Best Diet Plans – The YOU: On a Diet Plan by RealAge


The Spring of 2008 found me very overweight. This was a first for me, and rather disconcerting, especially when the BMI calculator told me that I was obese! I was certain that I must be hypo thyroid, so I made an appointment with my doctor. My doctor suspected that the culprit was a medication that I was taking, not my thyroid, and she was right. With my doctors consent, I stopped taking the medication and with a change in my eating habits, 30 pounds melted off. But, I was still far from my weight loss goal. One day, while reading something on some web site, I was dared, yet again, to find out how old I really was by taking the RealAge test. I’d always been afraid to take the test, fearing that I’d learn that my body was really 86, rather than my chronologic age of 48. However, on that day, I mustered up the courage, and took the test.

I was surprised to find that the RealAge site is run by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz, of Oprah fame. Remarkably, when I took the test, I turned out to be a few years younger than forty-eight. One the the biggest strikes against me was my continued high BMI, and enormous waist size. At the start of my weight loss sage I weighed 225 lbs and had a 42 inch waist. Though I was down to 195 pounds and still loosing, my waist was still 40 inches, and that scared me. With the resurge products, a diet plan can be prepared for weight loss. The information about the products will be real and accurate for the consumers. The weight loss should be according to the requirements of the person. The rates will be under the budget prepared through the person to get desired results. 

We’ve all heard about the apple versus the pear shaped body. Apple shapes carry their weight around their waists, while pear shapes carry their weight in their hips and thighs. While most women complain bitterly about thunder thighs, they are a whole lot healthier than the women with the fat around the waist.

Abdominal fat is called toxic fat for a reason. This fat encircles all of the major vital organs in the abdomen, encroaching into the chest cavity. This toxic fat puts a person with a large waist at greatly increased risk of heart attach and diabetes, among other awful maladies. I needed to work harder to whittle my waist, so I took the advice of the RealAge doctors, and began their YOU: On A Diet waist loss diet.

The YOU: On A Diet waist loss diet plan promises that if you follow it for two weeks, you will lose two inches from your waist during that time, while learning healthier eating and exercise habits. I looked over the diet plan and it looked very sensible and quite doable. At the same time, walking 30 minutes a day and doing 20 minutes of strength training a few times a week seemed well within reach of what I could reasonably fit into my schedule.

There are a few things that the YOU:On A Diet plan requires; Eat three meals a day, along with two snacks, get support from friends or find a buddy on the website, and learn to read labels. The YOU: On A Diet plan encourages one not to buy anything that contains more than 4 grams of saturated fat or sugar per serving. This I could do, as well. The RealAge site provides a two week YOU: On a Diet waist loss menu plan, with recipes. Dieter’s are told to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch each day, as it’s been found that people with a less varied diet tend to lose more weight. Eat more in the morning, less in the evening and nothing 3 hours before bedtime. Eat lots of fiber, too.

Aside from the saturated fat and sugar no no’s, there are no real food restrictions on the YOU: On A Diet plan. You can eat fish, beans, chicken, fruits and veggies, dairy, even a bit of very dark chocolate, which I loved! The first day , breakfast is hard boiled eggs and turkey and the morning snack is a pear. Lunch is a split pea soup and the afternoon snack is nuts and an apple. Dinner is a vegetable tofu stir fry with a baked cinnamon apple for dessert. The recipes were yummy and I was never hungry.

A workout plan suited to the individual can also be found, along with diagrams and video to help you know how to do the exercises correctly. One might have to purchase a set of hand weights and ankle weights, but there are no gym fees. Unless you also need to buy a good pair of walking shoes for the 30 minute daily walks, the YOU: On A Diet plan cost nothing more than the food that you eat.

I cannot say that I followed the diet plan to the letter. I didn’t eat as often as the YOU:On A Diet plan suggests. I am not a big snacker, so I ate a larger, high fiber lunch, which held me over until dinner. I also tended not to partake in the desserts after dinner. I ate pretty much the same breakfast and lunch every day and I didn’t find it boring, though some might. I also found that the recipes were very good, not bland or tasteless.

I did walk 30 minutes almost every day and still do most days. The weather isn’t quite so inviting outside with winter upon us. As for the YOU:On A Diet 20 minutes of strength training, several times a week, I had to push myself more to keep up with, and still do have to push myself. But, it’s good and on the really cold days we’ve been having lately, I’ve been using a dance workout video to supplement, my exercise, if I don’t feel like facing the cold.

The YOU: On A Diet plan easily became a habit of healthy living that I didn’t find dull or overly confining. I loved that it cost me nothing more than food that I’d be buying anyway and that my family loved the food I made from the menu plan recipes, so that they didn’t have to eat something entirely different. It’ IS sensible and it IS very doable. Since I began the YOU: On A Diet plan in late June, I have lost 9 inches from my waist, putting me within a inch of a healthy waist size. While the YOU: On A Diet doctors recommend that you ditch the scale for the tape measure, I haven’t been able to do that entirely. I am now weighing in at 160 lbs, one tenth of a percentage point away from a BMI number. I plan to lose another 10 to fifteen pound, but I am fitting into size 8 and 10 jeans now. I couldn’t be more happy with the results from the YOU: On A Diet way of living and I will continue it on into 2009. Thank you Dr’s Roizen and Oz!