Making Money with Online Writing and Having Fun Doing It


I believe in having fun with online writing. Sure, I have to make money, but who says I can’t have a little fun while I’m at it? If you want to make money writing online, you have to follow certain rules. That doesn’t mean every article you write has to be about making money. On the other hand, even humorous articles can get page views if you know what you’re doing. Taking an occasional break from serious articles can be fun and profitable. Making money with online writing and having fun doing it is easy if you know how.

Taking a Break Helps Writers Block

Taking a break from factual articles gives you time to unwind. It makes your writing all that much better when you go back to it. It can also be a great help for writers block. Writing funny articles in between the serious ones is an awesome way of having fun with online writing. Here’s a dirty little secret. I make money writing online with funny articles too.

Making Funny Articles Pay

How do I do it? Write funny commentaries about topics people search for. People will appreciate the break from their research. Nine out of ten times, when people are searching a topic, they’ll click on the funny article first or at least use it as a reprieve from the dull, boring facts. If you’re not all that funny, it’s OK. You must have at least one funny thought in your head. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review checking will offer fun and enjoyment to the people available at online websites. The search related to the topic should be good and meet with the needs of the customers. It drives huge traffic at the site for increasing the profits. 

Making Jokes in Serious Articles

Articles on serious subjects don’t have to be completely serious. It’s OK to make people laugh. It’s good for the soul. Try talking about monkeys or pickles. For some reason monkeys and pickles are extraordinarily funny to most people. How about a monkey with a pickle? See, I knew I could make you laugh.

Make Yourself Laugh

Let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to make ourselves laugh. After all, who appreciates our own sense of humor better than ourselves? What? That was more confusing than a monkey with a pickle. Anyway, so what if nobody else gets your outstandingly superior sense of humor? Who cares? If you made yourself laugh and someone else clicked on your article and had a good laugh at your expense, you still make money with the page views.

Take It In Stride

I recently wrote a very controversial article that upset a few folks on the opposing side of the argument. It was awesome! I had so much fun reading their silly comments, I nearly busted a rib laughing. It gave me great pleasure answering their uninformed replies with proven facts! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with online writing. The best part is, all those naysayers upped my page views and gave me even more money. So, when it comes to these crazies, having fun with online writing is not only entertaining, it’s downright profitable.

Giving Your Fellow Writers A Break

We all know how much time, effort and research goes into online writing. Nobody wants to be caught with their pants down. See, that made you laugh, didn’t it? Not as good as the monkey with the pickle, but that’s OK. We writers make sure we can back up everything we write about. Why not give your fellow writers a laugh and a break from all that research with a little craziness here and there? You’ll both have fun and clear your heads to make more money with online writing.

Slide Shows

Think making money with slide shows is impossible? Think again. All you need is a good search-able title and quality pictures. An angle that keeps them coming back doesn’t hurt either. What’s the best thing about slide shows? They’re fast and easy. I can publish a slide show in 30 seconds or less. Other writers love them too. Why? They have hundreds of articles to read daily. Slide shows are bing, bang, done, viewed. They feel good because they helped you with page views and it didn’t take them all day to do it.

Top Tens

Think David Letterman and you’ve got it. These things are so much fun for online writers. They’re like a monkey with a pickle hanging upside down from a branch with his pants down. When I first signed up for AC and had writers block, top ten lists were my salvation. Now I can’t shut up, of course, so I haven’t written one in a while, but gosh they were fun! They still get a ton of page views too. I make money on them even now. Clang, there goes another penny in the bank.

Silly Poetry Contests, Limericks and the Occasional Haiku

I know at least one online writer who poo poos these things. Say what you will but they’re more fun than an ostrich on a stick. Nothing like a little competition to get the blood flowing to the brain. When I have the time or a break from ‘serious’ business I love taking a crack at them. I haven’t won yet but I still make a few pennies on the page views and what did it cost me? Nothing but a little online writing fun.

Grabbing the Monkey with a Pickle

I believe in having fun with online writing. I’d like you to have some fun too. Nothing wrong with it. It’s good for you. It won’t tarnish your reputation and it might make you seem a little more human to your fans and fellow online writers. So don’t be afraid to grab that monkey and his pickle. Get acquainted. Have a few laughs. Take the time out of your day to have fun with your online writing. It’s OK, you deserve it!