BTS and How They Make K Pop Better?

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K-pop sensation BTS has unexpectedly become omnipresent in 2020. It’s not quite correct to say that BTS’s rise from an unknown hip-hop group to a global success has occurred in months or even years. American and European viewers may have been caught off guard by the meteoric ascension of the Korean boy band to global stardom. No other K-pop act has broken into the mainstream in the same way as BTS has: This year’s highest-grossing tour group, Billboard’s Social 50 chart-topper, and several high places on both the Billboard 200 albums and the Hot 100 singles lists are all no surprise to anybody who has followed their career. So who is my BTS bias?

The Right Choices

BTS has progressively risen to their current superstar status since their humble beginnings on a tiny label seven years ago. The Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist of the Year was the first time they were known in the United States. As seen by their many media appearances, record-breaking Billboard runs, and distinctive Line Friends personalities, BTS is here to stay.

As a result, individuals whose BTS’s aura hasn’t enthralled them still don’t know much about them. With the release of BTS’s seventh studio album, Map of the Soul: 7, there’s never been a better time to get into the group. Because of their incredible, genre-spanning career, profound message, and undeniable appeal, BTS is just a matter of time until they become your go-to ride or die.

So, what is BTS all about then?

Formed in 2013, BTS is a seven-member Korean pop group that was once a tiny, unknown business but has since developed into a Korean industry powerhouse. They are known as BTS. Bangtan Sonyeondan, or “Bulletproof Boy Scouts,” was the outcome of CEO Bang Si-goal Hyuk’s desire to develop a club that could withstand the demands of society and serve as a voice for the younger generation. Young people with no objectives of their own are targeted in the group’s first single, “No More Dream,” which is hard-hitting hip-hop music. It also criticizes society’s expectations for Korean youth in terms of academic accomplishment.

Achieving worldwide fame since their debut, BTS has become the world’s most popular male group. The trio received Album of the Year (a daesang, one of the most prestigious honours in K-pop) at the 2016 Melon Music Awards for The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, which was released the following year. Since then, the group has won several awards, including Best Duo/Group at the 2019 British Music Awards. Its members were the youngest recipients of South Korea’s Order of Cultural Merit in 2018.


In 2017, BTS made their American debut, winning the Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist title and then appearing at the American Music Awards. They appeared on Saturday Night Live in front of a raucous crowd of their fans in April of this year. Their Grammy moment came when they sang “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas X during the awards show in Times Square for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve earlier this year.