Pokémon Go: Know everything about Battle Leagues!


Pokémon Go is a competitive game developed by Niantic, and today, the developer team has launched the Go battle League, which is a global competition. A competition in which trainers all around the world can participate and battle with each other to earn rewards. Each league has different CP limits, and therefore, the trainers need to select one league before going into the Battle. The trainers can challenge each other by using a Battle Code by gathering a team of three trainers and seeing who wins Pokémon. You can easily access the trainer battle in the game by going to Map View – Main menu Button – go to Battle Button.  

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Know more about Battle Leagues of Pokémon Go:

In Pokémon Go, there are mainly three types of Battle Leagues: Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. The Great and Ultra Leagues need to be unlocked by the trainers as per the requirements given to Battle in. The trainers are allowed to allocate Pokémon to the Battle League party. Battles are real-time and fast-paced, and the team selected by the Trainer of Pokémon can execute them both moves Charged Attack and Fast Attack. Making use of Charged Attacks in the battles, in addition, has the battle Minigames mechanic.

To save Pokémon from the damage, two protective shields can be deployed, and running out of those shields will make Pokémon defenseless. If the time limit of the Battle is over, then the victor will be concluded on the basis of the trainer who has maximum knock-outs. If both the trainers lose, then tie battles are possible. 

To initiate a Trainer battle, the trainers need to look out other trainers from the nearby tab, but best friends can play with each other from a distance as well. Battling with other trainers will add up a new feature to enhance your friendship, which is quite similar to participate in Raid Battle with friends or swapping gifts. In this competitive league month, the trainers only need to be good friends with other trainers to send them battle invites.

At the end of the Battle, the trainers are awarded prices no matter whether they lose or win. Prizes are awarded three times a day for battling with other trainers, but medals start after that. In the end, the trainers can also propose a rematch to other trainers or send requests to other friends with whom they are not friends.

How does Pokémon Go Battle League work?

The components mentioned below will help you to understand how the Pokemon Go league works:

  • The Battle league takes place over a season and rotates through the existing leagues, which are the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.
  • The trainers that participate get a chance to increase their ranking in Battle League. Each Rank is assigned according to the progress made, and it is counted based on the number of matches placed or win once you gain a rank; the trainer needs to continue until the end of the Season.
  • Moreover, an additional rating is known as ‘battle rating’ that tends to increase as per your win or drop. This battle rating doesn’t exist in the Rank system, but it provides an additional feature to compete and win against other trainers or your friends. 
  • To participate in Battle League, the trainers need to walk 3km for entry, and the progress is displayed on the Battle screen. After walking the players can get entry in the battle league.