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The first independent review rated Vaping Vamps higher than V2 E-Cigarettes. Vapor Electronic Cigarettes gave Vaping Vamps a 98.7% rating, compared to V2 E-Cigarettes, which got a 93% rating.

If you haven’t heard of Vaping Vamps before, then you are in for a real treat! Earlier this November we were given the opportunity to try their products courtesy of Maria Verven, Owner of Vamping Vamps in exchange for an honest, in-depth review.

Vaping Vamps is a fairly new electronic cigarette company whose products were designed with the woman in mind. Their Vapor E Cigs are extremely classy and low profile and taste absolutely fantastic! One thing we were really impressed by from Vaping Vamps is that some of their proceeds go to Dress For Success, a charitable organization that helps women get on their feet.

When we first recieved the package, the first thing I noticed was how attractive their packaging was and how professional their products were displayed. Their electronic cigarettes are a satin-finished black along with their cartomizers. The Vaping Vamps kit came with a nice welcome letter and business/referral cards, which I thought was an absolutely phenomenal idea. We had one of each refill cartridge and tried one by one. From the very first pull I took from the e-cigarette, I knew I was in love with Vaping Vamps. The vapor was thick, but still refreshing and most importantly although the flavors are superb, it didn’t overwhelm me like some electronic cigarettes do. I found this to be an excellent selling point for them. Overall, we would recommend Vaping Vamps in a heartbeat! (And not just to women either, guys… you’ll like this too!)

We were also highly impressed with the Vaping Vamps different package levels and prices. They have some really decent packages at great prices. On the lower end of the price range they do not offer a cheap disposable e-cigarette, but instead have mini (rechargeable) starter kit that is priced EXTREMELY well. On the higher end of the scale, they have their full Vaping Vamps electronic cigarette starter kit which is priced at only $59.95! Can you really get a full quality e-cigarette starter kit that inexpensive??? Well, Vaping Vamps just proved to us that you can!

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Like I mentioned before, I was really impressed with their starter kits. They have currently have 3 easy-to-choose-from electronic cigarette starter kits, all priced VERY nicely!

Vaping Vamps “Try Me” Kit – Instead of offering a cheap crappy disposable e-cigarette, Vaping Vamps does it a little differently by offering a “Try Me” kit. This kit gives you 1 rechargeable battery, 2 refill cartomizers, and a usb charger. We thought this was an excellent idea, especially since you can continue to re-use this kit time and time again (although we recommend you get the full kit – you get a whole lot more for not much more money!)

Vaping Vamps “Tri-Level Kit” – Another great idea brought to you by V.V. This kit was designed for people who want to try decreasing levels of nicotine. We have yet to run into another e-cig product that offers a kit like this!

Vaping Vamps Starter Kit – This is their regular starter kit, but with nothing “regular” about it. This kit comes with 2 electronic cigarette batteries, a full pack of cartomizers (with your choice of flavor), 1 usb charger and 1 wall adapter… all packaged in a beautiful Vaping Vamps box. This would be an awesome gift for anyone interested in electronic cigarettes.

This one’s easy! Vaping Vamps put together a lot of trial testing to get the PERFECT selection of flavors. The flavor selection goes as follows:

• None Caramella. Silky, rich caramel – without the calories! (I recommend this!)

• None Tia Berry. Sweet teaberry with a hint of wintergreen (My partner recommends this!)

• None Mango Lola. Freshly picked mango, smooth and sweet (We both recommend this!)

All the flavors were light, flavorful, satisfying and refreshing. There was not a single flavor that we did not go “Wooow?!” over. Like I mentioned before, they weren’t an overwhelming blast, but instead a thick vapor that you could vape with over and over and not get sick of.

Overall Cartomizer (for variety, thickness and flavor) Rating 5/5

The Vaping Vamps electronic cigarette batteries worked absolutely great. The batteries were low-profile light weight and shorter (which unfortunately usually means semi-shorter battery life as opposed to extra big ones – that’s why we recommend getting the full two-battery kit.) The replacement batteries are extremely inexpensive too! Each puff of the vapor was exceptional!

Vaping Vamps are truly dedicated to making each and every customer completely happy and satisfied. They are attentive, empathetic and quick to respond!

Vaping Vamps has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their products (and believe us, you won’t be), Vaping Vamps will refund you 100% of your purchase if returned within the first 30 days. Who could ask for more?

V.V. Cigs use the Boge 510 style of electronic cigarette and threading.

Also see our listing under electronic cigarettes in the E-Cigarette Directory. We are the only independent brand that specifically addresses women smokers.

Ecigarette Reviewed also compared Vaping Vamps to Vapor Couture and had this to say:

“Vaping Vamps just comes out on top. If Vapor Couture had better flavors, it would be a more viable contender, but at the moment it‚Äôs difficult to use at any length for that reason. Vaping Vamps, despite being a much smaller manufacturer, has more to offer the female vaper.”

Overall, choosing the right ecig for you is one of the important things that you need to consider if you want to turn into vaping. There are several brands in the market but you have to choose the right and best one for you.