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Miami’s Best Bowling Alleys

Miami, Florida has four bowling alleys that range from ‘old school’ to trendy and hip.

While Miami is best known for its beaches and weather, it’s a diverse city and bowling has become a game where people of all walks of life participate. Miami is also known for its nightlife and many modern bowling alleys are as much nightclubs as they are places to bowl. Miami offers a variety of places, ranging from family oriented entertainment centers with a bowling alley to places that are basically nightclubs with a bowling alley.

Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, you will find a bowling alley in Miami. The following are the four best in Florida’s largest city.

Bird Bowl

9275 Southwest 40th Street

Miami, Florida


Bird Bowl is a place that is certainly not a trendy or nightclub type of bowling alley. It is large, with 60 lanes, and is unabashedly focused on providing an entertainment experience for the whole family.

They offer leagues year round, and even summer bowling camps for kids. In addition to bowling, Bird Bowl offers sixteen billiards tables, big screen televisions to watch sports and a game room with video arcade games and air hockey tables.

The food is fairly standard bowling alley fare, with pizza, pretzels, chicken fingers and hamburgers.

Lucky Strike Lanes

1691 Michigan Avenue

Miami, Florida


Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami is one of over twenty locations for Lucky Strike across the country. This is a stylish, adult type of place, with decor and design with a bit of an art deco flair.

There is a bar here and great mixed drinks and good beers are a big part of the overall experience. After 9:00PM, in fact, Lucky Strike is a 21 years and older establishment. It is a smaller place than Bird Bowl, with fourteen lanes and two pool tables.

In keeping with the atmosphere that they have created, management at Lucky Strike does enforce a mainly common sense dress code (no tee shirts or baggy clothes, etc.).

This is a very popular place for organized group outings, particularly corporate offsites and bachelor parties. The food is excellent, with inventive twists on standard appetizers and an entree selection that would make this a very good restaurant in its own right.


11401 Northwest Twelve Street

Miami, Florida


Strike is part of the Bowlmor chain, which in many ways pioneered the concept of non-stop nightclub bowling. While hardcore bowlers may blanch, the reality is that they deserve a lot of the credit for introducing bowling to an even wider audience, by providing a nightclub experience. The music is heavy on the base and decibels, and the black lights dark, but neither takes away from the bowling experience as Strike’s management knows what it’s doing.

As you might imagine, this is a very popular destination for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties and it offers three different party packages, called “the King Pin”, the “High Roller” and the “Super Bowl”, and each package has a different price and levels of offerings, including bowling times, food and drinks. The food menu is very large; though it really relies on the basic bowling alley fare, albeit with much better preparation and ingredients than what an ‘old fashioned’ bowling alley is likely to offer.

Strike also offers big screen televisions to show sporting events and it is known as a big place to watch UFC events, as they subscribe and show the fights here for bowlers before, after (or maybe even during) their own games.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes  amp; Dinner Lounge

5701 Sunset Drive, Suite 202

South Miami, Florida


The name of this ultra high end Miami bowling alley really says it all. This is all about luxury and comfort. The dinner lounge here is plush, with very comfortable seating, attentive service and sumptious food. What other bowling alley will you find appetizer selections such as fuji chicken salad, spicy edamame, and crunchy ahi poke dip? Not surprisingly, the main menu follows in kind, with chipotle pork tenderloin, mahi mahi voodoo shrimp and a chicken pinot grigio. To its credit, Splitsville also offer more traditional bowling alley fare with excellent burgers and good pizza.

Oh, and the bowling here is good too. Splitsville has a total of thirteen lanes. Interestingly, and consistent with how much thought is give to the entire place, the lanes are not side by side, but rather organized in several ‘pods’ across the entire facility, which allows for different angles and a more private bowling experience.

If you want to get new bowling ball release information, you can visit websites like about bowling alley where you can gain a good knowledge about bowling balls and the best alleys in your vicinity in whichever city you might be living.

So if you live in Miami, or are visiting for work or pleasure, and feel like rolling a few frames, the city offers four great bowling alleys for you to try.

First Person: Disadvantages to Selling with Fulfillment by Amazon

Having been a Fulfillment by Amazon seller since 2010, I have experienced many reasons why I highly recommend this business model to many other sellers. However, it would not be fair to those looking to get started with FBA if I failed to talk about so of my largest frustrations with the problems associated with selling here as well.

Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee

While this no hassle return policy is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Fulfillment by Amazon program, it does enable hassles for seller when dealing with difficult buyers. This program enables buyers to return any product for any reason within a period of time set by Amazon. If they choose to return the item for any reason (including stating they simply no longer want it) they will be refunded in full for the amount they paid for the item with the original shipping cost. To the seller this means they will take the amount of that sale from your profits when the item is returned. If the item is resalable, it will be restocked and offered for sale again. On a positive note, if the item returned is not in the condition was sold in; Amazon will refund you the seller the sale price and destroy the item.

Low Balling Sellers

The page rank for a given item is based on the lowest total retail price with shipping. Some of the sellers that are either simply trying to rid themselves of a few items or those that have no real concern for moving inventory even if it means taking a loss of the sale of that item. As a result there are many issues where the lowest prices offered for your item are less than you could afford to sell it as an FBA seller. A couple things to remember about this is that FBA sellers get to list their items with the fixed shipping price included and match page rank with lower retail prices and that each seller can create their own storefront with Amazon Webstore that will help generate more sales from your customers at your own prices.

Amazon is a reliable company that has a global reputation of having some of the best products ever whether it is a glass phial or a helium container, which is quite popular these days and you can have some of the best by just going through an In-Depth Helium-10 Review online.

Higher Minimum Prices

Being a Fulfillment by Amazon seller comes with a series of fixed costs per item as well as a commission of the retail price. You also have to pay for the outbound shipping weight cost when the item sells. With these additional costs, the minimum retail price of any given item will be higher than it could be sold for in other platforms. In all, buyers know the value of purchasing an item shipped through FBA and are willing to pay a little more for those items. Being aware of these issues along with learning the best practices of selling on Amazon will lead to a successful business.

Review of Glow After Dark – Perfume by Jennifer Lopez

I’ve been an enormous fan of Jennifer Lopez’s perfume ever since JLo Glow hit the shelves. I loved it, and when she began coming out with more and more scents I gobbled them up like the breast on a Thanksgiving turkey.

One scent though that managed to slip past me due to an extremely high price tag was her latest perfume in her Glow collection. The scent is called Glow After Dark; and it is designed with both men and women in mind. Yup, yup, Jenny went and released a unisex fragrance.

I was taken back by this at first. JLo’s main perfume audience has been and most likely always will be women. Releasing a fragrance deigned with both men and women in mind made me think that Glow After Dark was going to smell like masculine after shave.

It did give me the vibes of Eclatant because the fragrance was strikingly similar and yet very different in its approach as it was rather strong that stayed on with me for a long time which began my quest for looking up Glow after dark online and trying it out for myself.

The bottle of Glow After Dark is also something more appealing to women, so I don’t know what the hell Jenny from da’ block was thinking. Greed perhaps?

Anyhow, the bottle is shaped just like the rest of the Glow bottles. A large bottom with a long sexy neck, which actually resembles a womens body. Jennifer made that claim, and I have to agree. The Glow bottles are freakin sexy. Glow After Dark is a non-transparent metallic silver color which reminds me of the Silver Surfer, and mercury.

It comes in a really gorgeous black box with silver stars all over it.

When I asked the clerk how much they wanted for the 1.7 ounce bottle, he told me $65.00. I told him to keep it without even taking in a sniff test of the perfume.

I was used to spending a mere $25.00 at Walmart on my Glow perfumes, and that was for the usual 1.7 ounce bottles. There was no way in hell I was coughing up $65.00 for this one. No way.

Time though always does justice on those of us who penny pinch…with time new designer perfumes go down in price, because they become less desirable once something new hits the shelves.

I managed to get a bottle of Glow After Dark at my local Mandee’s for $30.00 on sale. It was $5.00 more than what I’m used to spending on 1.7 ounce bottles of JLo; but I was dying to try it, so I dished out the dough and made my way happily home.

The Scent:

After unwrapping the bottle of Glow After Dark I began imagining what it would smell like. Due to the fact that the box was black, and the bottle silver…for some reason I was imagining licorice and coffee. Don’t ask.

When I sprayed some Glow After Dark on my wrists though I smelt something entirely different.

Glow After Dark reminded me of the original JLo Glow…in some aspects. After the perfume dried on my arm though I smelled something I didn’t like. It was definitely a masculine almost ‘Polo’ fragrance like scent mixed with some floral notes. The masculine scent mixed with the feminine scent created a muddy like smell that I was not digging.

It was truly like smelling old flowers mixed with Polo Blue, and the smell was strong, over powering and nasty. I hated it!

I never hate JLo Glow perfume, but Glow After Dark was truly placed on my hate list. I don’t see any man or woman that would enjoy this one. It’s just to bizarre of a scent to want to wear.


Glow After Dark is a perfume you will want to avoid. It may smell decent when you first apply it, but give it a few seconds to dry and wallah, you have a nasty stank scent left behind. It’s like a fart coming from a powdered bum. Smells powdery fresh at first, then like crap.

How to grow and take proper care of the indoor cactus plants? Read to find out the details!

Usually, we all have seen the cactus plants grow in the desert areas where a lot of sand and sunlight will be seen. When it comes to the cactus family, there are thousands of species of it available, and these species are divided into two large groups first one is cacti, which can be grown as the house plant as well. However, both are popular and familiar with the circumstances that occur in indoor surroundings, and they both can survive while inside the house. 

The traditional desert cactus usually covered itself with the spine hair, and it often has the growing paddles, balls, and numerous obelisk as well. Growing a cactus plant is easy as you just need to be quite conscious above the aura for it, and you should be familiar with the question, that is, how do you know if your cactus needs water? When it comes to the indoor cactus or cacti, the users are at a safer side because they don’t need to water at that often. 

This means the indoor cactus requires what ring at least once a week so that the soil will remain soaked up, and the water will run out with the drainage holes of the pots, this is how you will get to know your indoor cactus needs to be watered. If you want to take proper care of your cactus plant, then it will be helpful for you to check out the following elaboration where we have described several factors. These factors can help you know how you will take care of it properly so that it will grow impressively and remain healthier. So let’s do not invest much time and head towards the following description.

Things to consider to take the proper care of your cactus plant:

When it comes to taking care of the indoor cactus, there are certain things you need to take appropriate care of. The caretaker of that respective plant needs to take care of the proper lighting, correct soil, often watering, and the temperature, humidity, and fertilization. These are the primary safety measures that you need to serve your cactus with, the cactus is the plant that requires the least maintenance, and it will not bother you at all during the caring session. As the users just need to water at once awake and Bingo! They are done for the entire week. 

The indoor cactus is more adorable and charming; the best part is the least maintenance features make them even more preferable. Suppose if you are out of town, and you are unable to what are your little cactus, then there is nothing to worry about. The cactus itself notify you whenever it needs water as it will leave water from the pores that will enable you to understand that it is the time to water it again. 

Now you must be thinking about what you need to do with the safety measures and why these measures are considered most important in order to take care of your cactus. We have elaborated on the answers to your questions at the following points, so let’s check them out and unveil the answers. Have a look.

  • Proper lighting:- 

The strong light is mandatory for the healthy dessert cacti, specifically during the winter you need to maintain the strong light on your desert plant. As we have discussed earlier, the cactus plant has thousands of species in it, whereas some species might scrotch during the summer with direct sunlight contact. The best part is the forest cacti requires the bright light, no direct interaction with the sunlight, and you can move them outside during the summers.

  • Right soil:

The pot desert cactus is capable of draining way too fast, and potting soil with regular inorganic agents like perlite can easily boost drainage and aeration. We all know that the cactus is the slow-growing plant that really needs repotting, so it will be mandatory for you to prefer getting the soil that can help it to remain moist. The forest cactus use the regular potting mix that can help them in numerous ways. 

  • Water it when you find needy:

During the spring and summer season, the cactus plants have been seen growing faster than their actual growth rate. So you can water it whenever you feel that the composed begins to dry so that the cactus will remain healthy and keep up the constant growth easily. Whereas during the winter season, their arrest for the specific period and nearly requires the watering. This means the users need to water it often during the summer and spring seasons, whereas in the winter season, they are at a safer side by facing no hassle regarding the traits of watering.

The final verdict

From the details described above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the cacti/cactus requires the least maintenance during the winter season. Moreover, during the summer and spring seasons, you need to be quite conscious of its growth as you need to water it often. As these are the season in which this plant keeps on growing as you might have seen the cactus growing way too faster during summer and spring season. we hope the elaborated information will be helpful for the readers as they might got the details regarding the proper care of the cacti/cactus plant. 

Clash Royale Thunder Struck- Game of a Lifetime

There are three phases in an individual’s life- childhood, youth and old age where the latter ends only with death whereas the former is considered the best of the 3 phases while the middle one is a fluctuating pendulum.

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the impact that certain incidents have on our entire life that took place in our childhood and it is not that tragedy and chaos will overpower the happy memories all the time although their weight is immense.

Apart from the regular doses of fun, entertainment, joy and sorrow, childhood is also remembered for some of the best video games that one has played and none can understand it better than the 80s and 90s generation that are grown up individuals today.

The Beginning

There is nothing like a nice game of cards to keep your spirits high up which was a favorite pastime once upon a time but now things have changed as everything has gone digital with the advent of the digital media revolution.

This has led to the rise of games like Clash Royale that has found their way into mobile phones of one and all where people, especially the youth, can enjoy them at leisure without the need to wait for a turn or at the mercy of television that was subjected to power failure that spoiled the thrill most of the time.

It is a product of the leading company Supercell that has some of the video games to avail on the planet but what makes Clash Royale stand out is that it has become a leading figure in the streaming world with a large fan following within a short time, a feat that very few of its peers could match up until now.

Clash Royale was launched in 2016 with high hopes as Supercell wanted to go the whole hog and take over the video gaming market in one go and he succeeded to a certain extent when it dethroned many popular games from the top slot and claimed it completely.

Explaining Tips

Clash Royale isn’t like your regular card games like Freecell, Solitaire, Hearts, etc. although it is a game that sharpens your memory skills and helps you to develop focus and concentration for the task at hand.

This one is called Royale for a reason as it involves troops for helping forward with the mission where you have to accumulate gold and other valuable items from the chest that also contain the cards that you need to collect and there are a number of them like Giant Chest, Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest.

These 3 are the key milestones that you need to crack at each level where they contain numerous gems apart from the ones mentioned above and your job is to simply collect them to claim the official crown.

You have to follow a specific pattern that has been explained on with intricate details with some of the most important players to choose that have the capacity of turning the tables at crucial junctures that you would know once you play the game.

How to Set Your WordPress Blog to Do Follow

As you may know all WordPress blogs have the no follow attribute built in. This was done as an anti-spam measure quite some time ago, however it has completely and utterly failed. There are quite a few benefits to setting your WordPress blog to do follow. If you are thinking about doing so then this article is the right place to be.

First of all lets cover some of the benefits of setting your WordPress blog to do follow. For starters do follow links on WordPress blogs are a great way to encourage people to post comments. This leads to more people returning. If they know that sticking a link in their comment will lead to better SEO benefits for their website then they are more likely to take the time to post a comment. Having more comments on your blog posts makes it seem like your blog is more popular, and this helps to bring other visitors into the conversation which makes them more likely to return. SEO services in Singapore helps many websites that compile lists of do follow blogs for webmasters. This is a great way to get free backlinks and exposure to your WordPress blog.

Now on to the how to of setting your WordPress blog to do follow. The simplest way is to use a plug-in. There are a ton of them out there and they are free. It is a good idea to think about if you need any fancy options or not, as some do follow plug-ins include these. Some of the many available options include making comments only do follow for a limited amount of time or only making links do follow on recent posts, so that your old posts don’t get spammed by backlink building webmasters. Once you have selected the best one for you simply download it and then upload it to the plugins folder on your server. Log in to your WordPress blog and select the plugins tab. From here you can activate it. If you selected one with additional options it will now have its own options for you to specify. Depending on the plug-in you used this can be done either from the options tab, then selecting your specific plug-in, or the plug-in may create its very own tab.

In addition you can manually remove the no follow attribute to create a do follow WordPress blog. This is a bit more intensive and should only be attempted by advanced users. This article will not cover it as it is usually very unnecessary. If you are interested a simple search on Google can find a detailed tutorial.

Hopefully now you have learned how to easily make your WordPress blog do follow, and the benefits that go along with doing so.

Tips for Using Facebook Safely

The Internet is an exciting tool with almost limitless possibilities for communication and information exchange, but this openness is also the Internet’s greatest vulnerability. The malicious and unethical have many possible ways to inflict harm, from invasive downloads and monetary scams to outright predation. Networking services like Facebook are at risk for targeted attacks because of the social nature of the service-people are more likely to expose more personal information than is safe. Facebook may have more privacy selections than other services, but there are still safety concerns.
Safety Concerns

The issues that Facebook users may encounter range from mildly annoying to downright scary. Users can be afflicted with unwanted messages or embarrassing, labeled photos. They can also fall victim to phishing, which is the malicious impersonation of individuals or companies to gain information, money, or trick the user into downloading infected files. Businesses also have cause to be wary of Facebook, due to decreased productivity with employees who use it during business hours as well as possible company privacy and fraud concerns. Criminal activity is also possible on Facebook, like identity theft and the real threat of sexual predation. The Internet on the whole has been shown to be a breeding ground for child predation, and Facebook is unfortunately just as vulnerable.

Safety Tips

Facebook may have some vulnerabilities, but if users know the issues and take steps to protect themselves, they will greatly decrease the dangers. The following tips can help Facebook users stay safe and enjoy their networking experiences. Check out the safety measures at the social networking sites. All the issues should be solved with security measures. The experience of the person will be great without any dangers. The activities will be conducted according to the specifications of the person. 

Never share passwords. Even an innocent password exchange can lead to misconduct. The more people who know a password, the greater the chances that it can fall into malicious hands and be used to steal personal information about a user and their contacts. Passwords that are written down are also vulnerable, so keep any documented password in a safe place.    Utilize the privacy settings. Facebook offers a few levels of security in a user’s profile. A user can limit access to their profile in searches and limit what information certain contacts can obtain. It’s important to be choosy when it comes to those friends that have greater access to personal information, though any friend can be removed later.   

Minimize personal information. When including profile information or posting to Facebook, prudent users should use caution with their personal information like addresses or telephone numbers. Posting a photo that can be used to identify a user offline may also be a hazard and needs to be considered carefully.

Report violations. Facebook doesn’t tolerate any illegal or inappropriate conduct by their users, such as pornography, nudity, harassment, or criminal activity. They request that any violations be reported to them immediately either through their site Report link or through their email at

Block disturbing contacts. People who send inappropriate messages or content can be blocked so that they will be unable to directly contact that user.

Keep children informed. Facebook does not allow children under 13 years of age to create a profile and post to Facebook. Parents of children old enough for Facebook should educate them on the hazards of its use and keep open communication with their children while they use the service. If necessary, parents can control the password to their child’s account or get software to monitor their child’s online activity. Consider business networks.

As a social network, Facebook may not be professional enough or secure enough for some companies or individuals who are interested in business connections. For these people, a business networking service like LinkedIn may be a more viable option.
Safe and Fun

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services on the Internet today, with millions of people enjoying its platform for keeping in contact and sharing information. With prudent use, Facebook can be a safe and fun environment for anyone. Keeping in mind a few safety tips can help prevent victimization and can give Facebook users peace of mind as well as a wonderful social experience.

Adventures in Cooking

Anyone that knows me knows that I live to cook and bake. While I’m not creative when it comes to cake decorating, I’m much better at the whole “making it taste good” sort of thing. I have a weird family type situation that I cook for. I live with Ross, who is my boyfriend, and his 9 year old daughter, Allison. I have a 14 year old son that is actually the biological son of my ex-husband (that is a long, long story – but the short version is he’s my son and anyone that says otherwise is wrong), Andreu. And then there’s my ex-husband, who’s a great guy and we get along really well, Chris. I cook about 5-6 days a week, either at home or at Chris’ house once a week while I visit Andreu. My challenge: Finding things that my family will eat. Their tastes are sort of plain – salt  amp; pepper, a little garlic powder, and they will use some Italian Seasoning once in a while. They like hamburger, chicken, hotdogs, some Polish Sausage and a little bit of Fish. So you can see how limited that I am in trying new things.

Lately, has been my best tool to use. I’ve been able to find a few recipes that have turned out pretty well. And some have not gone over well at all. Below are the Culinary Adventures for the past week to bring you all up to speed.

Monday night:

This was my own concoction and Allison (the nine year old) named it “Kelly’s Surprise” probably because you’ll never know exactly what’s in it. Ross can’t eat “boxed” dinners like Hamburger Helper, so I make a homemade version that is the base for this meal. Monday night I realized that I had plenty of Cheese, but not enough Pasta to make the meal. I usually use elbow Macaroni, but since I was running so low, I added some spaghetti noodles. I also added some frozen peas to make it a little bit healthier. The night before we had grilled out and I had 4 leftover hotdogs, so I sliced them up and dropped them in there as well. Ross and Allison liked it, but I think next time I’ll go back to hamburger and make sure I have enough elbow pasta.

Tuesday night:

Cheeseburger Pizza! ( I found this recipe on the Pillsbury website and it turned out wonderfully. I did substitute Tomato Sauce for the Ketchup, but it was a big hit! Andreu even at it for late night snack when he was over at my house later in the week. This will definitely be a use again recipe. I will try this as a party food for the next get together that we have. I think it’s be great cut into little squares.

Wednesday night:

Tonight was a pretty common night in our house. I made Cubed Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. Nothing fancy, except I baked the steak, which still made it a little tough for my tastes. I have yet to figure out how to make cubed steak tender. I’ve beat it to death and I’ve put tenderizer on it. Ross loves cubed steak, so I just keep working on it. I also realized that non stick pans are one of the best utensils to use for you to come up with a tender steak. Investing in this kind of pan is really advisable.

Thursday night:

This was our eat out night. If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you are looking for a good place to eat, try Dick’s Wings on Old St. Augustine Road. They have wings, burgers, and the best New York Style Pizza in town!

Friday night:

This was a recipe that I’d been wanting to try for a couple of weeks. Chicken Nachos ( – This turned out great! Served with some Pace Salsa and Sour Cream and was quickly eaten up. I’ll be making this again for a party, I’m sure. Not quite enough for just a meal. Good thing it was Friday night and there was other stuff to be eaten. This meal turned into a “Junk Food Night”.

Saturday night:

I found this while looking for something quick and easy using some things that we already had on hand – Easy Crunchy Hot Dogs ( We had hot dogs in the freezer, and instead of corn flakes, I used Tortilla Chips (since we had this on hand). It was eaten, but when I asked Ross what he thought, he said it was interesting. Which is code for “Let’s not have this again”. Which is okay with me, at least he tried something new.

Sunday night:

This was another recipe I found while trying to use things we already had on hand. Porcupines ( . This was like meatballs, so I made them with Spaghetti Noodles and a really thick Tomato Sauce. They were okay, but I think I’ll be looking for a different recipe for making meatballs. I think Bobby Flay has a recipe for great meatballs…hmm…

My cooking is not only limited to dinners. I love to bake and there are tons of breads, muffins, and cakes that I am going to be trying in the next few months. Luckily my coworkers are all game when I bring in new things to try. I also want to try new breakfast items. I love making breakfast on the weekends, especially brunch on Sundays. And I’m amassing quite a collection of recipes to try.

My goal is to post weekly about the new things I’m learning to make and how well they are received in my household. Hopefully this will inspire othre people to start cooking different things. I’d love to hear what you try and how it came out. Feel free to email me –

Nutrition Labels: Food Allergy Protection or Alternative Mumbo Jumbo

One of the first rules of thumb I learned as the mother of a child with food allergies was to read the nutrition label of every food before bringing it into the home. Nutrition labels are required to warn consumers if the food contains one of the top eight food allergens, but this tried and trusted method of keeping children safe may soon be considered another false hope or alternative medicine. An upswing in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls for undeclared food allergens has parents thinking twice about the perceived safety the nutrition label provides.

Are Food Labels Just More Alternative Hype?

Alternative medicine is any medical treatment not currently proven with clinical study. Up to 38% of Americans use alternative medicine, complementary medicine or a combination of both to self treat or control medical conditions. Food labels are supposed to provide accurate information about ingredients used in foods, which is why parents of children with food allergies are educated on the importance of reading food labels, however, not all companies provide accurate nutrition labels. If a food is found to contain an undeclared food allergen it is recalled by the FDA, but the damage may have already been done. With the purchase of the best probiotic products, a protection will be provided to the health of the person. There will be reduction in the allergies related to the consumption of the body. The charges of the products will be less and label should be provided at the packet. The medical treatment will be advantageous for the person for long period. 

FDA Food Allergen Labeling Guidelines

According to the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, food companies must warn consumers if a food contains one of the eight most common food allergens; soybeans, wheat, milk, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, fish or shellfish. The food allergen must be listed with the common name, but the FDA does not require companies to reveal food allergens if they are included as part of flavorings, spices or coloring. This means despite the law, foods can contain food allergens in quantities that may cause a life-threatening reaction in some consumers without noting the allergen on the label.

Undeclared Food Allergens and FDA Recalls

Despite the push from the FDA to read food labels to protect again food allergy reactions, food companies continue to produce, mislabel and sell foods containing one or more of the eight common food allergens. The food recalls are often sparked by consumer complaints, like the recall of Tyson Premium Chunk Chicken for undeclared wheat, but others are found during routine inspections and testing performed by the FDA.

Can Parents Continue to Trust the First Line of Defense Against Food Allergens?

Children and adults with food allergies have to eat to live, but finding healthy, safe foods can be extremely hard when food companies incorrectly label products that contain food allergens. Some parents choose to stick with a whole food diet, but even whole foods like meat are being recalled in record quantities due to undeclared food allergens. The safety of children and adults with food allergies depends on accurate food labeling. If the FDA cannot bring food companies inline, reading nutrition labels may soon be considered just another alternative medicine providing a flimsy safety net at best.

Simply Orange No Pulp Orange Juice Vs. Tropicana Premium No Pulp Orange Juice

Orange Juice is the lifeblood of my family. We drink it as much as we drink water. The kids even drink it in juice boxes. Once we got on a healthier eating kick, we wanted to make sure we had the best orange juice you can keep in the house because, frankly, some of the orange juice out there really isn’t that good for you or really doesn’t have that much orange juice, to begin with.

That being said, we’ve switched from the cheap-tasting stuff to better brands that contain no pulp. I’m not a fan of pulp. I don’t trust it unless I squeezed my own juice. They might as well be bug parts if I buy pulped juice. This week, we tried out the Simply Orange and the Tropicana Pure Premium brands of orange juice. I’ll compare the price, taste, calories in orange juice, and nutrition for each one and show you the family’s selection of the best juice.

A little background info on the brands. I had never heard of Simply Orange until last year. According to the website, Simply Orange has only been around since 2001. I don’t know how long they’ve been around because I was just accustomed to buying whichever brand didn’t look cheap but didn’t cost too much. They’re based out of Apopka, Florida, and they claim not to freeze or concentrate the oranges they use to make the juice. Simply Orange also makes Simply Lemonade and their juices come in many brands like “with pulp” or “with calcium”.

Tropicana, on the other hand, has been here for what seems like a century or two but really since 1947. They make a multitude of products; too many to list. We used to buy their pulp-free juices that came in the boxes and we were satisfied with their products.


Where we shop, Simply Orange is going to cost you around dollar more for the same amount of juice as Tropicana Premium. We pay $3.19 for 1.75 liters, whereas the Tropicana Premium costs $2.04. They look like the same bottle, too, with the clear design and hourglass figure (what could they be hinting at?).


Nutrition is the same, ingredient for ingredient, in both juices. However, the Simply Orange has 120% Vitamin C compared to 110% in the Tropicana Premium. They both claim “not from concentrate” on the front, but Simply Orange also says “100% Pure Squeezed Orange Juice”. You won’t find that on Tropicana Premium. Tropicana Premium’s label describes it as “pure and natural.”


This is where Simply Orange spent that extra dollar. There is a noticeable difference in taste. Simply Orange really does taste like someone went through the trouble of squeezing the juice and straining out the pulp just for me and left some pure goodness. It doesn’t have that bitter, citric acid taste that can come if you don’t sweeten your own fresh juice. It is just smooth to the tongue. That is a tasty beverage!

The Tropicana one isn’t bad, either. I think I would like it more had I not tried Simply Orange right after it. It’s kinda like thinking your DSL connection is pretty fast until you get some serious, high-speed cable action. You just don’t want to go back even if it costs more.

All in all, we’re going to spend the extra buck for the Simply Orange. It just tastes like some high quality work and care went into each orange. If we’re just really short on cash and I need to save a buck, the Tropicana won’t be a bad choice. But Simply Orange is just simply better.


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