The High Priestess Tarot Card – Get to know about them 

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You pull out a card from the Tarot card deck, as you glance down you see it is a female who is dressed up in robes, she is sitting between to pillars with a scroll in her lap-in the next paragraph we are going to tell you what this scroll says. As you look closely, you see that she has a horned crown, this horned crown represents the balance there is between the two opposites called darkness and light, day and night, positive and negative. The pillars are opposites s well. Many individuals say the pillars are representing the entrance of the Hall of Truth. The Hall of Truth is where ancient Egyptians once believe their souls would go when it comes time to be judged. If you have not guessed it already, the one we are talking about is The High Priestess.

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So what does the scroll say? Many individuals believe the scroll is the Torah which is the Holy Scriptures where God’s will is showed. Then you have others who believe it is the Devine Plan of man or simply the Book of Wisdom. Nearly everyone agrees the scroll The High Priestess is holding holds many different secrets. They state that these secrets should not be revealed until one is ready for them.

The High Priestess can be found standing at the entrance of the mystical and spiritual world that can be found behind the material. The High Priestess is not going to step to the side and allow anyone to enter into the spiritual or mystical world. Keep in mind that The High Priestess will point individuals into the right direction. Many must be able to walk the path on his own and the High Priestess will show him the way, as you see, it is similar to the teaching of Buddha.

The High Priestess card is known to be a card with many secrets and intuition. When The High Priestess card shows up in the spread it is merely a suggestion that it is about time to get involved with the real person that can be found within. In order to find The High Priestess within, the individual should take time to set some time aside everyday for calm and quiet meditation. Meditation is going to help when it comes to dealing with their spiritual self while they are still going about their responsibilities during the day.

When you see The High Priestess card it just might represent a person in life, a woman that is wise, calm and serene; someone who has common sense and a lot of it. The woman is known to bring healing and help when the times in other individuals life is difficult. Other representations of The High Priestess car includes religious and spiritual knowledge, teaching, change, secrets, intuition, intelligence and wisdom.

When you are doing tarot card reading and this card or any other card comes about you should look into the relationships between the two cards. For instance, if The High Priestess comes about with The World alongside it then you should link these two cards together. These two cards together may signify the beginning of an adventure that is new that will involve a lot of traveling or even a birth. When it comes to tarot card reading, you should learn to combine the meanings of the cards together because this will give a fuller reading.