9 must-known Minecraft Survival Tactics to excel in the game

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So, you have just started imbibing yourself into the Minecraft Survival game. Developers have formulated the game mode in such a way that lets the players excel in the game. Created by Markus Notch Persson, the videogame has popularized immensely that it became the hot seller of 2020. In the survival mode, players have to collect enough resources to build creative structures and maintain good health. Choose the most suitable one from the myriad of Minecraft Survival Servers and enjoy playing into the blocky world. 

Here are 9 random Minecraft survival tactics that can help you grip over the game speedily. 

Stay careful while digging

Careless underground digging can be risky! Therefore, it is the worst decision to dig down straight and get exposed to mine shafts. Avoid the suspected danger by making a staircase and stopping the flowing of lava with the support of blocks.

Try to obtain torches 

To mark yourself safe dark underground or in a cave, keep torches with you to light the surrounding area. Several situations might come when torches will be of utmost importance. For breaking down gravel, you also need torches. To ensure your safety, have sufficient stock of torches. You can also wear armor or keep weapons to take additional precautions. 

Don’t do anything excessively

Excessive jumping or running increases your hunger cravings to the extremity. This will be more challenging for you to continue working for accumulating additional food. As a result, you are likely to waste your valuable time as well as resources.

Gain experience points

For making progress in the Minecraft survival game, you need to gather experience through breeding, mobs, and mining special materials like emerald, coal, quartz, and others.

Be aware of following the Sun and Moon to know your travel direction

In case you are at an unknown location or don’t find out the travel direction, watch on the Sun and Moon. No matter in which habitat you have entered, the Sun and Moon never change their directions. Thus, utilize this useful trick in case you get lost in the middle of the game. 

Practice breeding of cows over pigs

Between pigs, and cows, practice breeding of cows. Both can yield meat, but cows are more advantageous for your Minecraft journey as they can away milk and help in leather making. 

Escape from skeletons 

While playing on the different Minecraft Survival Servers, stay cautious of the countless mobs. However, skeletons are the most problematic thing for you. At the beginning of survival mode, try to bypass skeletons. They maintain extreme precision, thus killing you once spot. Start running whenever you see them approaching you.

Get lava buckets for cheap fueling

For gathering enough fuel sources, don’t only depend on coal. Besides coal, players can use sticks, planks, even lava buckets to throw into the furnace. 

Prepare the appropriate potions

As soon as you jot down all the resources, make some useful potions depending on your work style. Make your work a little easy by using health potions to spruce up or fire resistance potions to mark yourself safe from flames.

This handful of tips can help you enter into the world of possibilities to make you a pro in the Minecraft Survival game. Keep exploring new tricks to make further progress and abstain from making mistakes.