and make sure you understand how much a serving is. Usually, it is not the whole box, but only one very small portion. You can limit your portion sizes by using small cups, plates and bowls (salad or child’s plates), by not eating out of a container or bag (take a portion size, put it on a small plate, and put the rest out of sight), and measuring your food using a scale or measuring cup.
  • To Successfully Lose Weight You Must Learn To Love A New Drink: Most people who get weight off and keep it off learn to embrace drinking lots of water while cutting out high calorie sodas, energy drinks, or lattes. Drinking a glass of water before a meal not only keeps you hydrated, but it helps you feel full before you even sit down to eat or consume a single calorie. It is much more difficult to lose weight and keep it off if liquid calories and sugar are part of your daily diet. Replacing energy drinks with green tea is a good way to get your caffeine fix in the morning while getting the health and metabolism boosting benefits of green tea.

  • Successful Dieters Eat More Fruits And Vegetables: The high water and fiber content in fruits and vegetables means that these foods give you volume and make you feel satisfied without extra calories. Eating a large salad or piece of fruit before a meal will help you consume less of the higher calorie items at that meal. You can also add fruit to cereal or vegetables to a sandwich to make the food less dense, more healthful, and lower in calories. To get more fruits and vegetables in your diet, learn to prepare them properly. Wash, cut them up and bag fruits and vegetables all at once so they’re easy to grab and eat. Add garlic and spices to jazz up the taste. Make it a practice to eat a large salad or bowl of fruit before every meal. Some more top secrets are revealed to the people to know about the reduction in weight with the help of resurge pills. The taste should not be considered to get the elimination of excessive fat from the body. Some practices can be done related to the diet and eating habits to get the right and effective results.
  • Keeping Weight Off Means Eating Regular Meals: Many studies show that eating breakfast is vital for long term weight loss and that people who eat breakfast tend to make better food choices all day long. There are also studies which indicate that eating small amounts of food several times per day is better than eating just a few large meals. Although it tends to go against what most people think about diets (i.e. – diets mean eating less), most people who successfully lose weight and keep it off know that the right foods eaten regularly is actually beneficial rather than dangerous.
  • Successfully Losing Weight Often Means Rethinking Carbs: Whether a dieter chooses to go low carb or not, most successful diets will at least make the switch from empty, high sugar carbs to fiber-rich, whole grain carbs. An example of this is switching breakfast cereals from a sugary, nutritionally void cereal like Apple Jacks to a more healthy option like grape nuts with fruit or steel cut oatmeal. Another example is swapping brown for white rice.

  • Those Who Keep Weight Off Long Term Know They Can’t Continuously Deprive Themselves: Any weight loss plan which doesn’t allow the foods you love and enjoy will likely fail because you will eventually get tired of depriving yourself. There really should be no such thing as a forbidden food – just forbidden repetitive over indulgences. Some have success with allowing themselves a small bit of a treat – one cookie instead of five, or giving themselves one day per week on which to enjoy a treat. Some dieters have success with the “trade off” method (i.e. “I’ll have a handful of chips for lunch but no dessert at dinner.”). You can also enjoy lower fat versions of your favorite treats like fat free pudding, fruit or crackers with fat free cool whip.
  • Long Term Weight Loss Means Making Smart Snack Choices: Snacks are actually a great way to avoid overeating at meals. You can also get in your fruits, vegetables or whole grains for the day via snack. The key is to chose snacks well. Chose something that you can actually enjoy and look forward to without compromising your eating plan. Some good suggestions are rice cakes, light smoothies, fruit with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, a fat free cheese stick, low fat popcorn, wasa crackers with fat free cream cheese, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs (try them with hot sauce) or sugar free Jell-O.
  • Successful Dieters Know Restaurant Choices Are Important: Eating out is a fact of life. Although it’s smart to avoid fast food restaurants as much as possible, it’s hard to avoid them completely and you’ll need to be able to live a normal life to keep weight off for a lifetime. The key is knowing that there can be acceptable choices no matter where you go. Even fast food restaurants offer salads with grilled chicken and fat free dressings, fruit salads or child sized meals. You can also visit the website of most restaurants before visiting to scope out the menu’s calorie and fat content. Fill up on salad and water before each meal, just like at home. Also, some restaurants offer much better choices than others. Subway and Sweet Tomatoes are very diet friendly for lunch. Einstein bagel offers who grain bagels with low calorie and fat cream cheese as well as a variety of fruit. Either of these are obviously much better choices than an Egg McMuffin or Whopper.
  • Long Term Weight Loss Means Effectively Managing Parties And Holidays: Successfully losing weight and keeping it off means you’ll have to master making good choices at parties and during holidays – where high fat, high calorie choices lurk and call your name. A good strategy is to eat healthfully before you go to the party or holiday gathering so you won’t be as tempted to make bad choices. You can also bring your own healthy dishes to the party – the hosts will appreciate the addition – and you can focus on the social aspect of the gathering rather than the food.

Five Gifts for the Knife Collector This Year

If you are shopping for a knife collector this year, odds are you are not actually shopping for knives, but rather all the goodies that the knife collector forgot to buy and gourmet gift baskets have them all. Often with collectors, if you buy them a gift, such as a knife in this case, you would select the wrong one because you aren’t the collector! So let’s be safe this year and purchase a gift for the collector that he or she could really use to compliment their collection.

You can look at purchasing a gift that allows the collector to show off their obsession with everyone else such as getting them a custom labeled mug, t-shirt, or other accessories from Zazzle’s online store. There are literally dozens of items here that you can purchase for a good price that features a nice knife collector logo that says “Support your Local Knife Collector”. What a better gift to give this year than something that the collector can show off in public and announce their hobby to everyone with pride.

If the knife collector likes a good read, it would be a nice idea to go online to Amazon or Barnes  Noble and find some knife collecting books, jot down the names, and then casually look over the collector’s library to see if the title is there. You can find books about how to properly store your collectibles, how to clean them, and updated pricing guide is always appreciated by collectors as well.

A gift that the collector will also appreciate is a Sharpening Stone System. These stones can range from whetstone, Arkansas stone, oilstone and the list just continues. You can shop for the unique set of stones at Chef Depot. You should drop a few casual questions at the collector to try and narrow down what stones would work best for their collections prior to purchasing one for them.

Another item that a knife collector is typically lacking is cleaning supplies or even a knife cleaning system. A nice little stocking stuffer is the Flitz International Knife Care Cleaning Kit. This is a relatively inexpensive item and collectors are always in need of cleaning supplies.

If you are feeling adventurous then you can look at the collection and see if you can remember what knives the collector doesn’t have. Then you can go online to and locate one of their rare collectible sets such as The Orvis Limited-Edition Collector’s Knife that retails for a pricey $300. But, there were only 200 of these knives ever made and comes engraved with a unique serial number. Now, that is a rare addition to a collection that would no doubt be appreciated.

If you look around online you will find many ideas for the gift to give your knife collector, but it usually boils down to what exactly you want to spend, if you want to go all out then go for the knife collectors edition set, and don’t forget to look for deals on Ebay and other auction sites in the days leading up to the holidays for a great deal on a nice gift.

Nine Inch Nails Silently Release New “Album” Online

For fans used to waiting five years between Nine Inch Nails releases, it appears that our waits are just going to keep getting shorter.

Last year, Trent Reznor released the album Year Zero that you can listen to on gudanglagu, which debuted at number one on the charts after he had already intentionally leaked the album through a series of USB sticks at concerts and then finally on his website several days before the release.

Less than a year later, he has released another album, this time putting it up online a month before the official physical release, very reminiscent of what Radiohead did with its 2007 masterpiece In Rainbows. But this album came as much more of a surprise, especially since Nine Inch Nails fans were expecting a release of Year Zero Part 2 later this year.

The new album, entitled Ghosts I-IV, is certainly not a proper album. It consists of 36 tracks, all instrumental, and was created under very strict ground rules. He had 10 weeks to complete it, and otherwise, there were no rules. While that may sound relaxed, for Trent Reznor, putting out work that quickly has always been a challenge. This is a man who took 5 years off between releasing albums more than once in his 20-year recording career.

Of course, the content of this album probably won’t be the focus, although the music is brilliant. Rather, Reznor’s “revolutionary” release method of the album will be. Now without a record label, Reznor was free to do what he wanted with the music, and it certainly shows on this product.

Without warning or hype, Reznor put the album up for sale and partially for free on the official Nine Inch Nails website,, over the past weekend (sometime between March 1st and March 2nd). The album was available for immediate download in multiple media formats, for a cost of $5. Those wanting a sample before buying could download the first part of the album, the first nine songs, for free. A 2-CD set was also available for purchase for $10, including immediate access to the download, as well as two deluxe edition packages, one for $75 and one for $300, the latter including a 4 record 180-gram LP collector’s set and other goodies in a limited edition and signed collection (only 2500 available). All of these formats are still available for purchase on the official site.

The album was not released without a hitch. Shortly after the release, an overwhelming number of downloaders caused the site to crash, despite the fact that this release was not advertised at all. So much for releasing singles months before albums and spending millions of dollars to hype an album.

If this sounds familiar to you, think back to last October, when Radiohead did something similar with their latest work, In Rainbows. The band released the album online several months before the physical release, offering a pay-what-you-want download, allowing potential downloaders to get the album for free if they wanted. Music critics and economists alike have both praised and criticized this method, some arguing that this would revolutionize music, others arguing that this was a poor economic move. In reality, Radiohead made millions off the experiment, even if one-third of the downloaders paid nothing at all, and the album still went number one when it was released January 1st (see the Times article for more information about the release ).

So which method was better?

Both bands had difficulty with their servers on the days following the downloads. Radiohead’s server seemed a little better prepared to handle the massive number of downloaders, but with all the hype they created, they were expecting a lot more.

Although the music industry would like to deny it, nearly every album is leaked in its entirety before the official release of the album. Both bands essentially leaked the album themselves, making a little (or perhaps a lot of) money in the process. It seemed that Nine Inch Nails fans had to pay if they wanted to hear the whole album. In reality, though, these albums both were still immediately available for free on illegal download sites. In fact, due to the server problems, many paying Nine Inch Nails fans had to turn to these illegal sites to get the album. Both bands win here for leaking the album themselves before others could do it.

But, for every other reason, the Nine Inch Nails release method was better.

The Nine Inch Nails release simply had more options. In addition to the multiple physical formats available (compared to the $80 disc box on the Radiohead site that was the only physical release option in the preorder), Ghosts I-IV is available in mp3 (320 kbps), Flac, or apple lossless. And the mp3s are much higher quality than Radiohead’s only download option (128 kbps mp3s). Giving the users more choices, especially for all the audiophiles out there who want top-quality, is definitely a more solid method.

The Nine Inch Nails download package was much more appealing. In Rainbows simply came in a zipped file with the ten tracks, no extras. In addition to the 36 tracks on Ghosts, there was album art and extras. It felt like a real album, not just something that you downloaded from your friend on Megaupload.

The top reason why the NIN release trumped Radiohead’s is that it was immediately available (if you forgive the server trouble). Radiohead announced their sales weeks ahead of time, allowing customers to preorder the download or the Discbox, and then wait until the day the downloads went up. Nine Inch Nails started their downloads at the exact moment that the sales started. Albums have been available for preorder for many years, but never have we really had more than a single to listen to until the album was released (unless we illegally downloaded it or listened to a poor quality stream online). In our society of instant gratification, Trent Reznor gave us the option to hear his project the same day he told us he had created it. What could be more pleasing to fans?

Moreover, Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want method is not likely to catch on, especially with smaller bands. Only a band like Radiohead with such a large and faithful following could achieve the download and sales numbers that they did, and they still had a large number of fans not paying. Most bands would likely see a lot more fans choosing the free option. Five dollars for a full download of artwork and music in a high-quality format seems quite reasonable, especially since it is much cheaper than downloads on iTunes or And automatically being able to download and hear the album as soon as you preorder is just exciting.

The fact that Ghosts I-IV will probably not hit number one in the charts come April does not mean that it is not as successful an experiment as In Rainbows. After all, it is a 36 track instrumental album, not exactly easy listening or radio-friendly stuff. The bottom line though is that this Nine Inch Nails release was given to us in the most exciting, fan-friendly format yet. Kudos to Trent Reznor for his hard work and understanding. Hopefully, this release will have a profoundly positive impact on the future of the music industry.

Benefit from a Speedy Metabolism in Weight Loss

Targeting weight loss doesn’t work. You’ve seen all the television ads for ab crunchers, rockers, belts, balls, and everything else that supposedly “smash away your flabby abs” in minutes a day? If you’ve ever bought any or know anyone who has, you know they don’t work. In fact, working only one area of the body to target weight loss there is actually counter-productive. Why? Because if you exercise just your abdominal muscles, for instance, they’ll get bigger. So all that fat you wanted to lose? Yep, it gets replaced with muscle you can’t lose and you look big around the middle anyway because the rest of your body hasn’t been worked out to keep up.

Most of us, after the age of thirty, start to slow down a little. Maybe not enough to notice, really, but your metabolism does. Like me, you’ve probably seen that you can’t eat whatever you want anymore because fattening foods go straight to your gut or butt. You can no longer melt off anything you eat, it takes work to do it. As a good side benefit, you start to eat healthier knowing that you have to in order to keep from gaining weight. This doesn’t always work, though. The metabolism of the people will boost-up with the consumption of the resurge pills. The resurge reviews should be looked to know about the ups and downs of the pills. The side-effect is less as the ingredients are herbal and natural. The gaining of the weight is reduced.

Eating healthy is a good start, but it’s not always enough. I’ll tell you a secret you’ll want to know: your metabolism can be restored back to what it was. No matter your age. Really!

All you need to do is a few daily routines to keep your metabolism burning hot, killing those calories. Eating right is step number one. The rest of step one is to eat more often. Yep! Eat more often! I didn’t say eat more, just more often. Instead of three meals a day, make it five or six smaller meals a day. This keeps your intake and burn even, so you don’t raise your blood sugar, then drop it, then raise it again by eating. It stays steady.

Step two is working out. Not hard core, you don’t have to be Arnold Swartzenegger here, just do some moderate cardio workouts like running, swimming, biking, or fast walking to keep your blood pumping and your heart working. If you’re into strength workouts, work your muscles in groups, doing upper body one day, lower body the next, and cardio throughout. Doing it first thing in the morning is a great way to get going for the day too.

Step number three is all about diet. No, not eating grapefruit or cardboard-tasting diet meals, but just being aware of your fat and carbohydrate intake. Cut the fat out as much as you can, buying leaner meats and eating more vegetables. If you do this you’re on the fast track to building a healthier you. It’s OK to have a “fun day” in which you can moderately indulge yourself with fatty foods like ice cream or cheesecake, but don’t overdo it and make it a special day and not a daily event.

Finally, make sure you drink right. Put the shot glass down, I didn’t mean that, Paddy. I’m talking about water. Most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Those sodas, that coffee, and all those “energy drinks” we’re so fond of are robbing us of much needed H2O. Drink at least sixty-four ounces of water a day throughout the day. This flushes your system of buildups, reduces your dependency on salt and carbs, and actually causes you to lose water weight gain as your body no longer stores water away like a camel because of the lean times you’ve been putting it through.

Follow these four steps and you’ll see that your metabolism will go up, your energy level will rise, and you’ll feel much more like your old self!

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