Tips for Using Facebook Safely

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The Internet is an exciting tool with almost limitless possibilities for communication and information exchange, but this openness is also the Internet’s greatest vulnerability. The malicious and unethical have many possible ways to inflict harm, from invasive downloads and monetary scams to outright predation. Networking services like Facebook are at risk for targeted attacks because of the social nature of the service-people are more likely to expose more personal information than is safe. Facebook may have more privacy selections than other services, but there are still safety concerns.
Safety Concerns

The issues that Facebook users may encounter range from mildly annoying to downright scary. Users can be afflicted with unwanted messages or embarrassing, labeled photos. They can also fall victim to phishing, which is the malicious impersonation of individuals or companies to gain information, money, or trick the user into downloading infected files. Businesses also have cause to be wary of Facebook, due to decreased productivity with employees who use it during business hours as well as possible company privacy and fraud concerns. Criminal activity is also possible on Facebook, like identity theft and the real threat of sexual predation. The Internet on the whole has been shown to be a breeding ground for child predation, and Facebook is unfortunately just as vulnerable.

Safety Tips

Facebook may have some vulnerabilities, but if users know the issues and take steps to protect themselves, they will greatly decrease the dangers. The following tips can help Facebook users stay safe and enjoy their networking experiences. Check out the safety measures at the social networking sites. All the issues should be solved with security measures. The experience of the person will be great without any dangers. The activities will be conducted according to the specifications of the person. 

Never share passwords. Even an innocent password exchange can lead to misconduct. The more people who know a password, the greater the chances that it can fall into malicious hands and be used to steal personal information about a user and their contacts. Passwords that are written down are also vulnerable, so keep any documented password in a safe place.    Utilize the privacy settings. Facebook offers a few levels of security in a user’s profile. A user can limit access to their profile in searches and limit what information certain contacts can obtain. It’s important to be choosy when it comes to those friends that have greater access to personal information, though any friend can be removed later.   

Minimize personal information. When including profile information or posting to Facebook, prudent users should use caution with their personal information like addresses or telephone numbers. Posting a photo that can be used to identify a user offline may also be a hazard and needs to be considered carefully.

Report violations. Facebook doesn’t tolerate any illegal or inappropriate conduct by their users, such as pornography, nudity, harassment, or criminal activity. They request that any violations be reported to them immediately either through their site Report link or through their email at

Block disturbing contacts. People who send inappropriate messages or content can be blocked so that they will be unable to directly contact that user.

Keep children informed. Facebook does not allow children under 13 years of age to create a profile and post to Facebook. Parents of children old enough for Facebook should educate them on the hazards of its use and keep open communication with their children while they use the service. If necessary, parents can control the password to their child’s account or get software to monitor their child’s online activity. Consider business networks.

As a social network, Facebook may not be professional enough or secure enough for some companies or individuals who are interested in business connections. For these people, a business networking service like LinkedIn may be a more viable option.
Safe and Fun

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services on the Internet today, with millions of people enjoying its platform for keeping in contact and sharing information. With prudent use, Facebook can be a safe and fun environment for anyone. Keeping in mind a few safety tips can help prevent victimization and can give Facebook users peace of mind as well as a wonderful social experience.