The Top Ten Secrets Of Successful Long Term Weight Loss

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  • To Lose Weight Long Term, You Must Cut Your Fat Intake: People who lose weight and keep it off have learned to avoid or limit high fat foods and ingredients. Eventually, most people become so successful at this that they no longer crave high fat foods and find that the taste or appearance of fat eventually becomes quite unappetizing. You can reduce your fat intake by embracing grilled rather than fried foods, using applesauce in the place of oil or butter in baking, switching from mayo to mustard, using fat free products (milk, cheese, sour cream,), and cutting back on high fat meats – (or at least limiting portion sizes and cutting away the fat you can see before you prepare the meat).
  • To Keep Weight Off, Embrace Smaller Portions: Keeping weight off long term means really understanding what an optimal portion size is. Portion sizes are so super sized today. What most of us consider a typical serving was about two servings 25 years ago. A 20 ounce soda then would have been unheard of. Read labels and make sure you understand how much a serving is. Usually, it is not the whole box, but only one very small portion. You can limit your portion sizes by using small cups, plates and bowls (salad or child’s plates), by not eating out of a container or bag (take a portion size, put it on a small plate, and put the rest out of sight), and measuring your food using a scale or measuring cup.
  • To Successfully Lose Weight You Must Learn To Love A New Drink: Most people who get weight off and keep it off learn to embrace drinking lots of water while cutting out high calorie sodas, energy drinks, or lattes. Drinking a glass of water before a meal not only keeps you hydrated, but it helps you feel full before you even sit down to eat or consume a single calorie. It is much more difficult to lose weight and keep it off if liquid calories and sugar are part of your daily diet. Replacing energy drinks with green tea is a good way to get your caffeine fix in the morning while getting the health and metabolism boosting benefits of green tea.

  • Successful Dieters Eat More Fruits And Vegetables: The high water and fiber content in fruits and vegetables means that these foods give you volume and make you feel satisfied without extra calories. Eating a large salad or piece of fruit before a meal will help you consume less of the higher calorie items at that meal. You can also add fruit to cereal or vegetables to a sandwich to make the food less dense, more healthful, and lower in calories. To get more fruits and vegetables in your diet, learn to prepare them properly. Wash, cut them up and bag fruits and vegetables all at once so they’re easy to grab and eat. Add garlic and spices to jazz up the taste. Make it a practice to eat a large salad or bowl of fruit before every meal. Some more top secrets are revealed to the people to know about the reduction in weight with the help of resurge pills. The taste should not be considered to get the elimination of excessive fat from the body. Some practices can be done related to the diet and eating habits to get the right and effective results.
  • Keeping Weight Off Means Eating Regular Meals: Many studies show that eating breakfast is vital for long term weight loss and that people who eat breakfast tend to make better food choices all day long. There are also studies which indicate that eating small amounts of food several times per day is better than eating just a few large meals. Although it tends to go against what most people think about diets (i.e. – diets mean eating less), most people who successfully lose weight and keep it off know that the right foods eaten regularly is actually beneficial rather than dangerous.
  • Successfully Losing Weight Often Means Rethinking Carbs: Whether a dieter chooses to go low carb or not, most successful diets will at least make the switch from empty, high sugar carbs to fiber-rich, whole grain carbs. An example of this is switching breakfast cereals from a sugary, nutritionally void cereal like Apple Jacks to a more healthy option like grape nuts with fruit or steel cut oatmeal. Another example is swapping brown for white rice.

  • Those Who Keep Weight Off Long Term Know They Can’t Continuously Deprive Themselves: Any weight loss plan which doesn’t allow the foods you love and enjoy will likely fail because you will eventually get tired of depriving yourself. There really should be no such thing as a forbidden food – just forbidden repetitive over indulgences. Some have success with allowing themselves a small bit of a treat – one cookie instead of five, or giving themselves one day per week on which to enjoy a treat. Some dieters have success with the “trade off” method (i.e. “I’ll have a handful of chips for lunch but no dessert at dinner.”). You can also enjoy lower fat versions of your favorite treats like fat free pudding, fruit or crackers with fat free cool whip.
  • Long Term Weight Loss Means Making Smart Snack Choices: Snacks are actually a great way to avoid overeating at meals. You can also get in your fruits, vegetables or whole grains for the day via snack. The key is to chose snacks well. Chose something that you can actually enjoy and look forward to without compromising your eating plan. Some good suggestions are rice cakes, light smoothies, fruit with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, a fat free cheese stick, low fat popcorn, wasa crackers with fat free cream cheese, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs (try them with hot sauce) or sugar free Jell-O.
  • Successful Dieters Know Restaurant Choices Are Important: Eating out is a fact of life. Although it’s smart to avoid fast food restaurants as much as possible, it’s hard to avoid them completely and you’ll need to be able to live a normal life to keep weight off for a lifetime. The key is knowing that there can be acceptable choices no matter where you go. Even fast food restaurants offer salads with grilled chicken and fat free dressings, fruit salads or child sized meals. You can also visit the website of most restaurants before visiting to scope out the menu’s calorie and fat content. Fill up on salad and water before each meal, just like at home. Also, some restaurants offer much better choices than others. Subway and Sweet Tomatoes are very diet friendly for lunch. Einstein bagel offers who grain bagels with low calorie and fat cream cheese as well as a variety of fruit. Either of these are obviously much better choices than an Egg McMuffin or Whopper.
  • Long Term Weight Loss Means Effectively Managing Parties And Holidays: Successfully losing weight and keeping it off means you’ll have to master making good choices at parties and during holidays – where high fat, high calorie choices lurk and call your name. A good strategy is to eat healthfully before you go to the party or holiday gathering so you won’t be as tempted to make bad choices. You can also bring your own healthy dishes to the party – the hosts will appreciate the addition – and you can focus on the social aspect of the gathering rather than the food.