Top 3 Strategy To Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)


In every online business, Click Through Rate (CTR) is a very crucial component. It enables you to understand your customers. It enables you to understand what works and what doesn’t when you are trying to outreach customers through ads or campaigns. A low CTR points out that you are not able to interact well with your customer. You are not being able to deliver what your customer wants. 

That is why it becomes important for you to improve your CTR. But how do you improve CTR? To give you tips on how to improve the CTR of your website, this article will give you some handy tips that you can implement on your website. So, let’s start with it. 

Improvise Your Quality Score

Quality score is a scale tracked in Google ads that provides a score on each of the keywords that you use in your account. These scores are available from 0 to 10. In simple words, it is an evaluation score about how competitive, quality, and relevant your advertisement is. Google provides you an assessment of how many users will click on the ad along with the experience they will have if they click on your ads. You can also calculate CTR by using this simple formula, 

Clicks ÷ Impressions = CTR

In case you are not familiar with Quality Score, then it’s the right time for you to know about it. A higher-quality Score result in your website is likely to achieve a higher ranking. 

Using The Best Ad Extension

There are around 10 different types of ad extensions available currently. Typically, you cannot use all of them in every campaign you will run. But, you can use the relevant ad extension on your ads. By using ad extensions you are likely to make your ads more relevant to the users, which Eventually increases the CTR of your business website. 

Here are a few common Ad extensions used by online businesses:

  • Sitelink Ad extension
  • Call extension
  • Promotion extension
  • Price extension 
  • Location extension
  • App extension

By using these extensions on your site, your business is likely to rank higher in every Google search and become more relevant to your Targeted audience. 

Using Smart Bidding Strategies

Gone are the days when you were required to manually bid with enhanced CPC. Nowadays, smart bidding strategies are available through which you will be able to improvise your ad performance. In smart bidding, when your ads appear Google will automate to enter only your ad in the auction, where you are likely to get a click. 

By using smart bidding strategies, you will be able to target a particular audience. Furthermore, by entering a more precise auction, your online business is likely to get a higher CTR. 


To check your current CTR you can calculate CTR by using the formula mentioned above or you can also take the aid of an online CTR calculator. In addition to that, the above-mentioned tips are highly effective and will efficiently help you to improve your CTR, which will eventually increase your website ranking. Use these strategies to get on top of your competitors.