Why to Delete a Friend from Facebook

Social Media

A social network is created to hopefully maintain our network of friends and peers informed about our lives. It is used to share personal and not so personal information about ourselves, our friends and families. But what happens when someone on that “friends” list is no longer a friend??

I have seen many of us that continue to keep certain people or should I say “friend” on our social network lists that no longer have any business knowing just that “our business.” This is done day to day and when speaking to others about it they seem to have a common ground of not wanting to be the first person to delete that “friend.” It causes an “uncomfortable situation,” is what I hear mostly.

I’m not talking about the people that have 1000 friends on their list, for these people probably do not even know half the people on there. I am talking of those of us that use the social network just to be updated daily of special events, photos or to know the happenings of our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that a break up may occur and now what? Do we keep that person on the friend list to avoid further insult or just press the big X on the corner and get rid of them?

It is important to know that this is very public information that is shared and if there are any concerns of someone finding out something that may not be what you wanted they must be deleted. I know that there are settings that may be applied to block some individuals, but is it fair to keep them on if they are blocked. It is sending a mixed message to the other party. A social network should be used to share information about yourself to those that you want privileged to the information. This should be used in the same context as if you were to run into someone at the supermarket. Do you hope they don’t see you and walk the other way? If that is the case then that person needs to be deleted.

In some cases, some people try to getfans on their social media platforms for different purposes. But mostly, it is for their business, vlogs or personal interests. While this could be very beneficial, it is still important to always consider your privacy.

Depending on the circumstances there is information that another individual can use against you. Whether it is personal, work, or play gossip and defamation can occur and no one is exempt to these rules. The internet is very powerful and if there are things that are not meant for all to see then it would be time to re-evaluate who is on your social network list of friends.

Although a very uncomfortable situation I am sure that the other party will be grateful if you are the one to delete them. It is hard to make the first move, but it may ultimately save you from having someone have information about you that they shouldn’t have access to. And always remember if that so called “friendship” was meant to be it will, and in that case that friend can always be added on again.