Buying a new boiler? Facts to know before buying a New Boiler


Are your heating bills enormous? Are you spending a lot of money and time on repairing the old system? Do you barely get hot water during the winter? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you need to replace your old boiler system. Before the winter arrives, start shopping for a new boiler. There are many advantages of buying a new boiler as with time, the advancement in technology has created efficient boilers that can save your energy bills. Choosing a new boiler is expensive and a confusing task as there is a great range of boilers that differ in design, size, shape, and price. 

After deciding to buy a new boiler, you might be thinking How Much Does a New Boiler Install Cost?

Installing charges are not too high, but you must get your new unit installed by a gas boiler professional. But there are some facts that you must know which are as follows:

  • The significance of a reliable new boiler

The more reliable is your new boiler, the less money you need to spend on expensive repairs. You must pick a boiler of a reliable brand that offers a great warranty period. Pick a new branded boiler and enjoy your winters with hot water showers.

  • Get an engineer’s option for the boiler.

A boiler’s engineer is an invaluable source of information while buying a new boiler. An engineer has a completed knowledge about the boilers and its working and can guide you to make the best choice according to your need and budget. A survey has reported that engineers tend to recommend the right boiler for your home. Sometimes, the engineers are hired to promote a specific brand, so you must check on the engineers and only consider their advice if they do not promote a particular brand for their incentive.

  • Importance of aftercare of boiler

Some customers are unaware of the aftercare of the boiler. After installing the boiler, it is crucial to take proper take care of the boiler. Aftercare of the boiler will help it to work to its higher efficiency and lower down gas and water bills. You need to hire a professional to install the new unit accurately as it may break down due to installation fault. Get the boiler installed to the highest standard.

  • Type of new boiler

There are three main types of boilers you can choose from system boiler, combination boiler, and heat-only boiler. A combination boiler is also known as a combi boiler and tends to heat water without a storage tank requirement. The system boiler requires a tank or cylinder to store hot water and is suitable for busier households. A heat-only boiler, also known as a conventional boiler, requires a water tank or cylinder to store hot water for later use.

It is imperative to know the facts that are required to be considered before buying a new boiler. You can check out the things mentioned above and keep these things in mind.