Best Web Hosting Companies


If you want to create and host a website or only want to host your website, you have to find a very highly ranked service provider for you. It is very difficult to find the top web hosting companies. This conclusion has several reasons. One can find continuous dynamic changes, many technological advancement on the Internet and the tremendous initiative taken by new coming up companies.


To determine the rank and the quality of the service provided by a web hosting company and to differentiate between the web hosting companies, the following criteria can be used:

Monthly Hosting Charges:

The amount charged as the monthly fees for hosting your website is important. Cheaper fees with better quality can be the main consideration.

While the charges are relatively high, you can also avail the best hosting codes in return that has some interesting discount offers you would want to have.

Bandwidth Provided and The Disc Space:

Generally, the band width and disc space provided are inexhaustible. However, some web hosting service providers fix the limits, although it is not a poor service. You should count it if it matters for you.

Pop Email: 

secondary and mutual service, but this is very significant for creating a website. There will be a large number of emails from you to the service provider day-after-day.

Scripting and Database Characteristics:

This is a crucial factor in deciding about a hosting service. These features are: Fantastic script Installer, Front Page, Perl, and the PHP web hosting. The most of top web hosting service companies listed here provide you some unique services such as unlimited hosting, enhanced and hi tech control panel and a free domain name. It is very difficult to research and list out the 10 top web hosting service providers, as there is no such data available, and you have to start from scratch to research and make a list after deep analysis. A list prepared based on above analysis is given here:


They have made up a strategy to offer some price benefit and discounts accompanied with the best quality service as a tool to attract new customers.


They offer you many solutions like shared, devoted and reseller web hosting. They also provide a money back guarantee for the longest time.


You get free advertising credits on this site. This is a rare thing you can get from any other site as customers, and they provide reliable customer service and support.


There is no long term contract, so a customer is free to cancel his subscription without any reason or fees. They also provide Non-outsourced backup with an average holding time lesser than 2 minutes.


They have expertise in giving you a fastest website setting-up service, and use the latest technology for websites’ statistics analyzing.


This website follows the magic word “unlimited”; everything here is unlimited starting from emails, the free domains, the number of websites and web files to the web applications.


Here up-time support means their most important characteristic, and it is fast, perfect and dependable.


Their pricing is lowest and very effective; they provide everything possible at cheapest prices.


The good thing this site has a setup wizard which is capable of installing as many as 25 applications such as Joomla and PHPBB.


They have brought in a new feature: the eco-friendly hosting, their servers work on energy efficient system with lowest carbon emissions possible.

The above are the top web hosting sites which you can benefit from.