How Much is Insurance for a Sports Car?


Whether you own a sports car or are looking to buy one, one factor you have to consider is the increased insurance premium. Insurance companies target sports car drivers as increased risk, and thus they charge higher premiums for these drivers. The definition of a sports car varies from insurance company to insurance company. Some cars that fall into the sports car category may surprise you. You may be surprised to learn that features such as a manual transmission, 2 door body types, and a V6 can cause an insurance company to label your vehicle as a sports car. This article will take a look at what factors play a role in determining the cost of auto insurance for a sports car.

Basic features such as the addition of a turbo, manual transmission, and body type can play a big role in determining whether or not your car is a sports car, but features such as high horsepower engines and the cars ability to hit 0-60 plays a larger role in the cost of sports car auto insurance. There are other things that you may not have even thought of, such as theft ratios and availability of replacement parts in the event of an accident that also play a role in insurance price. Insurance companies want to minimize their risk, so anything about the sports car that could add cost on their end will also add costs on your end.

What is considered a sports car at one insurance company may not be considered one at another. The line between regular everyday car and sports car is often drawn by insurance companies based on the previously mentioned attributes. When trying to figure out how much the insurance will cost there are even more factors to consider besides the ones already mentioned. The actual value of the vehicle plays a big role as well as the added sporty features in the car. To figure out the actual cost you need to contact an insurance agent because the rates will change from company to company.

When looking to purchase a new car 2 years ago I contacted my insurance company with my different used car choices. Believe it or not a 1992 year car (wagon model) cost the same to insure as a 2000 year car because the 1992 car had a Turbo, even though it was designed to transport children or families. Neither car was considered a sports car but the turbo was considered a sports car attribute, which makes the premium cost more.

The bottom line is that when you are going to insure a sports car there are many factors in which you need to take into account, such as horsepower, use of a turbo, and design layout. Certain sports cars cost more to insure because they are a bigger liability; liability is determined by availability of parts, drivers record, horsepower, statistics with same or like cars, and age group. The more power and additional sporty features are involved in the car the more expensive it will be to insure.

Sports cars are quite Porsche and happening that only a F1 racer or a passionate driver can understand and Michael Schumacher has displayed his fondness for such cars on numerous occasions with good reason so once you manage the important factors mentioned above, it is not difficult to get insurance as you can go URL for betterment.