Strange and Fantastic Theories Regarding Secret Stonehenge


“The World’s Most Famous Stonehenge,” so called by the British, is a monument of ancient Britain. It is located in Wiltshire, near Amesbury, and dates back to between 3000 BC to 2500 BC. This windsor, stonehenge and bath from London tour is one of the most famous archaeological sites of all time. It is also considered as one of the best preserved prehistoric monuments ever found. The monument was built more than 2000 years ago, but no one knows who constructed it or why. Some believe that this structure was used for religious rituals, while others believe it was used as an astronomical observatory. There are many theories about this monument, but none are really proven. 

Stonehenge was originally built with large blocks of stones, which were carved out from local rocks. These stones were then placed into a circle, creating the main structure. The first phase of construction was completed around 2600 BC. After that, they added another circle, which was smaller than the original one. Then, they added some other structures inside the circles, like the bluestones (which are now gone). 

In the 1800s, Sir Charles Newton made a study of this monument. He concluded that there were three phases of construction at Stonehenge. The first phase started in approximately 3000 BC and lasted until 2300 BC. During this period of construction, they used the stones that had been quarried nearby. They also brought them to the site, where they were positioned in the circle. In the middle of the circle, there is a huge rock known as “Arbor Low.” It has an entrance, which is not visible to people today. People believed that this rock was the center of the whole structure. The second phase of construction began in 2300 BC. During this time, they used the stones that they had already put in place. Then they added a new circle, which was much smaller than the first one. The third phase of construction took place in approximately 2200 BC. At this point, they built a series of platforms over the existing structures. 

There are several theories about what exactly happened during the last few years of the construction of Stonehenge. One theory says that these platforms were used for ceremonies held on the Summer Solstice, which would have occurred from June 22nd – July 23rd. According to this theory, the platform was raised up every year, and it would be completely cleared after the ceremony. Another theory says that the platform was used for burials. However, according to this theory, the bodies were buried in the center of the ring, and the platform was built over the bodies. Other theories say that the purpose of the structure was to observe celestial events. Still other theories suggest that Stonehenge was a sort of temple. 

Today, most archaeologists agree that the main purpose of the structure was as a burial ground. There are two main theories about how the bodies were buried. The first one is that they were buried alive. The second one is that they were burned after death. This would mean that the dead would have been wrapped in animal skins and covered with soil. They were buried in a shallow grave, which was then covered with earth. 

However, some archaeologists believe that the bones found were those of children. They believe that the children were sacrificed. Others believe that the bodies were the remains of prisoners. Still others believe that the bodies were the remains of animals that were sacrificed. 

Another theory says that the structure was actually a cemetery. It was probably used for burials, either of members of the royal family or high-ranking officials. Archaeologists believe that the stones were moved here because they were too big to move around easily. They also believe that the circle was surrounded by a ditch, and that there were stone posts along the outside of the ditch. This would have been used for defense. In fact, some archaeologists believe that this was a sort of a fortification, where the soldiers would stay when they weren’t fighting. 

Some archaeologists believe that the structure was a crematorium or a place where the ashes of the dead were deposited. Some believe that the stones were placed here for ceremonial purposes. Some archaeologists believe that the stones were placed here for religious purposes. Yet others believe that the structure was not used for any special purpose. 

One thing is for sure. This monument is definitely something worth seeing. You can visit Stonehenge on your own, or you can take a guided tour. Either way, you will see some amazing sights.