Six Major Types of Cheongsam Fabric Available

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When you go shopping for clothes, what’s your significant concern beforehand buying? First, you always check out the fabric. Similarly, the most important thing to check out is the fabric type

 when it comes to cheongsam dresses. 

Some people are not aware of the different styles available in cheongsam dress at Qipao Store and what makes the difference between particular fabrics. 

For instance, what’s the difference between silk and velvet? It is crucial for you to know which fabric is most comfortable you want to wear and stretchy. 

Every fabric has different attributes regarding texture, style, and durability. Here are the six major types of materials available in cheongsam.

  • Silk

The first and best fabric for cheongsam dresses is silk, which is a luxurious fabric. It is known for its texture, which is smooth and soft. Many pieces of cheongsam are elegant and made with silk. 

The best part of silk dresses is that they are glossy, and they can be dyed easily. There are so many colors available in silk fabric that gives women the pretty choices. The benefit of wearing silk cheongsam dresses is that they are absorbent, smooth, and soft.

  • Brocade

The second fabric is brocade. This mainly goes with the traditional outfit and looks fantastic. It is widespread in Chinese clothing. It has been known that women wearing brocade cheongsam dresses were known in China as a symbol of wealth.

In modern types, these dresses are a trendy style. Strong women wear this with the draping style. Its designs are mainly established as an auspicious symbol that includes gold and silver thread. Lastly, it is a sturdy, colorful and stunning pattern.

  • Lace

The third one is lace. It is a pretty good option for women who want the lace dress for a wedding or any particular option that needs some special outfit. This is the modern pick by women and popularised in Europe for First. 

This fabric is in fashion, and many modern styles in Chinese go with less material that looks delicate. However, it gives women the touch of amazing romance. The noticeable fact of lace fabric is it is soft, airy, and light. It is a little transparent, but women can wear it off for special occasions, especially a good choice for a summer wedding dress.

  • Cotton

The next one is cotton. It might be one of the most famous materials for women because this option can go casually. Those who are cheongsam dress every now and then. It’s a great option for them. The noticeable feature of this fabric is it is affordable and durable. 

Furthermore, cotton fabric is breathable and quite soft to touch. Its property of absorbent is good enough that looks simple and elegant. The casual events will go with these dresses, and this material is ideal for summers.

  • Tulle

Tulle is one of the fabrics that is trance coolant and light in weight. There are so many colors in the tulle that it is a rich experience. The looking of the dress made of tulle is sheer, but the fabric is strong enough to hold the embroideries easily. 

People can go for any particular embroideries, but many women go for flowers. It is usually lively and vivid. These are the unique features of tulle that emphasize the feminine beauty of a woman. Women can wear these dresses in vivid colors.

  • Velvet

The last one is velvet, which is one of the types you can go for the stretchy fabric. This fabric is made from rayon, silk, and cotton. If you want to go with something that gives you a soft and smooth texture, this fabric is good to go for a cheongsam dress. 

The surface of velvet is shiny and fuzzy at the same time, which gives you a feeling of nobility and luxury. The cheongsam dresses are lightweight and one of the warm options that you can wear in winter comfortably. 


This guide for buying cheongsam fabric will give you a better understanding what is the perks and cons of getting a specific fabric of cheongsam dress. Some of the materials in this dress need special maintenance, and a few of them need to be double-checked with the label.