Recessing a Wide Medicine Cabinet in Your Bathroom


You might want to make the medicine cabinet in your bathroom look more elegant or you just might want to create more space in your bathroom. Either way, by recessing your medicine cabinet in your bathroom, it will make your bathroom look bigger giving the illusion of more space, and will make your bathroom look more elegant. This job can be done easily and quickly with a few simple steps you can do yourself.

Cutting out the studs

To start, you will need to mark the designated opening on the wall, and then with a stud finder tool, you will locate a stud to the right and to the left of the outline. On the wall that is between these studs, you will mark some horizontal lines that are one and one and a half inches in length above and below the designated opening. Now you will cut away the rectangle of the wall that is bounded by these lines and then the studs. You will use a backsaw to cut through the studs in the cabinet space, and then you will flush it with the edges of the opening. Next you will gently pry the stud segments away from the wall that is behind them. Keep in mind that the nails that hold the wall surface to the studs my indeed pull through, and you may need to repair some of the damage on the other side.

Framing of the openin

Now with two-by-fours, you will need to cut a header and also cut a sill to fit snugly between the studs that are at the left and at the right of the opening. Next you will screw the header and the sill to the cut ends of the studs. Next you will fasten the header and the sill ends with the screws that are angled into the studs at the sides of the medicine cabinet opening. Now go ahead and screw some vertical two-by-fours to the ends of both studs to provide a surface for the patching of the wallboard.

Customizing the proper fit

If by chance the medicine cabinet doesn’t fill the proper framed opening, you will need to cut two two-by-fours to the opening for the medicine cabinet. At the sides of the planned recess, you will need to secure them to the sill and to the header with special angled screws. Now you will cut and fit the wallboard patches to cover the sides of the opening to the inner edges of the medicine cabinet framing. Next position the medicine cabinet inside the framing carefully, using shims at the bottom and at the sides to make it as level as possible and plumb. Next you will drive at least two screws through each of the sides of the medicine cabinet, making sure to drive them through the shims and into the framing.

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With these few simple steps, you now have recessed a beautiful medicine cabinet for your bathroom.