Clash Royale Thunder Struck- Game of a Lifetime


There are three phases in an individual’s life- childhood, youth and old age where the latter ends only with death whereas the former is considered the best of the 3 phases while the middle one is a fluctuating pendulum.

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the impact that certain incidents have on our entire life that took place in our childhood and it is not that tragedy and chaos will overpower the happy memories all the time although their weight is immense.

Apart from the regular doses of fun, entertainment, joy and sorrow, childhood is also remembered for some of the best video games that one has played and none can understand it better than the 80s and 90s generation that are grown up individuals today.

The Beginning

There is nothing like a nice game of cards to keep your spirits high up which was a favorite pastime once upon a time but now things have changed as everything has gone digital with the advent of the digital media revolution.

This has led to the rise of games like Clash Royale that has found their way into mobile phones of one and all where people, especially the youth, can enjoy them at leisure without the need to wait for a turn or at the mercy of television that was subjected to power failure that spoiled the thrill most of the time.

It is a product of the leading company Supercell that has some of the video games to avail on the planet but what makes Clash Royale stand out is that it has become a leading figure in the streaming world with a large fan following within a short time, a feat that very few of its peers could match up until now.

Clash Royale was launched in 2016 with high hopes as Supercell wanted to go the whole hog and take over the video gaming market in one go and he succeeded to a certain extent when it dethroned many popular games from the top slot and claimed it completely.

Explaining Tips

Clash Royale isn’t like your regular card games like Freecell, Solitaire, Hearts, etc. although it is a game that sharpens your memory skills and helps you to develop focus and concentration for the task at hand.

This one is called Royale for a reason as it involves troops for helping forward with the mission where you have to accumulate gold and other valuable items from the chest that also contain the cards that you need to collect and there are a number of them like Giant Chest, Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest.

These 3 are the key milestones that you need to crack at each level where they contain numerous gems apart from the ones mentioned above and your job is to simply collect them to claim the official crown.

You have to follow a specific pattern that has been explained on with intricate details with some of the most important players to choose that have the capacity of turning the tables at crucial junctures that you would know once you play the game.