The Biggest Loser Key #3 – Education


Education. This is item three in my previous article, “The Five Secrets of Weight Loss From The Biggest Loser”. The more you know and understand about physical training, proper nutrition, and lifestyle management the more likely you are to be successful in your weight loss efforts.

On this journey, we need to establish a starting point. That is the purpose of the first topic explored in this series, “Commitment to Take Action” The second topic “A Change in Habits” gives us the overall game plan. We have to change what we have been doing in order to change our results.

Now we need to fill in the details. We will do this through education. On The Biggest Loser the contestants have a lot of supervision from highly trained experts. These experts in turn educate the participants in different areas related to their health and wellness so they can continue to improve once they return to their normal lives.

Take a minute to inventory your current level of knowledge and where you will most benefit from additional education. Here are some questions. If you are unsure of the answers, additional education will be a big help!


Do you know your daily caloric intake? How many meals a day do you (and should you) eat? How many snacks? What are the three macronutrients? How many calories does each contain? What is high fructose corn syrup? Do you consume a high amount of artificial sweeteners? What are good sources of lean protein? Should you take vitamins and supplements?


What is resistance training? How much aerobic exercise should you do? Do you need to stretch? What exercises will strengthen specific areas of your body? Should you train every day, every other day? How long should a training session last? What can you do if exercise has been painful in the past? Are you correctly performing each exercise? How much weight should you use during strength training? What training are you doing now?

Lifestyle Management:

Everyone has limitations of some kind. Leading a healthy, fit life involves managing the circumstances of your life. Many factors will influence the details of what you should do. Here are a few:

1) Age

2) Medical Conditions

3) Previous Exercise/Sports participation History

4) Finances

5) Current Knowledge Level About Nutrition or Exercise

6) Access to Exercise Facilities

7) Time Constraints

8) Support of Friends/Family

Coach Dick Hartzell, developer of the Jumpstrech rubber band has a great philosophy on training athletes. “There is always a way”. We will learn how to work around our limitations through education.

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If you have a medical condition you should see your doctor before beginning a program. An injury will slow down your progress. If your doctor clears you for exercise with some restrictions, learn what you can do. Don’t let what you cannot do hold you back. Perhaps you do not have access to an exercise facility. Learn how to properly perform body weight exercises, get a swiss ball and learn how to use it, or purchase a set of adjustable dumbbells for your home. You could hire a personal trainer for a couple sessions to learn how to perform exercises in a safe manner. Start a jogging or walking club with some neighbors. If funds are a problem, check out an exercise DVD or book from your local library and learn from that. There is always a way.

Keep learning. Then apply what you have learned. Next add more to your ever growing base of knowledge. Soon, others will be asking you for help and you will find you have a lot to offer!