Review of Glow After Dark – Perfume by Jennifer Lopez


I’ve been an enormous fan of Jennifer Lopez’s perfume ever since JLo Glow hit the shelves. I loved it, and when she began coming out with more and more scents I gobbled them up like the breast on a Thanksgiving turkey.

One scent though that managed to slip past me due to an extremely high price tag was her latest perfume in her Glow collection. The scent is called Glow After Dark; and it is designed with both men and women in mind. Yup, yup, Jenny went and released a unisex fragrance.

I was taken back by this at first. JLo’s main perfume audience has been and most likely always will be women. Releasing a fragrance deigned with both men and women in mind made me think that Glow After Dark was going to smell like masculine after shave.

It did give me the vibes of Eclatant because the fragrance was strikingly similar and yet very different in its approach as it was rather strong that stayed on with me for a long time which began my quest for looking up Glow after dark online and trying it out for myself.

The bottle of Glow After Dark is also something more appealing to women, so I don’t know what the hell Jenny from da’ block was thinking. Greed perhaps?

Anyhow, the bottle is shaped just like the rest of the Glow bottles. A large bottom with a long sexy neck, which actually resembles a womens body. Jennifer made that claim, and I have to agree. The Glow bottles are freakin sexy. Glow After Dark is a non-transparent metallic silver color which reminds me of the Silver Surfer, and mercury.

It comes in a really gorgeous black box with silver stars all over it.

When I asked the clerk how much they wanted for the 1.7 ounce bottle, he told me $65.00. I told him to keep it without even taking in a sniff test of the perfume.

I was used to spending a mere $25.00 at Walmart on my Glow perfumes, and that was for the usual 1.7 ounce bottles. There was no way in hell I was coughing up $65.00 for this one. No way.

Time though always does justice on those of us who penny pinch…with time new designer perfumes go down in price, because they become less desirable once something new hits the shelves.

I managed to get a bottle of Glow After Dark at my local Mandee’s for $30.00 on sale. It was $5.00 more than what I’m used to spending on 1.7 ounce bottles of JLo; but I was dying to try it, so I dished out the dough and made my way happily home.

The Scent:

After unwrapping the bottle of Glow After Dark I began imagining what it would smell like. Due to the fact that the box was black, and the bottle silver…for some reason I was imagining licorice and coffee. Don’t ask.

When I sprayed some Glow After Dark on my wrists though I smelt something entirely different.

Glow After Dark reminded me of the original JLo Glow…in some aspects. After the perfume dried on my arm though I smelled something I didn’t like. It was definitely a masculine almost ‘Polo’ fragrance like scent mixed with some floral notes. The masculine scent mixed with the feminine scent created a muddy like smell that I was not digging.

It was truly like smelling old flowers mixed with Polo Blue, and the smell was strong, over powering and nasty. I hated it!

I never hate JLo Glow perfume, but Glow After Dark was truly placed on my hate list. I don’t see any man or woman that would enjoy this one. It’s just to bizarre of a scent to want to wear.


Glow After Dark is a perfume you will want to avoid. It may smell decent when you first apply it, but give it a few seconds to dry and wallah, you have a nasty stank scent left behind. It’s like a fart coming from a powdered bum. Smells powdery fresh at first, then like crap.