The First One of Its Kind Private Texting Platform


Have you ever wanted to communicate discretely without anyone knowing what the message was? To ensure the messages will not be interpreted in between? Pretend like you are a spy working for a secret organization. There are times when every single one of us has been at that spot. Well, guess what? You don’t have to be a spy to send secret notes or messages to your acquaintances. You can take the help of Privnote. 

What is Private? 

Privnote is a website that enables you to send private or confidential messages to friends, family, or colleagues, which get deleted themselves after the recipient has read them. It is an excellent way to ensure that your data remains safe and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Another plus point is that your inbox doesn’t clog but remains spacious. 

How to use private? 

You might wonder how private enables the secret way of messaging its customers. The work behind it is pretty simple. Using private doesn’t need any particular skill; you will get the hang of it after using it once. Even if you haven’t used the website before, you will know what to do after visiting the website. 

When you visit the website, the first thing (привнот) you will see is a box for writing the message you want to deliver. Write the note you want to in the box and click on the “create note” option in the bottom left corner of the box. After the click, a link for the message is produced that you can copy and share with the intended recipient of the note. 

After you create a note, here is the series of points that will let you know what happens:

  • Write the note and click the post button
  • A noted of 16 characters is generated by the server
  • The content of the note is encrypted with this noteID

Is private?

It will be correct to say that privacy is secure and private. And the website remains firm to provide maximum security to the user. 

What happens when the recipient gets the link? 

After the recipient opens the link for the first (привнот) time, he will see the note clearly on the browser. The recipient must read the message carefully and with complete attention as the note will be destructed when the browser window is closed (or after a pre-selected period). 

In other words, the recipient cannot reaccess the message by reusing the link. It will not display the message. The link can be used only once. It is a ‘catch me if you can’ and ‘read me or lose me’ type of thing. This tool might not be helpful in every situation. For instance, if there is a long text you need to share, the recipient might need to re-read it for clarity. 

With neat and concise content, Privnote is an excellent tool in work. 

You have the control

It might seem a bit unreal, but you have complete control over when the message will be self-destructed. It is your superpower (ha-ha). You can choose the duration of the message for self-destructions from the options mentioned here:

  • After reading the note
  • 1 hour from now
  • 24 hours from now
  • Seven days from now
  • 30 days from now

These options come pretty handily if your note is time-sensitive. 

Encrypt the note

Now, you might think that anyone with the link can click on it and read the message that was intended to be a secret. Well, worry not because this is not a problem at all. You can take the secrecy of your message up by encrypting the private note with a password. Now, the recipient cannot read what the note says until s/he puts the password. 

Get notifications

Have you set your private message to self-destruct after being read? Are you eager for the recipient to get the news as soon as possible and cannot wait whether s/he has read the note or not? If this sounds like you, you can ask the website to send an email after the note is read and self-destroyed. It also gives you peace of mind that the evidence of the note has been successfully destructed. It puts you in kind of a ‘know-it-all’ spot right there. 

Are you sending many private notes? 

Once you start using private, you get the hang of it. How can anyone not love it? People do use it privately for sharing a lot of content. In such a case, you may add a reference name to every note. If you have added the notification tool, you will know what message has been read and self-destructed. 

The safety and security of the messages you send are of the utmost importance in today’s environment. With the increasing number of cybercrimes, you do not want to take any chance regarding sensitive information. Be a private user.