The Best 8 Free YouTube To MP3 Converters For 320Kbps Files In 2023


YouTube is the world’s most popular and used video streaming website, with millions of hours of videos available for free viewing. But what if you want to save these videos offline in a more accessible format? That’s where free YouTube to mp3 converters come into play. Tubidy Mp3 Download is one such converter that can help you easily convert any YouTube video into an audio file at no cost whatsoever. We have rounded up some of the best free YouTube to mp3 converters available in 2023, all capable of easily converting your favorite videos into high-quality audio files.

1. YTMP3:

YTMP3 is one of the best free online tools for downloading music from YouTube as MP3 files at high quality with just a few clicks. This web-based app allows you to download any song or video from YouTube in seconds and it supports both 320kbps and 128kbps bitrate formats for better sound quality. It also has an incredibly easy user interface making it ideal even for novice users who don’t feel comfortable downloading software on their PCs or working with command lines.


FLVTO is another excellent choice for searching and downloading music from YouTube as MP3 files without much effort or technical know-how required. The app has a simple drag & drop feature allowing you to quickly add multiple tracks simultaneously and then download them all at once in batch mode, saving time and resources efficiently. Additionally, this service offers support for multiple audio formats such as AAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, etc., giving users plenty of options depending on their needs and preferences.

3. Convert2MP3:

Convert2MP3 is yet another great tool designed specifically for people who want quick access to their favorite songs without having to go through the complex process of downloading them first from YouTube using other tools like YTMP3 or FLVTO mentioned above. With this service, you can paste the URL of any song on its main page and select your preferred output format (Mp3) before beginning the conversion process within minutes! And best of all – there’s no registration needed so anyone can start using it right away!

4 . Airy:

Airy is one of the most comprehensive services out there for converting your favorite songs from YouTube into an mp3 file at full quality (320kbps). This premium software features an array of advanced settings that will give experienced users complete control over how they choose to customize their downloaded tracks according to their particular requirements – whether they want mono or stereo sound, variable bitrate, – Airy can do it all! This program also makes downloading entire playlists a breeze by allowing users to automate the whole process with just a few clicks!

5 .ClipGrab:

ClipGrab is a fast and reliable open-source application that enables users to easily convert any song or video hosted on various websites, including Vimeo & Dailymotion into mp4/mpg/avi/flv/mov formats as well as extract audio-only versions in either mp3/wav formats at up to 512Kbps rate – perfect quality for most types of devices! It also provides basic editing functions such as trimming clips down or changing resolution sizes, which make this tool great for listening pleasure and creating unique content quickly & conveniently too!

6 .VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate :

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate stands out from other youtube downloaders because it is actually an all-in-one media solution packed with amazing features! Not only does it allow users to convert & download music videos from popular sites such as VEVO, but it also allows them to edit them by adding subtitles & effects, cut & join segments, rotating frames, and more – making it suitable even for professional purposes! And last but not least – unlike many other converters out there – this program supports conversions up to 1080P resolution, so the results will always look top-notch!

7. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free stands out from other alternatives thanks mainly to its ability to handle more than 200 different input sources, ranging from standard PC folders & drives containing media content all the way to direct links taken directly from YouTube itself, thus ensuring maximum flexibility when selecting the desired materials before the conversion process begins! As far as supported output types go – this range widely between AVI /WMV /MPG /FLV /MOV /MKV /OGG, amongst many others providing several options depending on specific needs plus added bonus feature of being able to compress large file sizes down to smaller ones while keeping original quality intact throughout the duration!

8. Peggo TV:

Last but not least, Peggo TV should also be mentioned here due to its wide compatibility across a variety of devices including Android, Macs, PCs, and iPhones too! As far as actual functionalities go, these include the ability to record HD recordings at speeds exceeding 1 Mbps plus automatically tagging each track with ID 3 tags so it becomes easier to organize the library accordingly afterward! Furthermore, Peggo TV allows recording up to 720p resolution along with the optional option to adjust format settings manually in case of need!