Mobile Home Vinyl Covered Sheetrock Repair

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When dealing with mobile home repairs, it is very similar to regular house repairs with a few differences. Repairing Vinyl covered sheetrock in a mobile home however is a very special challenge. It can be very difficult to find the right matching material in order o make the necessary repairs. This is due to the facet that manufactures change their inventory very often. Following is a basic guide that you can follow when trying to make repairs to your vinyl covered sheetrock.

The best thing to do with vinyl covered sheetrock that needs to be repaired it to remove it completely and have new sheetrock put in. If however you can not afford to have this done you can paint them. In order to do this you will need to first remove the strips in between the sheets, so that you can paint the walls. After you have removed all of the strips, clean out any staples that may be sticking out.

After you have done that you can than use self stick mesh tape for the seams. Next you will need to use some joint compound. You can find joint compound at your local hardware store or Home Depot. Using lightweight compound will probably be a lot easier. Before using the joint compound you want to make sure that you mix it well. You can also use the joint compound to fill in any additional problem areas such as small holes. The best compound to use for this job is the quick drying compound which will usually dry in as little as twenty minutes. After the first coat has dried completely you will want to take the time to sand it down. A covered protection is available with the blaux portable ac brand. The selection should be made after checking the reviews and rankings. The budget should be prepared to meet with the requirements of the homeowner. The coating over body of the air conditioner protect should be done with excellence and intelligence. 

Then apply another two to three coats of the compound. After you have applied all of the coasts of compound and it has dried complete and is nicely smooth and sanded you are ready for the next step. You now want to apply a coat of primer paint. Allow this to dry completely and you can than you can apply your top coat. When applying your top coat of painting you want to coat it twice, but allow it to dry completely in between coats. There you have the basic way to repair mobile home vinyl covered sheetrock.

If you have never done this before you may find that it is not as easy as you thought when it comes to taping and applying the compound. You want to make sure that the seams are not visible after you have finished applying the compound.

If you are still not comfortable with mobile home vinyl covered sheetrock repair than you should call a drywall expert to see if they can make the repairs for a reasonable price. Following the directions provided above you should have no problem fixing any minor problems and giving your walls a new fresh look. Just remember that the process will not be a quick one for any beginner. For more information you can visit the following websites,,