How To Clean Your Gun? Formulating Nine Tips!


For exclusive personal safety, gun cleaning is important. To avoid any kind of malfunctions, the activity of cleaning guns must be smoothly undertaken. In short, whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur one, it is your own responsibility to clean your equipment. But is gun cleaning simple? Does it require additional assistance? Let’s unlock some of the best tips for cleaning your guns easily and in a proper fashion.

Steps to ensure proper cleaning of guns:

Shooting is an intensive activity. The trigger is an extremely sensitive point that needs maintenance. To unclog the gun and prevent any kind of residual formation, cleaning of guns once in a while is essential. Thus, the tips to get started with the process are as follows:

    • Assemble your gun cleaning kit first. It should contain all the basic tools. Some of these include a lubricant of any kind, a cleaning liquid, a cloth, torchlight, swabs, etc. 
    • The next step is to unload the equipment. Take proper precautions when removing the bullets. Keep a newspaper handy as the whole cleaning can sometimes become messy. Cleaning is not possible with a loaded gun.
    • The third tip is to start cleaning in steps. Do not rush into the process and take it slowly. Read the manual of the gun first to understand the model you have. Accordingly, the chambers must be cleaned with the necessary polishing tools. 
    • Ventilation is an important tip that you should not forget about. Avoid cleaning your guns in a compact space or even indoors. Also, check the surface before placing the gun. It is important to choose a widely lit or sunny place for cleaning the gun.
    • Once you are ready with the basic steps, take a handful of the washing liquid in a cloth and gently rub it in the inner corners of the gun. Avoid exerting too much pressure. For smaller areas, use a cotton swab. Using excessive is also not recommended.
    • Clean the inside of the gun by lightly rubbing the lubricant on the surface. You will see the dirt coming out of it. Apply twice if required.
    • After applying the lubricant, use a solvent to complete the action. This will help to remove any kind of extra debris that is stuck on the inner corner of the gun.
    • Make it a point to wipe the gun properly after cleaning it. In order to add some extra shine, use an after-polish liquid or spray to finish it completely.


  • Finally, store the gun in a safe place away from dust and dirt. The best tip is to wrap the gun in a cotton cloth and then keep it safe. 


The final thought:

You do not need to invest much when it comes to gun cleaning. Special cleaning tips are also available at, in case you are new to the process. It takes around 30 minutes to fully clean your gun, applying all sorts of technology to make it efficient for you!