Dog Friendly Rv Parks In Cosby, Tennessee

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Dog friendly RV Parks in Cosby, Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains, is a list that only has two RV Parks on it. Even though there are only two RV Parks on this list, they are important to RVers who travel with their furry friends because it is better to know if the RV Park will welcome their furry family member or not than to pull in, get set up and then find out that the park really does not want your dog there. Very few RV Parks actually come out and say they do not want dogs on the property and the ones that do usually include that knowledge on their website, on a brochure or some other way and usually they will have some type of area of the park designated as a pet walk. The two RV Parks that do welcome dogs are Cosby Ranch and the Great Smoky Jellystone Camping Resort.

Cosby Ranch, located at 311 S. Highway 32, Cosby, Tennessee, is open year round and can offer the RVer a “peaceful, low traffic setting” with full hookups, partial hookups or a tent site with hookups. This dog friendly RV Park is “next to the Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” There is a gift shop, beer and propane for sale, a swimming pool a laundry room and restrooms with showers on the property. Guests can also enjoy basketball or horseshoes or they can go fishing in the small pond on the property. For more information, interested RVers can call 423-487-3178 or go to

Great Smoky Jellystone Camping Resort, located at 4946 Hooper Highway, Cosby, Tennessee, is only open from March through November. RVers who choose to stay at this Tennessee RV Park will find a designated area for walking their dog as well as full hookup RV sites with fire rings, picnic tables, wifi and cable television. On the property they will have access to clean restrooms with hot showers, a laundry facility, swimming pool, kiddie pool, miniature golf, Yogi’s theatre, a game room, a pavilion, a playground and more. For more information, interested RVers can call 423-487-5534 or they can go to For reservations, RVers can call 800-210-2119. If you visit this site, you will get more helpful information about the best RV parks for your pet. In addition, it also offers other tips and essential information on how to properly take good care of your pet.

These two RV Parks are not the only RV Parks in the Cosby, Tennessee area. There are more, but these are the only ones that openly welcomed pets. It is always best to call ahead and talk to someone at one of these RV Parks if you are interested in parking there. If you call ahead you can not only make reservations, but you can also discuss their pet policy so you can make a decision as to whether this RV Park would be a good place for you and your dog to stay.