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Using and Maintaining a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine uses two threads to sew a seam. One unwinds from a reel, lies on top of the fabric and is pushed through the fabric by the needle. On the underside, it loops through the second thread, which unwinds from a bobbin in the shuttle and runs under the fabric.

The tension draws the threads taut, so that the loop is centered between the layers of fabric, and the stitches on top and underneath are identical. All the machines can be identical in appearance. The distinguish information in the models are provided at sewing machine buffs website for the benefit of the tailors. The layers of the fabric will be stitched from top to bottom or vice versa as per the requirements. 

Choosing thread, needle and foot

Choose the thread and needle to suit the fabric. Use a cotton or silk thread for natural fibers such as cotton and linen; use silk or synthetic threads with woolens and a synthetic thread for man made fibers. One thickness of polyester thread suits most synthetics.

Cotton thread is made in a range of thicknesses – the higher the number on it, the finer the thread; 60-100 is for lightweight, 30-40 for heavy fabrics such as corduroy and toweling, and 20 for canvas. For upholstery fabric, use a strong thread such as flax, polyester, or heavy-duty cotton, or cotton wrapped polyester.

Use a sharp pointed needle on woven fabrics, a rounded tip on knitted fabrics and a wedge tip for vinyl or leather. Your machine manual will tell you which size to select. Generally, the sizes are : 70 metric for fine fabrics such as silk; 80 for normal use; 100 for heavy fabrics; and 110 for very thick fabrics. Round tips are 70 (lightweight), 80 (medium), and 100 (heavy); wedge tips are 70 (soft leather), 80 (medium) and 100 (very thick). Fit the needle as the manual indicates.

Fit the correct presser foot for the seam you are sewing. The foot fitted as standard is for straight seams – and sometimes zigzag seams. The range of alternative feet varies with the price of the machine; it may include feet for zippers, buttonholes, embroidery, over-sewing, invisible hemming, darning, narrow hems, stretch stitches and twin needles.

Threading and adjusting

Fill the bobbin for the shuttle with thread – most machines now have an automatic winder which disengages the needle while the bobbin is filled. Fit the bobbin in the shuttle with a tail of thread coming off clockwise as you hold the shuttle bobbin side up. Push the shuttle in place and pull the tail of the thread up to the work surface of the machine.

The sequence for threading the machine is generally the same. Take the thread from the reel round the tension control device, through the take-up lever and then down to the needle; there are thread guides to ensure the thread is not pulled off course.

Raise the needle by turning the fly wheel. Make sure you thread the needle in the direction shown in the manual; some machines have a built-in needle threaded. Raise the lower thread.

Plus in an electric machine and place the pedal conveniently. Adjust the controls to produce the stitch you want. A dial controls the stitch length; usually the thinner the fabric the shorter the stitch. The machine manual will have a chart to show the setting for any fabric.

Set the stitch width control; this may be zero for a straight seam, or a swing to right or left for a buttonhole, or an even swing for zigzagging. Higher numbers give wider stitches. Some machines will set length and width automatically when you touch a panel to select the stitch pattern.

Adjust the thread tension control dial as the manual recommends for the fabric, then do a test seam on scrap fabric. If the two threads are engaging on top of the fabric, release the tension by turning the control to a lower number; if they are engaging below the fabric increase the tension.

The dial alters the tension of the top thread; there is a screw on the shuttle to alter the tension of the lower thread but this is rarely necessary.


With the presser foot, take-up lever and needle raised, put the fabric under the foot with the seam edge to the right and the main volume of fabric to the left. Turn the fly wheel to insert the needle tip into the fabric at exactly the right point. Lower the presser foot to grip the fabric. Press the pedal to start the machine.

Most electric machines have a button which you can press to reverse the directions of sewing. This js useful for securing the seam ends. When you are starting a seam, insert the needle a short way in from the beginning of the seam, and sew in reverse to the edge before releasing the button and sewing forwards.

At the end of the seam, sew in reverse for a short way. Raise the foot and needle and pull the work backwards to draw out a length of thread before cutting off both threads. Pull the top thread to the underside, and cut of both threads with the built in blade or with scissors. If your machine does not sew in reverse, pull the top thread the underside and tie the threads together to secure them before cutting them off.

Do not push or pull the fabric through the machine. Simply prevent it from wandering to left or right. Use the edge of the presser foot as your visual guide as you sew.

At a corner, stop with the needle in the fabric but on its way up. Raise the presser foot and swivel round to the required position. Lower the presser foot and start sewing again. To sew a curve, go along slowly, turning the fabric gradually as you sew. If the curve is sharp or the edge begins to buckle, stop with the needle in the fabric, raise the foot, reposition the fabric and then lower the foot and continue sewing; you may need to do this several times round the curve.


After using the machine, clean and oil it with the fine brush and oil dispenser supplied. Have the machine serviced by the dealer regularly.

When the machine is out but not in use, put on its carrying case to keep out dust, and unplug it.

What Are The 5 Essential Tips To Help You Identify Fake CBD Oil?

There are different-different CBD products available in the market and it is important to detect the right one. We all know that it is a magical oil for curing several chronicle diseases. Therefore, when you are going to purchase CBD oil whether from online store or from market, it is important to consider the genuine product. Finding a right CBD oil is important because it will help you to get satisfactory results. It has a lot of benefits on your mental health as well as for your beauty. 

There are several fake CBD oils available in the market so you need to detect the right one so that it will become beneficial for you. Not only this, but in online websites you will also find fake CBD oils in same price. In this article, after scrolling down you will be going to read about some essential tips through which you will be able to detect the difference between a fake CBD oil and in the genuine product. Also, there are several coupons released by American Shaman through which you will get the right CBD product. 

The 5 essential tips to help you identify fake CBD oil:

  • When you are buying a CBD oil then it is important for you to go through the label and check whether the CBD oil is certified or not. It is important for you to go through the ingredients through which it will become clear for you whether to buy the product or not. There are a lot of benefits of CBD oil and it includes some natural and organic ingredients through which it will become beneficial for you to purchase a right and genuine product.
  • If you are going to purchase CBD oil from a particular website then the most important thing for you to consider the feedbacks and reviews because it will help you to acknowledge about the quality of CBD products. Basically, there are a lot of products available in cannabidiol such as oil, powder, tablets, drinks etc. you can consider anyone but it is beneficial if you will go through the comment section. By acknowledging the loyal reviews of the audience, it will become clear to you whether you want to buy that product or not. 
  • Acknowledge about the farmer who have derived this CBD oil because it will help you to know that whether the product is real or fake one. All these things are important because tehri are a lot of side-effects of using a fake or mixed CBD oil and if you will go through the right product then it will benefit you. 
  • Your CBD oil should be verified with a third party so that you can get satisfactory outputs as well as genuine product in your hand. All these things should be kept in your mind for finding the right and realistic product. 
  • Considering the price of the CBD oil is also important so that you can choose the right option for curing all these chronicle diseases. Using a CBD oil has a lot of benefits such as it helps in curing depression as well as anxiety which is beneficial for you. Not only this but several chronicle diseases such as cancer, heart related, neuroprotective can be cure by using and applying CBD oil so choose the right and genuine product for getting all its benefits. 

Last words,

In the above section, I have listed all the 5 essential tips through which it will become beneficial to choose the right CBD oil and neglect the fake CBD oil. If there is no label on the CBD product or on the bottle then try to avoid such products. Make sure that a third party is included in packaging and inspection of CBD oil if not then do not buy that CBD product because it will become adverse for your overall health. If you find that the CBD oil is not certified then there is no need to buy that product. Consider all the information which is listed in the above section so that it will become beneficial for you to get the best and satisfactory results from CBD oil.

Weight Loss: Creating a Reward System for Success

Do you want to lose weight but can’t seem to get started? Perhaps you actually got off to a great start but lost interest somewhere along the way?

Whatever the reason that you seem to be unable to reach your weight loss goal, and whatever diet or other weight loss program you may be using, the key to real success lies in your ability to sustain a high level of motivation. Let’s face it. Losing weight isn’t easy and involves changing habits and varying degrees of stress, uncertainty, and fears of success as well as failure. Losing weight also involves exercising more self-discipline, self-honesty, patience, and courage than you may be comfortable with. All of this will ultimately involve a strong drive, or high level of motivation, to succeed. With high motivation, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome as you journey along your personal weight loss path, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Sustaining motivation throughout weight loss can mean the difference between reaching your goal or losing hope and eventually giving up.

If you are having difficulty losing weight, taking action to increase your motivation is the wisest investment of time you can make. Creating your own personal and unique weight loss reward system is a good place to start. A reward system that really works is one that rewards you for your hard work and efforts as well as your results. It is also one that brings you feelings of pleasure and is filled with continuous opportunities to experience fun, excitement, and passion in your life.

Begin by creating rewards you can give yourself for your efforts, even small ones, that actually lead you to your goal. While losing any number of pounds can be a wonderful accomplishment, you will not keep losing weight simply based on the pounds you’ve lost. Rather, you will continue to lose as a result of the kinds of behaviors and habits you develop along your personal weight loss journey. Spend some time thinking about actions that are difficult for you to take. Examples might include exercising control at those times you’d rather overeat or continuing to go to the gym for your weekly workouts when you are experiencing strong urges to stay home instead.

Identify small, even daily rewards, that you can give yourself in such situations. They can include free time you allow yourself in order to do something you really enjoy but never seem to have the time to do. Examples include reading a good book you bought but haven’t read yet, relaxing to a soothing CD you enjoy, watching a hilarious comedy on your DVD player, working on a hobby you’ve been interested in but haven’t started, or spending time with a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile. They can also include rewards that are not very expensive such as buying a new CD or going to a movie or special local event. Additionally, try to find small rewards that you find exciting or adventurous. These might include exploring a new town or mystery site or entering a special contest or other competition.

In addition, you may also consider taking weight loss supplement like leptoconnect. This will support your diet and system so you can achieve your desired weight. This product is also made from natural ingredients so you can assure that it is very safe to take.

The next part of your reward system should contain rewards for achieving results, including sub-goals as well as the final goal. Divide your desired weight loss goal into smaller ones that you can handle. For example, a goal of sixty pounds can be divided into sub-goals of fifteen pounds. Another option that works for some is to divide the figure even lower: for example, ten, five, or even three pounds. It is entirely up to you. Your rewards options can also include more time and higher costs because you will not be using them as often, or on a daily basis. Sub-goal rewards might include buying yourself a new fashion item in your new, reduced size, enrolling in an on line or college course of interest, going to a concert by your favorite singer or band. When you reach your final goal, you can give yourself a special treat such as a taking a vacation in an exciting new place of interest or purchasing an entire new wardrobe to compliment your new look or new career or job interest.

Remember that the part of your reward system that rewards you based on your hard work and efforts should allow you many continuous opportunities for success. Don’t be stingy or restrictive in creating rewards or finding opportunities to enjoy them often. Also, remember to reward for improvement rather than perfection. For example, if you break your diet plan by indulging in a box of chocolates but you stop after eating two pieces rather than half the box which you often do, give yourself a reward. If you usually “cheat” on your diet plan and then end up binging for two days afterward, but this time, exercise some control and stop binging after the first box of ice cream and cupcakes, give yourself credit and reward yourself. You will find that rewarding yourself for improvements in behavior, however small and imperfect they may seem, will boost your self-confidence and help you ultimately adopt healthier and more constructive habits.

Other opportunities to reward yourself include times you face your fears, use discipline to get something done, or show extra patience or boldness. For example, reward yourself for taking the time to finally clean your apartment, for coming out of your shell to join a club out in the community to meet new friends, or speaking up for yourself in situations you usually don’t stand up for yourself. Reward yourself not only for efforts directly related to eating, exercise, and other health aspects of weight loss, but also for those times you rise above your own self-doubts and self-imposed limitations or flaws. You will discover that by doing this you will not only continue to lose weight but will ultimately develop constructive and effective new habits

In addition to your reward system, you will benefit from gaining more knowledge about nutrition as well as creating a healthier lifestyle in general, that includes getting enough sleep, relaxation, and physical activity. Also, continue to add variety and changes to your reward options. A reward that works extremely well for you one month may not be very motivating several months later.

There are many wonderful benefits to be gained from your reward system. In addition to helping you reach your weight loss goal, you will also find that the extra time you spend on yourself in creating, earning, and enjoying your rewards is time well spent. Too often in today’s busy world, we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time, even for ourselves. The more we do this, the less value we give ourselves since we ignore our needs and interests. The more we reward ourselves, however, the more we affirm and enhance our own self-value and self-confidence. We can take the time to experience pleasurable feelings as well as renew our enthusiasm and “can do” attitudes that can spread to other areas of our lives, making us winners over and over again.

So go ahead. Have some fun creating your personal rewards system and working it. It can truly become a most pleasurable activity you will be able to live with as you continue to become thinner, healthier, and increasingly more successful.

Why to Delete a Friend from Facebook

A social network is created to hopefully maintain our network of friends and peers informed about our lives. It is used to share personal and not so personal information about ourselves, our friends and families. But what happens when someone on that “friends” list is no longer a friend??

I have seen many of us that continue to keep certain people or should I say “friend” on our social network lists that no longer have any business knowing just that “our business.” This is done day to day and when speaking to others about it they seem to have a common ground of not wanting to be the first person to delete that “friend.” It causes an “uncomfortable situation,” is what I hear mostly.

I’m not talking about the people that have 1000 friends on their list, for these people probably do not even know half the people on there. I am talking of those of us that use the social network just to be updated daily of special events, photos or to know the happenings of our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that a break up may occur and now what? Do we keep that person on the friend list to avoid further insult or just press the big X on the corner and get rid of them?

It is important to know that this is very public information that is shared and if there are any concerns of someone finding out something that may not be what you wanted they must be deleted. I know that there are settings that may be applied to block some individuals, but is it fair to keep them on if they are blocked. It is sending a mixed message to the other party. A social network should be used to share information about yourself to those that you want privileged to the information. This should be used in the same context as if you were to run into someone at the supermarket. Do you hope they don’t see you and walk the other way? If that is the case then that person needs to be deleted.

In some cases, some people try to getfans on their social media platforms for different purposes. But mostly, it is for their business, vlogs or personal interests. While this could be very beneficial, it is still important to always consider your privacy.

Depending on the circumstances there is information that another individual can use against you. Whether it is personal, work, or play gossip and defamation can occur and no one is exempt to these rules. The internet is very powerful and if there are things that are not meant for all to see then it would be time to re-evaluate who is on your social network list of friends.

Although a very uncomfortable situation I am sure that the other party will be grateful if you are the one to delete them. It is hard to make the first move, but it may ultimately save you from having someone have information about you that they shouldn’t have access to. And always remember if that so called “friendship” was meant to be it will, and in that case that friend can always be added on again.

Winterizing a Condensing Unit

When the temperature starts to drop, we forget about the condensing units to our central air conditioning systems. We concentrate on our heating systems and do not remember that there is some maintenance involved with these outside units.

Here are the necessary steps, all very simple, but needed to protect our expensive air conditioning systems.

Step 1:

Go to the electric panel in the building and after determining which breaker will shut power off to the condensing unit, turn that breaker off. This will keep the unit from accidentally being turned on during the cold winter months, which could seriously damage the equipment.

Step 2:

Remove all debris from around the condensing unit. Piles of leaves seem to always collect around and behind the condensing units, these should be cleaned away. Any vines that have grown around and up to the units must be removed; they can damage the fins on the copper coils. All sticks and basically all trash and yard waste should be cleaned up. If this material is allowed to stay near the unit over the winter it will allow moisture to build which aids in the corrosion of the unit’s parts.

Step 3:

Anything that is stored behind and next to the condensing unit must be removed. Many people have a disposition to placing and hiding ladders, building material and the like in the same areas as the units. This is not a good idea in any weather, but during winter there is a great chance, as no one is watching them, that something could knock this material into the unit. The copper on the units is very thin and easily damaged, so you should not wait for an accident to happen. Once the copper is punctured it usually cannot be repaired.

Step 4:

Visually inspect the condensing unit. Taking several minutes to inspect the unit can go a long way in maintaining the system. Now that all the debris is cleared away, bend or kneel down and look at the lineset, which is the copper pipes leave the unit and enter the building. See if there is any damage to the insulation, if the lines have any visible kinks, also look to see if the area where the lineset enters the building is sealed. You will want to repair the insulation before the cooling season, but the holes should be sealed to prevent drafts.

Also the electric should be inspected. Take a look at the 220v electric line; there should not be any bare or loose wiring. If there is damage repair it now or note for the springtime. The 24v wiring from the furnace or air handler should be checked. Many times, this is damaged from lawn mowers and weed trimmers.

Step 5:

Cover the unit. Only the top of the condensing unit should be covered. Home centers sell covers that cover the entire unit, top and sides, but this is not what you want. When the top and sides are covered moisture is allowed to stay inside the casing of the condensing unit; with no air flow it will never dry out. This constant state of being wet will corrode the components of the units very quickly.

The top can be covered with a precisely cut piece of plastic, a tarp held down with bungee cords, or a large trash bag that is weighted down. The cover can be as simple as the one shown in the picture, a piece of plastic with a small sheet of plywood to hold it down. It’s not very fancy but functions well.

During these months you will want to keep all debris from getting inside the unit cover. As most condensing units are placed near buildings there is a good chance that ice or large chunks of snow could fall from a roof and damage the copper coils. As I stated before, when this happens the copper is usually not repairable. It is also best not to let the late falling leaves accumulate in the unit; this will only start to clog up the coils which will lower efficiency in the long run.

These simple steps will allow the condensing unit to weather the winter with no damage. In as little as 30 minutes the unit can be cleaned, checked and covered; thus giving us the satisfaction of knowing the condensing unit is properly winterized.

Condensing is an important point to take care of depending on the weather conditions and if you have a good air conditioner, then half the problem is solved where you look up better options like blaux portable ac online to make things better during peak winter.


I am happily married with two great children. I have owned my own plumbing, heating and HVAC company for over 17 years, opening when I was 24. Operating a business hands on for so many years has given me a unique perspective to the trades. My niche is being able to relate customers of all levels, guiding them along the way.

How to Use Less Heat

Heating costs are an anticipated headache going into winter months and a big part of any plan to go green is to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home. You can downsize your lifestyle by opting for smaller housing than you would ideally want, but for most people that is not a practical or immediate option. What you can do is optimize the way your current heating system works by making a few adjustments and you will be on your way to green living.

The first thing you will want to do is buy a programmable thermostat that you can set to only turn the heat on when you need it to be on. Program it to turn off after you go to work and turn on just before you come home. You will be saving hours of heat use and you shouldn’t be running a heater to warm up an empty house anyway.

Now thermostat is not the first thing that comes to mind when you have to have something in your house as most people would prefer a blaux portable ac given the peak summer time as of now but if its programmable at your own will, then it is well worth your money.

The next step is to lower your thermostat to 68 degrees or even lower if you can handle it. Put on an extra layer of clothes and cozy up under a blanket. At night you can lower it even further and put an extra cover on the bed. You might be chilly at first but you will get used to it and the nice thing about cold is you can always put more layers on. There’s only so much you can take off if it gets too hot!

Consider installing some weather stripping along your windows and make sure your doors seal properly when shut. This will prevent cold air from seeping in through a drafty window or door, hindering the heating process. If you have leaky windows you will want to stay away from them in the winter months as much as possible because it will only tempt you to turn up the heat.

If you or your family typically use only a few rooms of the house on a daily basis then the most efficient use of heat will be to warm only those rooms. Close the doors to the rooms that are not typically in use and close the vents inside them as well. This way, heat flowing through the ducts will bypass a closed vent and be directed towards a room with an open vent. To take it one step further, on milder days you can turn off the heat all together and use a space heater in the bedroom, living room, or wherever you spend the most time.

As with everything else in your house, you will want to maintain your heating system. Check the air filter every month and replace as needed. Once a year, before winter, check for problems with insulation and ductwork and make any repairs. While you are at it, pipes need to be checked for leaks every year as well. This kind of maintenance will ensure that your heating system is running as efficiently as possible and that no heat or gas is wasted.

When considering how to go green it is important to think of the maximum do-able impact first. A major organ of your house, such as your heating or air conditioning system, is the best place to start to go green. Share this information with your friends to promote green living in your neighborhood.

Miami’s Best Bowling Alleys

Miami, Florida has four bowling alleys that range from ‘old school’ to trendy and hip.

While Miami is best known for its beaches and weather, it’s a diverse city and bowling has become a game where people of all walks of life participate. Miami is also known for its nightlife and many modern bowling alleys are as much nightclubs as they are places to bowl. Miami offers a variety of places, ranging from family oriented entertainment centers with a bowling alley to places that are basically nightclubs with a bowling alley.

Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, you will find a bowling alley in Miami. The following are the four best in Florida’s largest city.

Bird Bowl

9275 Southwest 40th Street

Miami, Florida


Bird Bowl is a place that is certainly not a trendy or nightclub type of bowling alley. It is large, with 60 lanes, and is unabashedly focused on providing an entertainment experience for the whole family.

They offer leagues year round, and even summer bowling camps for kids. In addition to bowling, Bird Bowl offers sixteen billiards tables, big screen televisions to watch sports and a game room with video arcade games and air hockey tables.

The food is fairly standard bowling alley fare, with pizza, pretzels, chicken fingers and hamburgers.

Lucky Strike Lanes

1691 Michigan Avenue

Miami, Florida


Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami is one of over twenty locations for Lucky Strike across the country. This is a stylish, adult type of place, with decor and design with a bit of an art deco flair.

There is a bar here and great mixed drinks and good beers are a big part of the overall experience. After 9:00PM, in fact, Lucky Strike is a 21 years and older establishment. It is a smaller place than Bird Bowl, with fourteen lanes and two pool tables.

In keeping with the atmosphere that they have created, management at Lucky Strike does enforce a mainly common sense dress code (no tee shirts or baggy clothes, etc.).

This is a very popular place for organized group outings, particularly corporate offsites and bachelor parties. The food is excellent, with inventive twists on standard appetizers and an entree selection that would make this a very good restaurant in its own right.


11401 Northwest Twelve Street

Miami, Florida


Strike is part of the Bowlmor chain, which in many ways pioneered the concept of non-stop nightclub bowling. While hardcore bowlers may blanch, the reality is that they deserve a lot of the credit for introducing bowling to an even wider audience, by providing a nightclub experience. The music is heavy on the base and decibels, and the black lights dark, but neither takes away from the bowling experience as Strike’s management knows what it’s doing.

As you might imagine, this is a very popular destination for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties and it offers three different party packages, called “the King Pin”, the “High Roller” and the “Super Bowl”, and each package has a different price and levels of offerings, including bowling times, food and drinks. The food menu is very large; though it really relies on the basic bowling alley fare, albeit with much better preparation and ingredients than what an ‘old fashioned’ bowling alley is likely to offer.

Strike also offers big screen televisions to show sporting events and it is known as a big place to watch UFC events, as they subscribe and show the fights here for bowlers before, after (or maybe even during) their own games.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes  amp; Dinner Lounge

5701 Sunset Drive, Suite 202

South Miami, Florida


The name of this ultra high end Miami bowling alley really says it all. This is all about luxury and comfort. The dinner lounge here is plush, with very comfortable seating, attentive service and sumptious food. What other bowling alley will you find appetizer selections such as fuji chicken salad, spicy edamame, and crunchy ahi poke dip? Not surprisingly, the main menu follows in kind, with chipotle pork tenderloin, mahi mahi voodoo shrimp and a chicken pinot grigio. To its credit, Splitsville also offer more traditional bowling alley fare with excellent burgers and good pizza.

Oh, and the bowling here is good too. Splitsville has a total of thirteen lanes. Interestingly, and consistent with how much thought is give to the entire place, the lanes are not side by side, but rather organized in several ‘pods’ across the entire facility, which allows for different angles and a more private bowling experience.

If you want to get new bowling ball release information, you can visit websites like about bowling alley where you can gain a good knowledge about bowling balls and the best alleys in your vicinity in whichever city you might be living.

So if you live in Miami, or are visiting for work or pleasure, and feel like rolling a few frames, the city offers four great bowling alleys for you to try.

First Person: Disadvantages to Selling with Fulfillment by Amazon

Having been a Fulfillment by Amazon seller since 2010, I have experienced many reasons why I highly recommend this business model to many other sellers. However, it would not be fair to those looking to get started with FBA if I failed to talk about so of my largest frustrations with the problems associated with selling here as well.

Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee

While this no hassle return policy is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Fulfillment by Amazon program, it does enable hassles for seller when dealing with difficult buyers. This program enables buyers to return any product for any reason within a period of time set by Amazon. If they choose to return the item for any reason (including stating they simply no longer want it) they will be refunded in full for the amount they paid for the item with the original shipping cost. To the seller this means they will take the amount of that sale from your profits when the item is returned. If the item is resalable, it will be restocked and offered for sale again. On a positive note, if the item returned is not in the condition was sold in; Amazon will refund you the seller the sale price and destroy the item.

Low Balling Sellers

The page rank for a given item is based on the lowest total retail price with shipping. Some of the sellers that are either simply trying to rid themselves of a few items or those that have no real concern for moving inventory even if it means taking a loss of the sale of that item. As a result there are many issues where the lowest prices offered for your item are less than you could afford to sell it as an FBA seller. A couple things to remember about this is that FBA sellers get to list their items with the fixed shipping price included and match page rank with lower retail prices and that each seller can create their own storefront with Amazon Webstore that will help generate more sales from your customers at your own prices.

Amazon is a reliable company that has a global reputation of having some of the best products ever whether it is a glass phial or a helium container, which is quite popular these days and you can have some of the best by just going through an In-Depth Helium-10 Review online.

Higher Minimum Prices

Being a Fulfillment by Amazon seller comes with a series of fixed costs per item as well as a commission of the retail price. You also have to pay for the outbound shipping weight cost when the item sells. With these additional costs, the minimum retail price of any given item will be higher than it could be sold for in other platforms. In all, buyers know the value of purchasing an item shipped through FBA and are willing to pay a little more for those items. Being aware of these issues along with learning the best practices of selling on Amazon will lead to a successful business.

Review of Glow After Dark – Perfume by Jennifer Lopez

I’ve been an enormous fan of Jennifer Lopez’s perfume ever since JLo Glow hit the shelves. I loved it, and when she began coming out with more and more scents I gobbled them up like the breast on a Thanksgiving turkey.

One scent though that managed to slip past me due to an extremely high price tag was her latest perfume in her Glow collection. The scent is called Glow After Dark; and it is designed with both men and women in mind. Yup, yup, Jenny went and released a unisex fragrance.

I was taken back by this at first. JLo’s main perfume audience has been and most likely always will be women. Releasing a fragrance deigned with both men and women in mind made me think that Glow After Dark was going to smell like masculine after shave.

It did give me the vibes of Eclatant because the fragrance was strikingly similar and yet very different in its approach as it was rather strong that stayed on with me for a long time which began my quest for looking up Glow after dark online and trying it out for myself.

The bottle of Glow After Dark is also something more appealing to women, so I don’t know what the hell Jenny from da’ block was thinking. Greed perhaps?

Anyhow, the bottle is shaped just like the rest of the Glow bottles. A large bottom with a long sexy neck, which actually resembles a womens body. Jennifer made that claim, and I have to agree. The Glow bottles are freakin sexy. Glow After Dark is a non-transparent metallic silver color which reminds me of the Silver Surfer, and mercury.

It comes in a really gorgeous black box with silver stars all over it.

When I asked the clerk how much they wanted for the 1.7 ounce bottle, he told me $65.00. I told him to keep it without even taking in a sniff test of the perfume.

I was used to spending a mere $25.00 at Walmart on my Glow perfumes, and that was for the usual 1.7 ounce bottles. There was no way in hell I was coughing up $65.00 for this one. No way.

Time though always does justice on those of us who penny pinch…with time new designer perfumes go down in price, because they become less desirable once something new hits the shelves.

I managed to get a bottle of Glow After Dark at my local Mandee’s for $30.00 on sale. It was $5.00 more than what I’m used to spending on 1.7 ounce bottles of JLo; but I was dying to try it, so I dished out the dough and made my way happily home.

The Scent:

After unwrapping the bottle of Glow After Dark I began imagining what it would smell like. Due to the fact that the box was black, and the bottle silver…for some reason I was imagining licorice and coffee. Don’t ask.

When I sprayed some Glow After Dark on my wrists though I smelt something entirely different.

Glow After Dark reminded me of the original JLo Glow…in some aspects. After the perfume dried on my arm though I smelled something I didn’t like. It was definitely a masculine almost ‘Polo’ fragrance like scent mixed with some floral notes. The masculine scent mixed with the feminine scent created a muddy like smell that I was not digging.

It was truly like smelling old flowers mixed with Polo Blue, and the smell was strong, over powering and nasty. I hated it!

I never hate JLo Glow perfume, but Glow After Dark was truly placed on my hate list. I don’t see any man or woman that would enjoy this one. It’s just to bizarre of a scent to want to wear.


Glow After Dark is a perfume you will want to avoid. It may smell decent when you first apply it, but give it a few seconds to dry and wallah, you have a nasty stank scent left behind. It’s like a fart coming from a powdered bum. Smells powdery fresh at first, then like crap.

How to grow and take proper care of the indoor cactus plants? Read to find out the details!

Usually, we all have seen the cactus plants grow in the desert areas where a lot of sand and sunlight will be seen. When it comes to the cactus family, there are thousands of species of it available, and these species are divided into two large groups first one is cacti, which can be grown as the house plant as well. However, both are popular and familiar with the circumstances that occur in indoor surroundings, and they both can survive while inside the house. 

The traditional desert cactus usually covered itself with the spine hair, and it often has the growing paddles, balls, and numerous obelisk as well. Growing a cactus plant is easy as you just need to be quite conscious above the aura for it, and you should be familiar with the question, that is, how do you know if your cactus needs water? When it comes to the indoor cactus or cacti, the users are at a safer side because they don’t need to water at that often. 

This means the indoor cactus requires what ring at least once a week so that the soil will remain soaked up, and the water will run out with the drainage holes of the pots, this is how you will get to know your indoor cactus needs to be watered. If you want to take proper care of your cactus plant, then it will be helpful for you to check out the following elaboration where we have described several factors. These factors can help you know how you will take care of it properly so that it will grow impressively and remain healthier. So let’s do not invest much time and head towards the following description.

Things to consider to take the proper care of your cactus plant:

When it comes to taking care of the indoor cactus, there are certain things you need to take appropriate care of. The caretaker of that respective plant needs to take care of the proper lighting, correct soil, often watering, and the temperature, humidity, and fertilization. These are the primary safety measures that you need to serve your cactus with, the cactus is the plant that requires the least maintenance, and it will not bother you at all during the caring session. As the users just need to water at once awake and Bingo! They are done for the entire week. 

The indoor cactus is more adorable and charming; the best part is the least maintenance features make them even more preferable. Suppose if you are out of town, and you are unable to what are your little cactus, then there is nothing to worry about. The cactus itself notify you whenever it needs water as it will leave water from the pores that will enable you to understand that it is the time to water it again. 

Now you must be thinking about what you need to do with the safety measures and why these measures are considered most important in order to take care of your cactus. We have elaborated on the answers to your questions at the following points, so let’s check them out and unveil the answers. Have a look.

  • Proper lighting:- 

The strong light is mandatory for the healthy dessert cacti, specifically during the winter you need to maintain the strong light on your desert plant. As we have discussed earlier, the cactus plant has thousands of species in it, whereas some species might scrotch during the summer with direct sunlight contact. The best part is the forest cacti requires the bright light, no direct interaction with the sunlight, and you can move them outside during the summers.

  • Right soil:

The pot desert cactus is capable of draining way too fast, and potting soil with regular inorganic agents like perlite can easily boost drainage and aeration. We all know that the cactus is the slow-growing plant that really needs repotting, so it will be mandatory for you to prefer getting the soil that can help it to remain moist. The forest cactus use the regular potting mix that can help them in numerous ways. 

  • Water it when you find needy:

During the spring and summer season, the cactus plants have been seen growing faster than their actual growth rate. So you can water it whenever you feel that the composed begins to dry so that the cactus will remain healthy and keep up the constant growth easily. Whereas during the winter season, their arrest for the specific period and nearly requires the watering. This means the users need to water it often during the summer and spring seasons, whereas in the winter season, they are at a safer side by facing no hassle regarding the traits of watering.

The final verdict

From the details described above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the cacti/cactus requires the least maintenance during the winter season. Moreover, during the summer and spring seasons, you need to be quite conscious of its growth as you need to water it often. As these are the season in which this plant keeps on growing as you might have seen the cactus growing way too faster during summer and spring season. we hope the elaborated information will be helpful for the readers as they might got the details regarding the proper care of the cacti/cactus plant. 

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