Five Gifts for the Knife Collector This Year


If you are shopping for a knife collector this year, odds are you are not actually shopping for knives, but rather all the goodies that the knife collector forgot to buy and gourmet gift baskets have them all. Often with collectors, if you buy them a gift, such as a knife in this case, you would select the wrong one because you aren’t the collector! So let’s be safe this year and purchase a gift for the collector that he or she could really use to compliment their collection.

You can look at purchasing a gift that allows the collector to show off their obsession with everyone else such as getting them a custom labeled mug, t-shirt, or other accessories from Zazzle’s online store. There are literally dozens of items here that you can purchase for a good price that features a nice knife collector logo that says “Support your Local Knife Collector”. What a better gift to give this year than something that the collector can show off in public and announce their hobby to everyone with pride.

If the knife collector likes a good read, it would be a nice idea to go online to Amazon or BarnesĀ  Noble and find some knife collecting books, jot down the names, and then casually look over the collector’s library to see if the title is there. You can find books about how to properly store your collectibles, how to clean them, and updated pricing guide is always appreciated by collectors as well.

A gift that the collector will also appreciate is a Sharpening Stone System. These stones can range from whetstone, Arkansas stone, oilstone and the list just continues. You can shop for the unique set of stones at Chef Depot. You should drop a few casual questions at the collector to try and narrow down what stones would work best for their collections prior to purchasing one for them.

Another item that a knife collector is typically lacking is cleaning supplies or even a knife cleaning system. A nice little stocking stuffer is the Flitz International Knife Care Cleaning Kit. This is a relatively inexpensive item and collectors are always in need of cleaning supplies.

If you are feeling adventurous then you can look at the collection and see if you can remember what knives the collector doesn’t have. Then you can go online to and locate one of their rare collectible sets such as The Orvis Limited-Edition Collector’s Knife that retails for a pricey $300. But, there were only 200 of these knives ever made and comes engraved with a unique serial number. Now, that is a rare addition to a collection that would no doubt be appreciated.

If you look around online you will find many ideas for the gift to give your knife collector, but it usually boils down to what exactly you want to spend, if you want to go all out then go for the knife collectors edition set, and don’t forget to look for deals on Ebay and other auction sites in the days leading up to the holidays for a great deal on a nice gift.