Father’s Day- Special Occasion for all Dads in the World

There are some special occasions of celebration that come up every other day out of the 365/366 days available in a year where the entire family come together to showcase its importance in their lives and how it has helped in shaping their being into something worth living. United States celebrate their independence day every […]

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Treasure Trooper: Make Money Online with Surveys

The secret is out, and this secret will help you and anyone else put an extra fifty to one hundred dollars in your pocket a month. All you need is two email addresses, a name, and an address. It’s as simple as that. There is no need to pay as long as you follow the easy steps that are listed in this article. Do not pay to earn extra cash, do this and you will earn money absolutely free.

Step One:

Go to and sign up using the first of your two emails. This first email will have less spam or emails sent to it as long as you use the other one while you are filling out the surveys. After you sign up, go to your email and click on the link to activate your account. Do this and you will have taken your first step to receiving free cash.

While treasure trooper is an excellent site to look forward to, it is good for you to always have a backup to take care of some important issues because online money making is quite difficult and you can learn more through reading FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews.

Step Two:

Go to your ‘My Profile’ on the left side of the page and fill out all the information there. You can receive payment for this service in one of two ways. You can fill out your address and have them send in a check or, if you have a paypal account, you can simply put your email to your bank account in the box. Both ways are simple and safe. You can decide whether or not you want to receive confirmation for getting your surveys approved.

Step Three:

This is when you start making money. I recommend you first go to the cash survey link on the left side of the page. You can do three surveys a day that give you either 75 cents or 1 dollar. You check the boxes that describe you, and then the site will check if there are any surveys for you. Complete the three surveys you can a day and that will be an easy $2.25 a day.

Step Four:

After you exhausted these three surveys, you will be ready to fill out the many other various surveys under the cash offers link. First, switch the view to only show you the 100% free surveys. Before you click the done link on the survey, open and complete the survey. Doing this takes about five to ten minutes for each survey. This is were your second email comes in. For each survey, they will ask for an email. This is the email that the company’s are going to spam. Do not use any emails you use on a regular basis. After you put in your name, address, and city you will be asked to go through the actual survey.

Step Five:

When you begin the survey, it will show you many offers. On these pages, you want to scroll down and find the skip button. If there is not one, check all the ‘No’ Boxes on the page except for one then click submit. After this, click no on the next page and submit again. This way, you did not sign up for a single service. This process makes the survey 100% free!

Step Six:

Wait and watch. On the fifth of each month they send out the payments. You need a total of at least 20 dollars to receive the payments however, so do Arleta two surveys a day. You can use this money for gas, extra going out money, or even paying bills!

League of Legends- Booster to the Rescue

When was the last time you recalled your childhood? There are way too many memories lying in the back of our mind that trigger a surge of emotions that are mixed where on one hand you are happy and teary eyed but at the same time, there is a sadness that those golden days will never come back again.

What is it about childhood that makes it so memorable? It is difficult to gauge the mammoth experience but for starters we can mention food, video games, toys, television, comic books, etc.

Children are exceptionally fond of things that are related to fun and entertainment as that is the only way that they would want to live their life while the tension and stress is for the parents to deal with.


While we are on the subject of games, let us mention one of the most popular ones in current times and it is called League of Legends, also known by its acronym LOL so we shall from now on mention it the same way so that nobody mistakes it for the popular internet slang.

LOL was launched in October 2009 by Riot Games in collaboration with Microsoft Windows and MACOS, an Apple product, where all three of them got together for this joint venture so as to provide a new form of entertainment for the kids so that they could enjoy something new to try out.

It is a typical action adventure that has your regular heroes and villains where the former has to end the tyranny of the latter and establish peace and harmony in the society alongwith a long drawn out battle that would seem straight out of a Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings movie.

It is natural that we see such similarities in LOL for it was inspired by the popular video game Warcraft: The Frozen Throne and also the evergreen Game of Thrones where you can see the strange mixture of genres that comprise of the entire series as the game progresses on.

But as of late, there are many problems that players are experiencing during play like slow speed and incomplete levels which is why they have complained about the same in various reviews online but as far as speed is concerned, there is a solution at hand that has to be implemented immediately.

Boosting the Prospects

If you want to increase the speed of the game at play, it is best to install a booster that will in turn boost the prospects of the game by making it more thrilling and enjoyable where the fast paced adventure will give you an adrenaline rush and a sense of fulfillment as though you are part of the game.

LOL boosting is quite a popular way to change the various designs of the game where you can select and choose various levels alongwith the cheat codes at will and update the history as well but just make sure that you have an updated PC and upgrade most of the apps if you’re playing on your mobile phone.

How to Choose a New Heating and Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home Comfort

Has that old heating and air conditioning unit given up the ghost? Is it time to upgrade for comfort or economy? A new heating and air conditioning unit means a lot of different things to a variety of people; I am going to lead you down the path to the right decision when choosing your new central air unit.

Brand names: I have different central air favorites for different applications, I’ll not list names here, certain brands may not be available in your area or certain brands I have never worked with are. I will say there are many high quality units out in the community any one of which will do the job it is intended for.

When it comes to brands, there are many of them out there that can be considered the best but the one doing the rounds most is blaux portable ac where it has a strong base and a long time warranty that lasts well enough if you are careful with it.

Warranties: Here is where the real fun begins; you need to check the warranty carefully! They are not all created equally. The first warranty for your new heating and air conditioning system that you will see, refers to the main unit or casing. Fine print will define what is and what is not covered the full length of time.

If it is a natural gas appliance, the heat exchanger will have a different time limit for it, ten years is usually pretty standard. Your furnaces heat exchanger can rust through; leaving a very dangerous situation, carbon monoxide can be released from your heating and air conditioning equipment into your home.

On newer central air units, a computerized circuit board will control the function and safety devices.

There is usually a different warranty for them as well.

The squirrel cage or fan motor and housing also may have a differing warranty.

In an air conditioning system with refrigerated cooling, the condenser and coil will also have warranties.

Split systems VS Pak units: A split central air system usually consists of two or three separate units, a furnace, coil and condenser (or an air handler with the coil in it and a condenser).

A pak or package heating and air conditioning unit is self contained with all the parts in one container that has to be installed outside of the building.

If you already have a split system in place, most contractors will try to replace it as such, with a large variety of reasons to do so. Here is the ‘kicker.’ A split central air system is always more expensive unless, you really do not need to replace it in its entirety. There are more pieces of equipment to purchase, more wiring and plumbing to run and that means more expense.

Heating and air conditioning contractors: Check their credentials, licenses and history. As in all things there are good ones and bad ones. Check your better business bureau and talk to people who have used their heating and air conditioning services. Building codes were written with your safety in mind, a non-licensed HVAC contractor could put you at risk.

Ease of access: This item can also cost you money! If your new heating and air conditioning system is in a very hard to access area of your home, it costs more labor to service or replace. (If your unit is under the house, flooding is a real concern. I learned that the hard way.)

Ocean views: They are fantastic; but, salt air will ruin any outdoor central air components that aren’t specifically made to endure in that environment. The coatings required are more expensive, yet unavoidable if you really want those components to last longer than a couple of years.

Miscellaneous factors: When changing out equipment or installing new heating and air conditioning for the first time, there are a few things to consider.

Electrical requirements of the new heating and air conditioning unit will dictate whether your current electrical service will run your new unit or if it needs to be upgraded to match the new heating unit. Switching from a gas furnace, to an electric unit will require rewiring for the amperage needs. This requires an electrician and more added expense.

Gas pressure, newer units are very picky when it comes to pressures. Your supplier may even need to boost it if necessary and possible.

Standing pilot or auto light pilots: automatic lighting pilots are more economical yet more expensive, save now or forever more…

Furnace efficiency: The new furnace systems are smaller and more efficient; more money can buy more efficient systems from 70% up to 95% and above. The higher efficiency furnaces flue run cooler and flue pipe is PVC plastic. The flues run at much lower temperature, which means they condensate and need drains to handle the water and let it escape into your plumbing.

All in all your new heating and air conditioning system require some decisions on your part and a competent contractor to install it. Once that part is done, there is little left to do but enjoy a comfortable winter from inside a nice warm comfy space and the comfort of a cool home in summer provided by the new central air system.

Buying a new boiler? Facts to know before buying a New Boiler

Are your heating bills enormous? Are you spending a lot of money and time on repairing the old system? Do you barely get hot water during the winter? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you need to replace your old boiler system. Before the winter arrives, start shopping for a new boiler. There are many advantages of buying a new boiler as with time, the advancement in technology has created efficient boilers that can save your energy bills. Choosing a new boiler is expensive and a confusing task as there is a great range of boilers that differ in design, size, shape, and price. 

After deciding to buy a new boiler, you might be thinking How Much Does a New Boiler Install Cost?

Installing charges are not too high, but you must get your new unit installed by a gas boiler professional. But there are some facts that you must know which are as follows:

  • The significance of a reliable new boiler

The more reliable is your new boiler, the less money you need to spend on expensive repairs. You must pick a boiler of a reliable brand that offers a great warranty period. Pick a new branded boiler and enjoy your winters with hot water showers.

  • Get an engineer’s option for the boiler.

A boiler’s engineer is an invaluable source of information while buying a new boiler. An engineer has a completed knowledge about the boilers and its working and can guide you to make the best choice according to your need and budget. A survey has reported that engineers tend to recommend the right boiler for your home. Sometimes, the engineers are hired to promote a specific brand, so you must check on the engineers and only consider their advice if they do not promote a particular brand for their incentive.

  • Importance of aftercare of boiler

Some customers are unaware of the aftercare of the boiler. After installing the boiler, it is crucial to take proper take care of the boiler. Aftercare of the boiler will help it to work to its higher efficiency and lower down gas and water bills. You need to hire a professional to install the new unit accurately as it may break down due to installation fault. Get the boiler installed to the highest standard.

  • Type of new boiler

There are three main types of boilers you can choose from system boiler, combination boiler, and heat-only boiler. A combination boiler is also known as a combi boiler and tends to heat water without a storage tank requirement. The system boiler requires a tank or cylinder to store hot water and is suitable for busier households. A heat-only boiler, also known as a conventional boiler, requires a water tank or cylinder to store hot water for later use.

It is imperative to know the facts that are required to be considered before buying a new boiler. You can check out the things mentioned above and keep these things in mind.

My Weight Loss Journey: Plateau’s Suck!

220….I hate that number. Every week, I bounce back to that damned number….220. I weigh in at my weight loss group every Thursday night, and magically, I have gotten down to 212 pounds on their scale, but the next day, my scale is back and sitting on that damned number…220.

I seriously have to lose seven to eight pounds every week! I’m sick of having to crash diet each week. If I just eat healthy, a day before my weigh in, I’m still four pounds up. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with my body, but it just bounces all over the place! I run one to two miles five or more days a week, I lift weights three to four times per week, and I eat pretty good!

The weekends are my downfall. I don’t eat a whole lot on the weekends, though. If I know I’m going to be eating semi-bad on a day, I seriously will starve myself all day until I eat semi-bad. I know that’s the wrong thing to be doing to my body, but jeez, what else can I do to get my butt in gear and start shedding some serious pounds??? I have done everything from eating right, taking laxatives, starving myself…I just wanna shoot myself sometimes! Why is it that so many people can eat and eat and eat whatever they want and never gain a pound? They don’t even have to take leptoconnect and other weight loss supplement just to achieve their desired body figure. I was starting to think if life was really unfair. In my case, I had to work hard and discipline myself so I wont get fatter and fatter.

Genes…It all boils down to pure genes. It’s the luck of the draw, and my draw sucks! Just a little background, my weight loss group that I go to, half of the members are from my mom’s side of the family. What does that tell you? We have bad genes!

I seriously have a food addiction. Nothing makes me feel better than stuffing my face with nothing but fattening, fried food, or going through a drive thru and ordering whatever I want off the menu. After I eat the food, of course, I’m filled with guilt…so why the need to feed my pain? I have NO clue. Most people can tell you exactly what triggered their problems. Mine, I dunno, I guess most of my life, I have felt pretty unloved, but I’ve been fat my whole life.

Today, my mom watched my kids for me while I went to school. Oddly enough, I’m taking a nutrition class…this could be fun. Anyway, I get back to my parent’s house and I see my kid has downed more than a half dozen frosted cookies. There was then a plate of ham and cheese on the table and a cup of sugary juice. Oddly enough, he hadn’t touched the meat and cheese! So, what does mom do? She gets him a bunch of cheesy popcorn and a sliver of carrot cake. It really opened my eyes. Did my mom feed me that way when I was three years old? I don’t think so, but who knows! I know that I always had free reign of food. It was never, “You can have one snack and that’s it.” No, I could go to the cabinets and pull out the entire bag of chips and sit in front of the television.

So, for all you psychology people out there, go ahead, psycho-analyze me! I definitely need some help!

How to Avoid Heatstroke when Living Without Air-Conditioning

Don’t have air-conditioning? Before you risk having a heatstroke and potentially dying from it, try these unconventional tricks. To put these tips to practice you will need a fan, ice, linen sheets, spicy foods, wristbands, a bandanna and a window exhaust fan.

For starters you can create a wannabe air conditioner that mimics the cooling sensation of air-conditioning by putting a packed bowl of ice in front of a fan. Hey, if you don’t have AC and you need to cool off a wannabe air-conditioner is better than no air-conditioner right?

It is virtually impossible to manage without an AC given the unbearable heat wave during peak summers that would make the best of the best mad but still if you can’t have a blaux portable ac then it is better to think of something else.

It is a must to use linen sheets because they are twice as cool as cotton which is the next best choice if linen sheets aren’t a possibility.

Avoid making the bed in the summer time. Putting a spread that is heavy on your bed for summer only traps heat and prevents the sheets from being able to air out.

If you are tolerant to spicy food, by all mean consume spicy foods. These types of foods will make you sweat, which is the best and more proactive way to make your body cool down.

If possible take warm showers or baths because this will send the message to your body to cool off. If you take a cold shower or bath you will get the opposite effect, and consequently you will end up hotter than before you bathed.

Wristbands can be a great cooling tool, all you have to do is dunk them in ice water and put them on. You can also tie a cold and wet bandanna on your neck. By keeping those areas of your body chilled your whole body will cool off.

It is extremely important that you always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of cool water, but don’t drink it too cold, because just like showering with cold water, your body will think it needs to warm you up.

Another great tip is to put your bed linens in a bag and insert them in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime. If this doesn’t sound feasible at least chill your pillowcases. After all, you are trying to stay cool right?

To keep the hot air out and bring in cold air in the house, put an exhaust fan facing out in one window and close all other windows excluding the windows in the room where you sleep.

If the weather is too overwhelming, soak a T-shirt in water mixed with ice, twist the shirt to get the water out and wear it to bed, also wet your hair if like I said the heat is too intense. This isn’t as comfortable but to void heatstroke anything goes right?

If putting a T-shirt in water doesn’t sound comfortable you can also chill your shirt in the freezer. In survival times anything goes, and better safe than sorry.

Using and Maintaining a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine uses two threads to sew a seam. One unwinds from a reel, lies on top of the fabric and is pushed through the fabric by the needle. On the underside, it loops through the second thread, which unwinds from a bobbin in the shuttle and runs under the fabric.

The tension draws the threads taut, so that the loop is centered between the layers of fabric, and the stitches on top and underneath are identical. All the machines can be identical in appearance. The distinguish information in the models are provided at sewing machine buffs website for the benefit of the tailors. The layers of the fabric will be stitched from top to bottom or vice versa as per the requirements. 

Choosing thread, needle and foot

Choose the thread and needle to suit the fabric. Use a cotton or silk thread for natural fibers such as cotton and linen; use silk or synthetic threads with woolens and a synthetic thread for man made fibers. One thickness of polyester thread suits most synthetics.

Cotton thread is made in a range of thicknesses – the higher the number on it, the finer the thread; 60-100 is for lightweight, 30-40 for heavy fabrics such as corduroy and toweling, and 20 for canvas. For upholstery fabric, use a strong thread such as flax, polyester, or heavy-duty cotton, or cotton wrapped polyester.

Use a sharp pointed needle on woven fabrics, a rounded tip on knitted fabrics and a wedge tip for vinyl or leather. Your machine manual will tell you which size to select. Generally, the sizes are : 70 metric for fine fabrics such as silk; 80 for normal use; 100 for heavy fabrics; and 110 for very thick fabrics. Round tips are 70 (lightweight), 80 (medium), and 100 (heavy); wedge tips are 70 (soft leather), 80 (medium) and 100 (very thick). Fit the needle as the manual indicates.

Fit the correct presser foot for the seam you are sewing. The foot fitted as standard is for straight seams – and sometimes zigzag seams. The range of alternative feet varies with the price of the machine; it may include feet for zippers, buttonholes, embroidery, over-sewing, invisible hemming, darning, narrow hems, stretch stitches and twin needles.

Threading and adjusting

Fill the bobbin for the shuttle with thread – most machines now have an automatic winder which disengages the needle while the bobbin is filled. Fit the bobbin in the shuttle with a tail of thread coming off clockwise as you hold the shuttle bobbin side up. Push the shuttle in place and pull the tail of the thread up to the work surface of the machine.

The sequence for threading the machine is generally the same. Take the thread from the reel round the tension control device, through the take-up lever and then down to the needle; there are thread guides to ensure the thread is not pulled off course.

Raise the needle by turning the fly wheel. Make sure you thread the needle in the direction shown in the manual; some machines have a built-in needle threaded. Raise the lower thread.

Plus in an electric machine and place the pedal conveniently. Adjust the controls to produce the stitch you want. A dial controls the stitch length; usually the thinner the fabric the shorter the stitch. The machine manual will have a chart to show the setting for any fabric.

Set the stitch width control; this may be zero for a straight seam, or a swing to right or left for a buttonhole, or an even swing for zigzagging. Higher numbers give wider stitches. Some machines will set length and width automatically when you touch a panel to select the stitch pattern.

Adjust the thread tension control dial as the manual recommends for the fabric, then do a test seam on scrap fabric. If the two threads are engaging on top of the fabric, release the tension by turning the control to a lower number; if they are engaging below the fabric increase the tension.

The dial alters the tension of the top thread; there is a screw on the shuttle to alter the tension of the lower thread but this is rarely necessary.


With the presser foot, take-up lever and needle raised, put the fabric under the foot with the seam edge to the right and the main volume of fabric to the left. Turn the fly wheel to insert the needle tip into the fabric at exactly the right point. Lower the presser foot to grip the fabric. Press the pedal to start the machine.

Most electric machines have a button which you can press to reverse the directions of sewing. This js useful for securing the seam ends. When you are starting a seam, insert the needle a short way in from the beginning of the seam, and sew in reverse to the edge before releasing the button and sewing forwards.

At the end of the seam, sew in reverse for a short way. Raise the foot and needle and pull the work backwards to draw out a length of thread before cutting off both threads. Pull the top thread to the underside, and cut of both threads with the built in blade or with scissors. If your machine does not sew in reverse, pull the top thread the underside and tie the threads together to secure them before cutting them off.

Do not push or pull the fabric through the machine. Simply prevent it from wandering to left or right. Use the edge of the presser foot as your visual guide as you sew.

At a corner, stop with the needle in the fabric but on its way up. Raise the presser foot and swivel round to the required position. Lower the presser foot and start sewing again. To sew a curve, go along slowly, turning the fabric gradually as you sew. If the curve is sharp or the edge begins to buckle, stop with the needle in the fabric, raise the foot, reposition the fabric and then lower the foot and continue sewing; you may need to do this several times round the curve.


After using the machine, clean and oil it with the fine brush and oil dispenser supplied. Have the machine serviced by the dealer regularly.

When the machine is out but not in use, put on its carrying case to keep out dust, and unplug it.

What Are The 5 Essential Tips To Help You Identify Fake CBD Oil?

There are different-different CBD products available in the market and it is important to detect the right one. We all know that it is a magical oil for curing several chronicle diseases. Therefore, when you are going to purchase CBD oil whether from online store or from market, it is important to consider the genuine product. Finding a right CBD oil is important because it will help you to get satisfactory results. It has a lot of benefits on your mental health as well as for your beauty. 

There are several fake CBD oils available in the market so you need to detect the right one so that it will become beneficial for you. Not only this, but in online websites you will also find fake CBD oils in same price. In this article, after scrolling down you will be going to read about some essential tips through which you will be able to detect the difference between a fake CBD oil and in the genuine product. Also, there are several coupons released by American Shaman through which you will get the right CBD product. 

The 5 essential tips to help you identify fake CBD oil:

  • When you are buying a CBD oil then it is important for you to go through the label and check whether the CBD oil is certified or not. It is important for you to go through the ingredients through which it will become clear for you whether to buy the product or not. There are a lot of benefits of CBD oil and it includes some natural and organic ingredients through which it will become beneficial for you to purchase a right and genuine product.
  • If you are going to purchase CBD oil from a particular website then the most important thing for you to consider the feedbacks and reviews because it will help you to acknowledge about the quality of CBD products. Basically, there are a lot of products available in cannabidiol such as oil, powder, tablets, drinks etc. you can consider anyone but it is beneficial if you will go through the comment section. By acknowledging the loyal reviews of the audience, it will become clear to you whether you want to buy that product or not. 
  • Acknowledge about the farmer who have derived this CBD oil because it will help you to know that whether the product is real or fake one. All these things are important because tehri are a lot of side-effects of using a fake or mixed CBD oil and if you will go through the right product then it will benefit you. 
  • Your CBD oil should be verified with a third party so that you can get satisfactory outputs as well as genuine product in your hand. All these things should be kept in your mind for finding the right and realistic product. 
  • Considering the price of the CBD oil is also important so that you can choose the right option for curing all these chronicle diseases. Using a CBD oil has a lot of benefits such as it helps in curing depression as well as anxiety which is beneficial for you. Not only this but several chronicle diseases such as cancer, heart related, neuroprotective can be cure by using and applying CBD oil so choose the right and genuine product for getting all its benefits. 

Last words,

In the above section, I have listed all the 5 essential tips through which it will become beneficial to choose the right CBD oil and neglect the fake CBD oil. If there is no label on the CBD product or on the bottle then try to avoid such products. Make sure that a third party is included in packaging and inspection of CBD oil if not then do not buy that CBD product because it will become adverse for your overall health. If you find that the CBD oil is not certified then there is no need to buy that product. Consider all the information which is listed in the above section so that it will become beneficial for you to get the best and satisfactory results from CBD oil.

Weight Loss: Creating a Reward System for Success

Do you want to lose weight but can’t seem to get started? Perhaps you actually got off to a great start but lost interest somewhere along the way?

Whatever the reason that you seem to be unable to reach your weight loss goal, and whatever diet or other weight loss program you may be using, the key to real success lies in your ability to sustain a high level of motivation. Let’s face it. Losing weight isn’t easy and involves changing habits and varying degrees of stress, uncertainty, and fears of success as well as failure. Losing weight also involves exercising more self-discipline, self-honesty, patience, and courage than you may be comfortable with. All of this will ultimately involve a strong drive, or high level of motivation, to succeed. With high motivation, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome as you journey along your personal weight loss path, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Sustaining motivation throughout weight loss can mean the difference between reaching your goal or losing hope and eventually giving up.

If you are having difficulty losing weight, taking action to increase your motivation is the wisest investment of time you can make. Creating your own personal and unique weight loss reward system is a good place to start. A reward system that really works is one that rewards you for your hard work and efforts as well as your results. It is also one that brings you feelings of pleasure and is filled with continuous opportunities to experience fun, excitement, and passion in your life.

Begin by creating rewards you can give yourself for your efforts, even small ones, that actually lead you to your goal. While losing any number of pounds can be a wonderful accomplishment, you will not keep losing weight simply based on the pounds you’ve lost. Rather, you will continue to lose as a result of the kinds of behaviors and habits you develop along your personal weight loss journey. Spend some time thinking about actions that are difficult for you to take. Examples might include exercising control at those times you’d rather overeat or continuing to go to the gym for your weekly workouts when you are experiencing strong urges to stay home instead.

Identify small, even daily rewards, that you can give yourself in such situations. They can include free time you allow yourself in order to do something you really enjoy but never seem to have the time to do. Examples include reading a good book you bought but haven’t read yet, relaxing to a soothing CD you enjoy, watching a hilarious comedy on your DVD player, working on a hobby you’ve been interested in but haven’t started, or spending time with a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile. They can also include rewards that are not very expensive such as buying a new CD or going to a movie or special local event. Additionally, try to find small rewards that you find exciting or adventurous. These might include exploring a new town or mystery site or entering a special contest or other competition.

In addition, you may also consider taking weight loss supplement like leptoconnect. This will support your diet and system so you can achieve your desired weight. This product is also made from natural ingredients so you can assure that it is very safe to take.

The next part of your reward system should contain rewards for achieving results, including sub-goals as well as the final goal. Divide your desired weight loss goal into smaller ones that you can handle. For example, a goal of sixty pounds can be divided into sub-goals of fifteen pounds. Another option that works for some is to divide the figure even lower: for example, ten, five, or even three pounds. It is entirely up to you. Your rewards options can also include more time and higher costs because you will not be using them as often, or on a daily basis. Sub-goal rewards might include buying yourself a new fashion item in your new, reduced size, enrolling in an on line or college course of interest, going to a concert by your favorite singer or band. When you reach your final goal, you can give yourself a special treat such as a taking a vacation in an exciting new place of interest or purchasing an entire new wardrobe to compliment your new look or new career or job interest.

Remember that the part of your reward system that rewards you based on your hard work and efforts should allow you many continuous opportunities for success. Don’t be stingy or restrictive in creating rewards or finding opportunities to enjoy them often. Also, remember to reward for improvement rather than perfection. For example, if you break your diet plan by indulging in a box of chocolates but you stop after eating two pieces rather than half the box which you often do, give yourself a reward. If you usually “cheat” on your diet plan and then end up binging for two days afterward, but this time, exercise some control and stop binging after the first box of ice cream and cupcakes, give yourself credit and reward yourself. You will find that rewarding yourself for improvements in behavior, however small and imperfect they may seem, will boost your self-confidence and help you ultimately adopt healthier and more constructive habits.

Other opportunities to reward yourself include times you face your fears, use discipline to get something done, or show extra patience or boldness. For example, reward yourself for taking the time to finally clean your apartment, for coming out of your shell to join a club out in the community to meet new friends, or speaking up for yourself in situations you usually don’t stand up for yourself. Reward yourself not only for efforts directly related to eating, exercise, and other health aspects of weight loss, but also for those times you rise above your own self-doubts and self-imposed limitations or flaws. You will discover that by doing this you will not only continue to lose weight but will ultimately develop constructive and effective new habits

In addition to your reward system, you will benefit from gaining more knowledge about nutrition as well as creating a healthier lifestyle in general, that includes getting enough sleep, relaxation, and physical activity. Also, continue to add variety and changes to your reward options. A reward that works extremely well for you one month may not be very motivating several months later.

There are many wonderful benefits to be gained from your reward system. In addition to helping you reach your weight loss goal, you will also find that the extra time you spend on yourself in creating, earning, and enjoying your rewards is time well spent. Too often in today’s busy world, we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time, even for ourselves. The more we do this, the less value we give ourselves since we ignore our needs and interests. The more we reward ourselves, however, the more we affirm and enhance our own self-value and self-confidence. We can take the time to experience pleasurable feelings as well as renew our enthusiasm and “can do” attitudes that can spread to other areas of our lives, making us winners over and over again.

So go ahead. Have some fun creating your personal rewards system and working it. It can truly become a most pleasurable activity you will be able to live with as you continue to become thinner, healthier, and increasingly more successful.

Why to Delete a Friend from Facebook

A social network is created to hopefully maintain our network of friends and peers informed about our lives. It is used to share personal and not so personal information about ourselves, our friends and families. But what happens when someone on that “friends” list is no longer a friend??

I have seen many of us that continue to keep certain people or should I say “friend” on our social network lists that no longer have any business knowing just that “our business.” This is done day to day and when speaking to others about it they seem to have a common ground of not wanting to be the first person to delete that “friend.” It causes an “uncomfortable situation,” is what I hear mostly.

I’m not talking about the people that have 1000 friends on their list, for these people probably do not even know half the people on there. I am talking of those of us that use the social network just to be updated daily of special events, photos or to know the happenings of our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that a break up may occur and now what? Do we keep that person on the friend list to avoid further insult or just press the big X on the corner and get rid of them?

It is important to know that this is very public information that is shared and if there are any concerns of someone finding out something that may not be what you wanted they must be deleted. I know that there are settings that may be applied to block some individuals, but is it fair to keep them on if they are blocked. It is sending a mixed message to the other party. A social network should be used to share information about yourself to those that you want privileged to the information. This should be used in the same context as if you were to run into someone at the supermarket. Do you hope they don’t see you and walk the other way? If that is the case then that person needs to be deleted.

In some cases, some people try to getfans on their social media platforms for different purposes. But mostly, it is for their business, vlogs or personal interests. While this could be very beneficial, it is still important to always consider your privacy.

Depending on the circumstances there is information that another individual can use against you. Whether it is personal, work, or play gossip and defamation can occur and no one is exempt to these rules. The internet is very powerful and if there are things that are not meant for all to see then it would be time to re-evaluate who is on your social network list of friends.

Although a very uncomfortable situation I am sure that the other party will be grateful if you are the one to delete them. It is hard to make the first move, but it may ultimately save you from having someone have information about you that they shouldn’t have access to. And always remember if that so called “friendship” was meant to be it will, and in that case that friend can always be added on again.

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