How to Avoid Heatstroke when Living Without Air-Conditioning


Don’t have air-conditioning? Before you risk having a heatstroke and potentially dying from it, try these unconventional tricks. To put these tips to practice you will need a fan, ice, linen sheets, spicy foods, wristbands, a bandanna and a window exhaust fan.

For starters you can create a wannabe air conditioner that mimics the cooling sensation of air-conditioning by putting a packed bowl of ice in front of a fan. Hey, if you don’t have AC and you need to cool off a wannabe air-conditioner is better than no air-conditioner right?

It is virtually impossible to manage without an AC given the unbearable heat wave during peak summers that would make the best of the best mad but still if you can’t have a blaux portable ac then it is better to think of something else.

It is a must to use linen sheets because they are twice as cool as cotton which is the next best choice if linen sheets aren’t a possibility.

Avoid making the bed in the summer time. Putting a spread that is heavy on your bed for summer only traps heat and prevents the sheets from being able to air out.

If you are tolerant to spicy food, by all mean consume spicy foods. These types of foods will make you sweat, which is the best and more proactive way to make your body cool down.

If possible take warm showers or baths because this will send the message to your body to cool off. If you take a cold shower or bath you will get the opposite effect, and consequently you will end up hotter than before you bathed.

Wristbands can be a great cooling tool, all you have to do is dunk them in ice water and put them on. You can also tie a cold and wet bandanna on your neck. By keeping those areas of your body chilled your whole body will cool off.

It is extremely important that you always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of cool water, but don’t drink it too cold, because just like showering with cold water, your body will think it needs to warm you up.

Another great tip is to put your bed linens in a bag and insert them in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime. If this doesn’t sound feasible at least chill your pillowcases. After all, you are trying to stay cool right?

To keep the hot air out and bring in cold air in the house, put an exhaust fan facing out in one window and close all other windows excluding the windows in the room where you sleep.

If the weather is too overwhelming, soak a T-shirt in water mixed with ice, twist the shirt to get the water out and wear it to bed, also wet your hair if like I said the heat is too intense. This isn’t as comfortable but to void heatstroke anything goes right?

If putting a T-shirt in water doesn’t sound comfortable you can also chill your shirt in the freezer. In survival times anything goes, and better safe than sorry.