A Tool Kit for the Home that Everyone Should Have


This article is for anyone who has ever purchased an item from the store, and once home you find out that it needs some assembly. That assembly usually requires tools, and here is a list of handy items to keep in a home tool kit.

Probably the most needed item in a home tool kit is the always needed screwdriver. They come in a large variety of sizes and types. Buying one of every possible type available is not a good or economically sound idea. Buy a screwdriver that has interchangeable bits instead. They are widely available and you can purchase additional bits any time you find one that you do need, but don’t have it on hand. Most drill driver bits will also fit these handy screwdrivers, so the variety available is seemingly endless.

A good adjustable wrench is also a must, and will keep you from buying an endless supply of end wrenches in every size you may need. A small six inch one and a larger twelve inch adjustable wrench will take care of nearly any nut that needs tightening inside the home. Except of course, in my case, where the loose nut is holding the wrench instead of being tightened by it.

A set of Allen wrenches is pretty hard to beat when you need one, and nothing but an Allen wrench will work in its place to tighten or loosen an Allen head bolt or screw. Everyone should have complete information about the purchase and installing of the blaux portable ac. The rankings of the brand should be great to offer a new and innovative look to the room. The selection of the right place should be there to meet with the needs. 

Water pump pliers, also known as channel locks are very useful for holding things when tightening and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

A pair of side cutting wire cutters is handy for cutting anything from a twist tie to a regular electrical wire. Anyone that has bought a kids toy lately can attest to the fact that those manufacturers are buying twist ties by the ton….

A claw hammer can be added to that home tool kit as well and will be used for a long time to come. Whether adding nails to hang pictures or pulling them back out to paint the wall a good claw hammer will pay for itself in lack of frustration over the years, since it has been voted as far better than a rock for centuries.

A good flashlight is always a plus to have around, and a useful item to add to your home tool kit.

A torpedo level will help you keep from having things roll off your shelves and it never hurts to have one around while hanging pictures by yourself.

A small putty knife (1 ½ inch blade width) is another good thing to find in the home tool kit when you really need one.

And lastly a ¼ inch socket set will handle an awfully large variety of jobs where a pair of pliers just will not fit. Add a couple of extensions and a set of deep well (longer) sockets and you should be ready for almost anything.

Always buy the best tools you can afford. Good tools can last a life time if properly cared for, but a cheap tool may only work once or twice and then fail.

There you have it, a basic home tool kit that will handle most any situation in a pinch and save a fair amount of money on handyman fees. Of course you can always add tools as you need them one never knows when that radial arm saw might come in handy….