Miami’s Best Bowling Alleys


Miami, Florida has four bowling alleys that range from ‘old school’ to trendy and hip.

While Miami is best known for its beaches and weather, it’s a diverse city and bowling has become a game where people of all walks of life participate. Miami is also known for its nightlife and many modern bowling alleys are as much nightclubs as they are places to bowl. Miami offers a variety of places, ranging from family oriented entertainment centers with a bowling alley to places that are basically nightclubs with a bowling alley.

Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, you will find a bowling alley in Miami. The following are the four best in Florida’s largest city.

Bird Bowl

9275 Southwest 40th Street

Miami, Florida


Bird Bowl is a place that is certainly not a trendy or nightclub type of bowling alley. It is large, with 60 lanes, and is unabashedly focused on providing an entertainment experience for the whole family.

They offer leagues year round, and even summer bowling camps for kids. In addition to bowling, Bird Bowl offers sixteen billiards tables, big screen televisions to watch sports and a game room with video arcade games and air hockey tables.

The food is fairly standard bowling alley fare, with pizza, pretzels, chicken fingers and hamburgers.

Lucky Strike Lanes

1691 Michigan Avenue

Miami, Florida


Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami is one of over twenty locations for Lucky Strike across the country. This is a stylish, adult type of place, with decor and design with a bit of an art deco flair.

There is a bar here and great mixed drinks and good beers are a big part of the overall experience. After 9:00PM, in fact, Lucky Strike is a 21 years and older establishment. It is a smaller place than Bird Bowl, with fourteen lanes and two pool tables.

In keeping with the atmosphere that they have created, management at Lucky Strike does enforce a mainly common sense dress code (no tee shirts or baggy clothes, etc.).

This is a very popular place for organized group outings, particularly corporate offsites and bachelor parties. The food is excellent, with inventive twists on standard appetizers and an entree selection that would make this a very good restaurant in its own right.


11401 Northwest Twelve Street

Miami, Florida


Strike is part of the Bowlmor chain, which in many ways pioneered the concept of non-stop nightclub bowling. While hardcore bowlers may blanch, the reality is that they deserve a lot of the credit for introducing bowling to an even wider audience, by providing a nightclub experience. The music is heavy on the base and decibels, and the black lights dark, but neither takes away from the bowling experience as Strike’s management knows what it’s doing.

As you might imagine, this is a very popular destination for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties and it offers three different party packages, called “the King Pin”, the “High Roller” and the “Super Bowl”, and each package has a different price and levels of offerings, including bowling times, food and drinks. The food menu is very large; though it really relies on the basic bowling alley fare, albeit with much better preparation and ingredients than what an ‘old fashioned’ bowling alley is likely to offer.

Strike also offers big screen televisions to show sporting events and it is known as a big place to watch UFC events, as they subscribe and show the fights here for bowlers before, after (or maybe even during) their own games.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes  amp; Dinner Lounge

5701 Sunset Drive, Suite 202

South Miami, Florida


The name of this ultra high end Miami bowling alley really says it all. This is all about luxury and comfort. The dinner lounge here is plush, with very comfortable seating, attentive service and sumptious food. What other bowling alley will you find appetizer selections such as fuji chicken salad, spicy edamame, and crunchy ahi poke dip? Not surprisingly, the main menu follows in kind, with chipotle pork tenderloin, mahi mahi voodoo shrimp and a chicken pinot grigio. To its credit, Splitsville also offer more traditional bowling alley fare with excellent burgers and good pizza.

Oh, and the bowling here is good too. Splitsville has a total of thirteen lanes. Interestingly, and consistent with how much thought is give to the entire place, the lanes are not side by side, but rather organized in several ‘pods’ across the entire facility, which allows for different angles and a more private bowling experience.

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So if you live in Miami, or are visiting for work or pleasure, and feel like rolling a few frames, the city offers four great bowling alleys for you to try.