Losing Weight by Sitting on the Couch


I have done substantial amounts of work assisting those that are overweight in losing it. The major discovery that I found was that most of those that are overweight are that way because they have major misunderstandings about how the body actually works. The problem is that the media and word of mouth really relays the wrong message about what should be done to most effectively lose weight.

One of the biggest issues that I have found is that often times, diets are coined as being one of the best means of losing weight. While it is important to control your consumption and eat smart, dieting in the sense that we know it today is quite horrible for you and the long term effects are typically very negative. What I find when many diet is that they go from eating large amounts of food to virtually nothing or that they start eating foods that they hate.

The key to a quality diet is to consume food that you enjoy so that you aren’t tempted to go back to your old ways. If you are content with healthier choices, then you have no reason to think about unhealthy ones. So the first major step is to find things that you really enjoy that aren’t high in calories and/or fat. I have found for this that subs are an excellent way to feed yourself without filling up on calories. They key however is to consider your toppings and what you place on that sub. If you were to go to Subway for example, you can’t just assume that all of their subs are good for you.

Those with pepperoni, salami, bologna, and things of that nature, aren’t good for you, so you should avoid those. Pick only items such as ham, turkey, and yes even roast beef. Now, make sure that your ingredients include lots of vegetables and instead of heavy creamy dressings, use mustard, olive oil, and vinegar. You will still end up with a great tasting sandwich, but with substantially less calorie consumption. Now, instead of a beverage with calories, choose water. Do not get the cookie, do not get chips, and you have yourself a meal.

Also, try to remember that just because you are eating healthier, you should try to move from a footlong to a 6″ and you should also change from a white bread to a multigrain/wheat bread. Fiber is VERY important in your diet and will ultimately help you to lose weight so that change alone makes a major difference. Now, make sure throughout your day that you are drinking ONLY water, so that you aren’t consuming unwanted calories.

The next step in your couch diet is that you do need to exercise, but it is going to be in a way that you wouldn’t expect. One of the best ways to lose weight for the long term is through weight lifting. This of course is substantially different than what you are told about having to run or walk all of the time. While those are great activities, they only have a minimal impact long term and are activities that have to be done almost daily to see any real results and as soon as you stop, the weight will come back on. With weightlifting, you are able to increase your muscle mass (without looking ripped ladies) and burn more calories on a daily basis just by raising your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more your body burns without exercise.

However, keep in mind, it does take several weeks to truly recognize the results of a weightlifting regimen, so you have to be patient. The person cannot lose the weight while sitting at the couch. The purchase of leptitox supplement should be done after checking the natural ingredients. The health and weight loss should be obtained as per the requirements of the customers. The recognizing of the best supplement should be there to get effective results. 

The goal with weightlifting is consistency. Purchase some simple dumbells of varying weights and simply sit on your couch and do a variety of exercises while you are watching your favorite shows. This makes exercise considerably less demanding, but gives you the same great benefits. The goal should be to work your muscles to exhaustion with each set, doing multiple sets. Try finding exercises that will allow you to work a variety of different muscle groups so that you get well rounded muscle development.

Now that you have your weights, your exercises, and a better eating plan practice your weightlifting about 3-5 times per week depending upon how aggressive you are. This will give your muscles an opportunity to heal and grow. With a little bit of time you’ll begin to notice a major difference. Most notice their biggest differences around the 6-10 week mark and you should too, but remember, consistency is key.