Bitcoin Mining With Android – Know about the Android 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

There are a lot of Bitcoin-related applications coming up in the Google Play Store lately. And perhaps all that glitters is not gold, never better said. So let’s take a look at what this is all about and what role Android has.

If you are new on Binance cryptocurrency platform, there is a need to to go through the concept and basics in order to get success. The collection of the entire information is essential so that you can trade globally and make more money for the bank account.

What is Bitcoin?

First things first: let’s get to know our protagonist a little. The simple and short version is that the Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. If you are still a little confused read on.


It is a digital exchange medium. Called in another way, it’s digital “money.” Systems that use it ensure security, integrity and balance in your accounting.

Mathematically it is possible to break their security, but it would need a capacity superior to the one of Google; And even then we would only have a 50% chance of breaking it. Due to this, Bitcoin is considered an “irresistible” payment system.


As we have said before, it is a cryptocurrency, although it is also used to talk about the protocol and P2P network that supports it. Its main feature is that it is not backed by any central government or issuer, as if the traditional currency.

The value of Bitcoin exceeds that of gold how is it possible?

Transactions are performed without intermediaries and the protocol used is open source. Thanks to this anyone can add or improve the system; Reason why we found many variants of cryptocoins.

It is mainly based on:

21 million . The top bitcoins can never exceed

No one can censor or ban valid transfers.

open source . Its source code is accessible to all as it is

No one can restrict access to your network.

using a pseudonym . The use of the network is done

not be deleted or modified . Transactions can

Bitcoin, in addition to being used as a payment or payment, we can also “generate” it, which is commonly known as mine. And this is where the electronic brains of our devices come in.

Bitcoin Mining with Android

Bitcoins are commonly used to mine Bitcoins, although almost any device could be used. But this has one small drawback: the energy consumption that is needed to carry out the mining and also the computing power that is needed.

An Android phone could mine Bitcoins, but it would barely get a few cents a year

The energy consumption is given by the high use of resources when looking for our precious Bitcoins , in a computer is something “affordable.” On devices like a smartphone or a tablet, which are not designed for such intensive tasks, it is much more complicated. Hence, we first discard the mining using our device since the cost in terms of processing does not compensate with what can be achieved , perhaps cents a year.


It is another cryptocurrency that appeared in the wake of Bitcoin. The big difference is that it requires fewer resources to be “mined”, because instead of using data processing what it uses is the storage space. So the energy consumption is much lower compared to what is necessary for Bitcoins; Making it more suitable for devices like a smartphone or a tablet.

Requires Android 4.1 and higher

Its application is still somewhat unstable Applications we can find

If you do a search for the Google store, you will find that you have a wide range of options available. But like any other application, it is not worth installing the first one you see since you can find some nasty surprise in the form of a scam or worse

MinerGate Mobile Miner

It is one of the options that exist to “mine” Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencys in your Android device. Among the options offered we have to control from which device is being searched or know the statistics . It is an application that is still in Beta, so it is possible that there will be some instability.

Requires Android 4.0.3 and above

Crypto Miner

Another application to “mine” BitCoins for a less visual and somewhat more complex to use. Its last update is 2015, a detail to take into account if we are with instability or incompatibilities.