Make Money with a Webinar

Internet and Businesses Online

In the business world seminars are used to both educate staff members and to promote new products and services. If you have need for either of these functions but don’t have the money to host a physical seminar, then consider hosting a webinar. Webinars are seminars that are broadcast across the Internet. Webinars are great for reaching clients in distant communities, they are great for reaching employees at different plants or branches and they are a great money maker for retailers and service providers.

Webinar Equipment

Webinars are an affordable alternative to seminars. The only real costs associated with them are webinar software programs, hosting costs and hardward costs. Hosting costs will most likely be covered under your Internet Service Provider contract. However, if you plan on a lot of people tuning in to your webinar you may need to purchase extra bandwidth and technical support to ensure your site doesn’t crash during your broadcast. Furthermore, you may need technical support to help record and distribute your webinar after the fact.

Software costs are going to vary depending on which vendor you work with. Some webinar software programs are offered free of charge while others can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how many seats you want to open up. When selecting a webinar software product you will want to look at seat capacity, features and compatibility issues.

The equipment that you will need for a webinar include a directional microphone, a computer, memory for your programs and a web camera. You may also need extra lighting and sound equipment and multimedia equipment. Chances are you will already have most of the equipment that you need for your presentation.

Webinar Format

The format of your webinar needs to be logically ordered. Generally you will want to start with an introduction which explains why the webinar is being presented, who is attending the webinar and what people will get out of the webinar. You will also want to take roll call if this is a training webinar. Next you will introduce modules of information. It is a good idea to break your webinar into modules so that each section of your presentation can be saved as a separate file for distribution. You will also need a summary module which identifies the most important points in each module. Finally you will have a Q A; session. For this session you will need a process that will regulate how attendees can ask a question so that you can get to everyone’s questions in an orderly fashion.

Making Money with Webinars

Like seminars you can make money with your webinars. To make money with a webinar you will need to either charge a fee for sitting in on the webinar, or you will need to promote a product at the end of the webinar. You can collect fees before the webinar through a registration form or you can set up a shopping cart application on your website to allow people to pay for their webinar seat before entering the webinar. If you plan on selling items at your webinar you will need to set up a shopping cart program on your website and integrate links to your online store into your webinar.

Promoting Your Webinar

There are several ways to promote your webinar. You can advertise online, you can promote it through your website, you can add an announcement to your ezine or you can promote it through social network sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Finally, you can promote the webinar in professional publications, newsletters and local media sources.Aside from these webinar tips, you can also visit this website: This site will provide you an online course that offers wide variety of lessons teachning people how to make money online.